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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 348

During the Spring Festival, Chu Xiang lived alone in a small house.

Everything was business as usual, and there was no festive atmosphere.

She made a table of New Year's Eve dinner by herself, which was a bit of a ritual, and then turned on the TV to watch the annual Spring Festival Gala.

The Spring Festival Gala included a lot of stars, most of whom were famous celebrities this year, singing and acting in skits, as well as promoting some positively energizing performances.

This kind of program was not really to Chu Xiang's liking.

She watched for a while and intended to return to the channels to pick a variety show.

Just as she picked up the remote control, she suddenly saw four energetic teenagers appear handsomely on the TV.The young man who started singing first struck Chu Xiang dumb for a while.

His voice was so beautiful!

She put down the remote control and watched the four teenagers singing a song about pursuing their dreams.

The song was very energetic, and the four teenagers also exuded their youthful energy.

A youthful vitality seemingly oozed out of them, making Chu Xiang feel that the boring show has brightened up.

She stared at the four young men; someone danced better; someone sang better; someone looked handsome; and someone smiled sweetly.

The tacit understanding of the formed group made up for all their shortcomings and highlighted the advantages of each of them.

They performed really well, but her eyes were always unconsciously drawn to the teenager who sang first.

The teenager's voice was melodious.

His singing was polished and very emotional, and his dancing was also good.

He might not be the best dancer in the team, but he was neither the worst  one.

On the contrary, the magnitude of his every move was particularly suitable for him, making him appear incomparably brilliant on the stage.

When he looked at the camera, Chu Xiang captured the light in his eyes through the screen.

It was bright and vivid, with green, tender and infinite vitality.

For a moment, she felt as if he was looking at her, and she accidentally fell into his soulful eyes.

Chu Xiang remembered that once upon a time her fans always said she had stars in her eyes.

It was at this moment that she understood what they meant.

She seemed to see the shining stars in the teenager's eyes, a brilliance that seemed to touch people's hearts.

The teenager's pitch rose a little high when he was singing, and at the climax, he suddenly raised his hand a little, immediately put it down again, and continued to sing as if nothing had happened.

Chu Xiang burst out laughing.

That boy definitely wanted to interact with the audience just now, but reminded that it was the Spring Festival Gala, he came to an abrupt stop, brimming with restraints.

He was so cute!

The four soon finished their song.

The young people smiled and said their blessings together, then they bowed politely and exited the stage obediently.

Their appearances were particularly attractive.

They gave off the feeling of being handsome, adorable and well-behaved.

The appearance of these several traits on them wasn't at all incompatible with.

On the contrary, it made people feel endless youthfulness.

Chu Xiang took her tablet to check the Spring Festival Gala program, and found that the four-member teenage group that just sang was called 'SJ Boys'.

The group consisted of four people, and 'SJ' was the phonetic acronym of 'Four Seasons', which represented the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Each of them was beautiful and inseparable.

The combination completed a year, a continuous cycle.

SJ also meant 'Century', which was a good expectation for them, hoping that they would become more and more outstanding.

The boy endlessly attracted Chu Xiang's attention was the group's captain, Zhuo Yichen, who was only 17 years old this year and still in his senior year of high school.

Chu Xiang looked up his information.

It was known that he won the national championship in a singing competition when he was 14 years old.

However, after that, his resources were average.

The entertainment circle was not very friendly to child singers, and only accepted child actors.

Then a year later, the company Zhuo Yichen signed made him and three other boys form SJ Boys.

They released their first album, sang five very positive songs, and the group unexpectedly became popular.

To this day, they have been together for two years since their debut.

Their fan base has been growing, and they have always maintained a positive energy image.

This time, they were invited to perform at the Spring Festival Gala.

Chu Xiang found the video of each of their performances and watched while eating.

Whatever was broadcasted on the Spring Festival night could no longer attract her, and her eyes were only on the four youthful and energetic boys, singing and dancing.

In the two years since their debut, SJ boys performed countless times.

They have been on almost all the major well-known programs, as well as various evening parties on several stations.

They were a bit unsteady from the excitement of appearing on the stage at the beginning.

Later, their performance became more stable; their control over the stage improved for the better; and their answers to hosts' questions became more relaxed and natural.

It was obvious that they have been making progress in the past two years, and each of their appearances was better than the last.

What Chu Xiang wanted were such idols, who were self-motivated, self-disciplined, willing to work hard, and were talented.

Moreover, the four of them were all doing well in their studies.

They were all 17 years old.

Zhuo Yichen and a member, Xia Zhou, studied for one year in advance, so they were both in their junior year.

The other two members, Xiao Ran and Geng Xuan, were sophomores.

Of course, positive idols couldn't neglect their studies, so their grades have always been maintained at a pretty satisfactory level.


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