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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 351

When she finally finished drawing the serialized comics, she breathed a sigh of relief, lay down on the bed and continued to post and ask for tickets.

When she met a few scalpers, the price doubled four to five times.

She remembered that fans wanted to boycott scalpers, so she didn't buy it.

She went to various sites to find one and added a few fan groups.

The sky was not the limit.

Almost to the middle of the night, someone finally appeared and chatted with her privately.

The two talked about some things about Zhuo Yichen, sort of a code word to make sure they were both Zhuo Yichen's fans, before they started talking about ticket transferring.

"I only have one ticket.

Are you going by yourself It's a pity that I couldn't go to the concert due to an emergency that day, so I have to transfer my ticket."

Chu Xiang replied: "I'm going by myself.

Is your ticket in the front row or the back row Do you have a general idea of the location"

"This ticket is especially good.

It's in the second row in front, and it's facing the stage.

My God, I really want to cry.

My life's luck has been used to grab this ticket.

It is simply like winning the lottery when I encounter such a good position in front.

Why can't I go..."

Chu Xiang was a little surprised.

She thought she was going to take a telescope at the back, but to her surprise, she was going to be on the front row.

She immediately said, "I'll send you the money now, and you can transfer the ticket to me.

You can still see Yichen if you have a chance in the future." She thought about it and added, "Don't be sad."

It seemed that fans sometimes comforted each other like this.

She was already a member of Zhuo Yichen's fan group 'Xingchen', so she should also blend in and interact with other fans.

"Just answer a few more questions for me.

I won't raise the price.

I just hope that such a good position can be transferred to a true fan who really likes Brother."

The other party truly treasured the ticket.

The other party was cautious and careful in fear of giving the ticket to other fans, and let them take advantage of it, so he put forward a series of questions again.

With Chu Xiang's memories, and having just read most of Zhuo Yichen's resources and data, she answered the other party's questions smoothly, and only got one wrong out of a dozen questions.

"Sorry, I'm a new fan.

I really don't understand this last question," Chu Xiang explained politely.

The other party was shocked.

"You are a new fan, yet you know so much already It seems you really like Brother! This last one is indeed a long time ago.

Let me tell you.

When Brother first debuted, there was a time at the airport when he saw a lot of people swarming and almost bumping into a mother carrying a baby, so he shouted to everyone not to squeeze.

As a result, some haters took it out of context and said that he scolded passers-by not to squeeze him.

I have a complete video of that time, and I will send it to you to watch.

Haters mention this every time, so you must not misunderstand him.

He is a warm-hearted Brother."

Chu Xiang soon received the video sent by the other party.

The video captured Zhuo Yichen seeing a mother holding a baby in front of him, and immediately told everyone not to crowd in.

He then reached out to help block passersby.

The cause and effect were evident, but taking screenshots were really easy to misinterpret, and haters would always use these things.

She saved the video and returned, "Don't worry, if someone used this to slander Yichen in the future, I would also help explain.

Yichen fans will definitely believe him.

I will not question him just because of a few words from others.

Everything always speaks with evidence."

"Yes, yes, yes.

It is necessary to have real evidence.

What nonsense is there to talk about with factual evidence What rumor-mongering mouths! Dispel the rumors and break their legs! Sister, this ticket costs 2000 yuan, take it.

When you go, you must help Brother.

New fans may not know, but fans at the site shouting Brother's name together, is also a very important kind of support.

It directly represents Brother's popularity.

Don't be shy, and shout his name out loud when the time comes.

By the way, Brother will sing a solo of his new album then.

Sister can learn it first, then it will be even better if the fans follow the chorus!""

Chu Xiang quickly transferred 2000 to her, and listened to her talk a lot about the fan base.

She also talked a lot about Zhuo Yichen that she did not know.

Chu Xiang listened to her patiently and learned another side of being a fan.

Celebrities basically didn't know about this kind of thing, but fans were doing their best to protect them.

Even if it was just a ticket, they would make sure that the person who would take over it was their own fans, not superficial fans or haters.

As long as it was determined that the other party was their fanmate, their attitude would become as if everyone was a family.

It manifested in ways such as a gentle comfort, a sincere encouragement, or a fight against the enemy.

It was as if they could be banded together like strands of a rope in an instant.

The veteran fan treated the new fan very well and also gently and patiently enriched her knowledge about what works Zhuo Yichen has and what merits he possessed in hopes that the new fan would become a true fan, devoid of the slightest misunderstanding about their idol.

Chu Xiang couldn't help but wonder, Were my fans like this in private once upon a time She believed so.

When she got old, those fans who became old men and wome


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