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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 347

However, the wall between a novelist and a manhua artist was evident.

While Chu Xiang may have been extremely proficient at writing stories and expressing her ideas through mere words, she, on the other hand, found it rather difficult to convey her ideas with drawings.

Thus, she could only take it one step at a time and draw at a much slower pace than before.

With her upload speed slowing down, the number of readers for her manhua also dropped by quite a bit.

Even so, there was nothing she could do except hope that she would slowly get better at the job again.

One thing she could guarantee was that she would never do things half-heartedly.

This was yet another field that she had no experience in whatsoever.

Although she did not have much interest in being a manhua artist, at least for the moment, she could very well make it a hobby she could do during her spare time.

Besides, it won’t hurt to learn how to draw.

By the time she finished all her tasks for the day, it was already time for dinner.

While eating, she also watched a variety show partaken by several different celebrities.

Unfortunately, some of the celebrities in the show simply weren’t entertaining whatsoever.

Though it was evident how a reasonable budget had been invested into the show, the interactions between the participants seemed quite awkward at times.

However, some of the more capable celebrities managed to lighten up the mood throughout the show by acting out personas that were completely deceitful of their actual characters, which in turn produced comedic effects from that apparent contradiction.

Since Chu Xiang was still looking for a celebrity to invest her time in, she paid close attention to each celebrity and watched their performance with the cool eye of a bystander until she felt tired.

Just as she was about to head to sleep, she suddenly came to a realization that she was going about the process of chasing after idols wrongly.

Even if she managed to find someone decent, she would only be enjoying their work just like any other bystander who just so happened to come across that celebrity’s work.

How could that be considered chasing after an idol

The idol whom she would ultimately choose to fangirl over must be someone that she would eventually come to love from the bottom of her heart.

Otherwise, what was the point of fangirling

If she were to keep doing things her way, she would never ever come to a final decision.

Instead, she should just let nature take its course and remain active in the entertainment industry.

By doing so, she would eventually come across someone that catches her attention.

Besides, it wasn’t like she was in a hurry either.

Having come to such a conclusion, Chu Xiang continued watching the TV for a while longer before preparing to go to bed.

Before sleeping, however, she went ahead and opened up the popular search query.

To her surprise, she noticed that news regarding the deletion of her fan account had shot up the rankings and become a rather hot topic on the forums.

Since Tong Nian was a trending celebrity with a large fanbase, the news of a big fan suddenly unfollowing him and deleting their fan account with hundreds of thousands of followers would naturally catch the attention of the wide public.

After all, the celebrity must have committed something shocking or atrocious for such an avid fan to suddenly stop following them.

Even though Chu Xiang may have been the cause of this sparking topic, it can also be said that she had nothing to do with it.

Rather, everyone was more curious as to what Tong Nian did to provoke the anger of such a big-shot fan to the point of completely severing all ties with him.

While countless fans of Tong Nian were occupied controlling the fire raging in the discussion forums, Chu Xiang did not bat even a single eye over the matter, quickly closing the browser after taking a quick glance through it.

It certainly wasn’t unusual for anyone to unfollow a celebrity.

However, one could not help but be curious as to why such a big fan like Chu Xiang would suddenly stop following their beloved idol.

Even so, such a small piece of news would die down in a few hours as long as Chu Xiang remained silent.

Not paying any attention to the matter whatsoever, she quickly headed to bed after reading through the forum.

Since she wasn’t chasing after any celebrities for the time being, she decided to prioritize her efforts on scoring well in final exams.

After all, it would be quite embarrassing if she were to fail her courses upon her arrival in this world.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang spent the rest of her time learning new skills and reviewing her schoolwork.

Whenever she felt tired, she would either draw or watch TV.

Despite living all alone, she nevertheless found her current life quite fulfilling.

At the end of her semester, she gathered up some of her classmates to shoot a short film and edit it for her professor to see.

After managing to just scrape through her exams with a narrow pass, she could finally heave a sigh of relief and relax during her break.

It was during this break when Chu Xiang would finally discover a celebrity that she liked.


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