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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 346

Furthermore, recalling her past life as an actress, Chu Xiang had never once inquired about anything related to the job of a film director.

Even though she may have seen many things by always being around the director as a screenwriter herself in her previous life, she never had the chance to understand the job of a film director at a deeper level.

Since she just so happened to be studying theater arts, she might as well take the opportunity to sit in on her classes and learn more about the topic.

While Chu Xiang may certainly have experienced several different roles and accomplished many things in the usual entertainment industry, she nevertheless had many things she still did not understand.

After organizing and packing up the items she no longer needed — with the intention of donating them — she then headed to her first class.

As an avid idol fan, the original host would inevitably have to request leaves of absence and occasionally skip class.

Even so, she was still able to do fine in class and never once fell behind.

Besides, Chu Xiang had yet to find an idol to fangirl over for the time being, so she might as well spend her time attending her classes.

Paying close attention to her lecturers in class, she then inquired more about her subjects from her lecturers after class before reading through resources related to editing in the library.

Blessed with excellent memorization skills, Chu Xiang was able to remember everything she read from the books after reading through them twice.

As for the topics she had trouble comprehending, she would ask her lecturers for help afterward, which allowed her to learn at an extremely quick pace.

Focusing on her schoolwork, Chu Xiang had already stopped updating her fan account for nearly half a month now.

Naturally, the other fans began sending her messages, asking what happened for her to suddenly become inactive for nearly half a month.

As a matter of fact, she had completely forgotten about her fan account until she began receiving messages from the other fangirls.

Worried, the fangirls asked her what exactly happened.

After all, the few of them knew that the original host had gone to spy on Tong Nian that day.

Thus, they found it unusual of her to not post any updates at all, let alone become inactive for such a long while after doing so.

Chu Xiang replied to their messages politely, [I’m sorry, but I will no longer be following Tong Nian.

Thus, all my operations related to him will also come to a stop.]

[What You’re not following him anymore]

[But why]

[Haven’t you been his fan for over three years]

[What exactly happened]

[Did you see something on that day Could you possibly have misunderstood something You shouldn’t make such hasty decisions.]

[Don’t you understand Tong Nian after being his fan for such a long time You shouldn’t hurt or misunderstand him, especially after he’s treated us so well!]

In response to her shocking announcement, the other fangirls started bombarding her with streams of written and voice messages.

In spite of their attempted persuasions, Chu Xiang did not reply back to them.

After all, they were nothing more than mere acquaintances.

Since they weren’t her close friends, she did not see any reason to speak any further.

Besides, since the others were still hardcore fangirls of Tong Nian, explaining her decision to stop being his fan could very well cause more trouble.

Perhaps understanding the meaning behind her silence, the other fangirls did not pursue the matter any further as they said, [Wouldn’t it be such a pity to stop using the fan account Why don’t you pass it over to me instead]

The original host had put her blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of this fan account, so much so that it had already accumulated more than 600,000 followers.

At this point, it could no longer be called a small fan account.

Moreover, the original host had uploaded so many creative tweets and posts.

As such, it would be such a pity for the account to become inactive.

However, not only had the original host stopped being Tong Nian’s fan, but she had even undergone such a high degree of emotional damage from this experience.

Naturally, she did not intend to help preserve Tong Nian’s account either.

Thus, she chose to remove every single post on the account before deleting the account entirely.

Upon seeing Chu Xiang’s action, the particular fangirl boiled in rage as she started complaining about Chu Xiang on her social media.

Chu Xiang, on the other hand, anticipated the possible consequences of her actions and proceeded to create a new account.

After all, she intended to keep being an active fangirl in the future.

Furthermore, this could be considered as her starting anew.

She had committed every single one of her actions from the school library.

Just when she was packing up, Yuan Lang — having stared at her for quite a while now — approached her from the side and sat down next to her.

“You don’t seem to spend much time chasing after your idol nowadays, huh I see you quite often around campus now.

Perhaps, you’re afraid of failing your classes”

Chu Xiang furrowed her brows and replied, “Move aside.

I have nothing to say to you.

Just treat me like a stranger when you see me from now on.”

Finding her attitude quite unbearable, Yuan Lang uttered, “Chu Xiang…”

Without any intention to listen to his words, Chu Xiang stood up with her book in hand and walked away with a clear attitude.

Unwilling to get down from his high horse, Yuan Lang gave up any ideas of getting back together with her and chose to not chase after her.

Upon arriving home, Chu Xiang immediately started working on her assignment of editing a short clip.

Still lacking experience in editing, she naturally worked extremely slowly and with great difficulty.

Then, she proceeded to work on her manhua.

Since the original host had been drawing for a long time, it had already turned into muscle memory for her.

As such, Chu Xiang was actually able to draw quite well despite having never done so before in her past lives.


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