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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 349

The four could also play musical instruments.

They all could play the guitar and piano, and after several performances, it could be seen that they were working hard and making progress.

Improvement in their dancing could also be seen each time.

That included their stage presence, various expressions on stage, so on and so forth.

Chu Xiang was very picky in selecting idols before.

Although there was a shift in her thinking now, she still couldn't help but subconsciously observe their business potentials when watching their videos.

This couldn't be helped.

After all, she used to be a high-quality idol who was very strict with herself.

But fortunately, what she saw was that they were making progress in all aspects, and none of them were slacking off.

This feeling was simply great.

Just looking at them could give people a feeling of living up to their youth.

It was as if seeing them working hard, the motivation to exert oneself would also sprout within each person.

No wonder many fans used to show her their report cards, saying that they succeeded because of her influence.

She wondered at the time how it was because of her when she didn't teach them to study either.

It turned out it was a feeling of wanting to chase the light.

You liked an idol so much that you couldn't help but want to follow his lead and become a better version of yourself.

Chu Xiang watched a lot of stage performances, variety shows, and TV dramas of the four, and searched for Zhuo Yichen's separate stage performances and programs to watch.

She liked the four boys, but after watching them, she liked Zhuo Yichen the most.

The boy liked to play handsome from the very beginning.

It was easy to get high when on stage, and some people might not like this type.

However, in matters concerning 'like', it was very personal, and Chu Xiang fell in love with the boy at once.

He has a kind of 'this is my field' aura on stage.

He was especially relaxed, especially natural, and particularly exhilarated.

This was an innate stage style.

He was born with the ability to control the stage and get the crowd going, and many of his subtle and unconscious gestures could cause fans to scream their heads off.

Chu Xiang thought a bit cheekily that she had only seen this talent in herself before.

It was really God's gift.

The most important thing was that Zhuo Yichen was super attractive.

Chu Xiang has watched a lot of his covers and print advertisements.

When he smiled, he could be cute, gentle, and well-behaved.

When he was unsmiling, he could be cold and domineering.

In general, he was the kind of cool and sometimes sweet type mentioned on the Internet, who was exactly what Chu Xiang liked!

Chu Xiang scrolled down all his resources until dawn.

She gained spiritual nourishment and didn't feel tired at all.

This evening's understanding made her like the boy even more.

None of the so-called scandals on the Internet produced any real evidence, and they were just random fabrications.

He was an idol that fans could trust supporting.

She bought a music app membership and downloaded all of Zhuo Yichen's songs onto her phone.

His original songs plus covers totaled to only twelve, which were somewhat less.

She also downloaded all their band's songs.

They had 15 songs in two years since their debut, which was quite prolific.

Then she began to dig out Zhuo Yichen's variety shows, as well as his lead and guest roles in film and television plays.

There was really so much to do when converting your perspective into that of a fan.

After finishing these, she went to read Zhuo Yichen's various interviews, reports, hot searches, news, awards, scandals, etc.

There were also the Weibo posts he has published before, some Reuters photos taken by fans, photos and videos posted by station sisters, and various funny clips on Bilibili.

It was also necessary to understand the fan wars of the four-member group.

Any group has always had a lot of fans, and then some conflicts would break out with other member's fans in the hopes that their idol could fly solo.

In any case, they just felt that the other members weren't good enough.

Such sort of fan wars occasionally would publish black materials of the members, which were basically fake.

They were illogical at a glance, but the art of speech could sometimes thoroughly brainwash others.

Some people would take it seriously, resulting in 'XX incidents'.

Chu Xiang searched one by one to have a better understanding.

In the process of understanding the various information and black materials, she was able to know each of their group better, but also more about Zhuo Yichen's debut growth.

She has been an idol in the entertainment circle for so long, and has a deep understanding of things in the circle.

She vaguely perceived what injustices Zhuo Yichen has suffered and what changes he has made.

Thereafter, she felt a vague feeling of heartache.

She hoped that he could go on without any worries.

This was probably the feeling of being an idol's fan.

Chu Xiang set the photo of Zhuo Yichen smiling at the camera as her mobile wallpaper, and smiled while looking at her phone.

With an idol, she would be chasing stars in the future!

She found out that SJ Boys' recent itinerary was to perform at the Mango Stage Party during the Lantern Festival, so she quickly found a channel to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, she was too late to buy tickets at this time as the tickets were already sold out.

It was her first time chasing a star, and she was still ignorant about what to do.

She found a way from the original owner's memories and started surfing Baidu Tieba, Weibo, forums and other places to seek tickets, and then she waited for the transfer of tickets.

She also registered a new Weibo number and followed Zhuo Yichen and the SJ Boys group, as well as every member of the group.

Then she followed Zhuo Yichen's fan group, his anti-hater fansite, a ranking list fansite, his escort team, his knight group, and other fansites, from which she could see many photos and videos that were not available elsewhere.

Every half an hour, the ranking website would publish a Weibo post with various links.

There were addresses and tutorials in the post.

All kinds of rankings where Zhuo Yichen was located could be found on the ranking website.

Chu Xiang sent flowers and points to Zhuo Yichen step by step according to the tutorial pictures.

There was also an anti-hater website, which has various links, instructing fans who to complain about and the reason for the complaint.

Chu Xiang followed the instructions and clicked in to complain, and then completed a basic anti-hater action.


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