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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 350

She had just finished an anti-hater mail when she happened to see that Zhuo Yichen's Knights had published a post, saying that a marketing account was sending news related to Zhuo Yichen's Spring Festival Gala.

Everyone was told to go to those sites to control and comment.

In other words, they should grab the hot comments, they should let their own comments be at the top of those tweets, complimenting Zhuo Yichen's excellent performance.

Chu Xiang went and liked her own hot reviews.

She was quite interested in following these fans and doing a lot of things together with them to understand the basic daily routine of fans.

However, she also knew from the original owner's memory that the original owner did not do these basic daily work as an elder sister fansite admin.

She just followed her idol everywhere to run notices, filmed the latest updates about her idol far or near, and then called on the fans of the fansite to do these basic daily routines.

She was equivalent to having the identity of a manager.

There was strength in numbers, and this was indeed much better than doing it by herself.

After the fansite has gathered a relatively large number of fans, it could call on fans to join hands to support their idol, such as doing charity work together, celebrating the birthday of their idol together, ordering the same neon signs together, going to events where their idol appears, and so on.

The degree of business was much more than the basic daily screen fans in front of the screen.

However, she had just started and was still in the initial stage, so she didn't have to deal with such complicated things.

She just had to start with making the ranking list with everyone first.

She couldn't be addicted to this thing either.

After surfing all the data for a while, she concentrated on drawing comics.

She has to update every day, and the comics serialized by the original owner must be finished.

Moreover, she still has a lot of professional books to read, so she has to set aside time for her own life.

Her mobile phone dinged, which was the special attention notification sound set by Weibo.

Chu Xiang only followed Zhuo Yichen.

She took a look at her mobile phone and it was indeed Zhuo Yichen who posted on Weibo.

[SJ Boys - Zhuo Yichen V: As the new year begins, I send my best wishes to each of you, hoping that everyone will cherish life, work hard and pursue your dreams in the new year.

I also wish you all peace and good health.

I will continue to work hard and we will go on together.


Chu Xiang refreshed it, and the comments in the comment area already exceeded 5,000.

She clicked to forward it, with the caption: In the new year, I hope you're safe and healthy.

I wish you all the best for the college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination was probably the most important thing in this year for the teenager.

Safety and health were Chu Xiang's best wishes for him.

After she posted it, the comments submerged it in other fans' comments.

Because she was a new member, her impression was too low, and her comment disappeared without a trace.

She didn't quite understand what a comment impression was.

Anyway, she knew that this thing was only acquired by slowly leveling her account up.

Her comments were simply too ordinary compared to other fans, unusual unlike the fans.

[Brother, I love you! You're right about everything.

Let's go together in the future!][Baby, you're the best! Take care of yourself.

I'm fine if you're fine.

Aaahhh, I'm so touched.] [I love you unconditionally, love you forever, you must be happy, ah] [Your heartwarming best wishes, I have received them.

I will definitely cheer up with you! Mwa-mwa-mwa!]

Chu Xiang read for a while and felt that she still could not say such cringe words.

She'd rather forget it.

After she finished liking, reposting and commenting, she continued to draw.

After a while, it suddenly occurred to her that she could draw a cartoon image of Zhuo Yichen.

She got excited and immediately found the video of Zhuo Yichen's performance on the Spring Festival Gala stage.

She found the best angle to paus, examined Zhuo Yichen's features, and began to draw.

Cartoon portraits must highlight personal characteristics, to let people immediately figure out who the person was, but not like a sketch.

It needed a unique sense of moe.

Chu Xiang kept drawing and modifying, focusing on Zhuo Yichen's eyes, which were very evocative.

She also focused on the lines and features of Zhuo Yichen's red suit, so that people could think of the boy on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala at first glance.

It was the first time for Chu Xiang to draw a cartoon based on a real person, so she was a little untrained.

It took her four hours to complete the drawing, but the result was very good.

She nitpicked at it until she was satisfied.

She colored the portrait and signed her own signature beside it as a trademark.

When she was an idol, someone else designed her signature.

Whenever she signed using it, nobody could see the name 'Chu Xiang'.

On the contrary, the strokes were beautiful and artistic.

Chu Xiang didn't bother to think of any pseudonym signs, so she just signed it in her own floral style.

She looked at the completed portrait again, and then sent it to Weibo.

[Chu Huang V: The radiant Brother Yichen @SJBoys-Zhuo Yichen at the Spring Festival Gala]

Her new account has no fans.

She only tagged Zhuo Yichen, but countless people tagged Zhuo Yichen on their posts everyday.

It had no visibility at all, and since others couldn't see it, there was no one who gave her comments.

The beautiful portrait she drew was thus left alone on Weibo.

But it didn't matter.

She originally drew it only because she was interested in it herself, and it was pleasing to look at it there.

She used this portrait as her phone screensaver.


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