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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 352

That kind of marathon-like star chasing that lasted a lifetime was probably a special feeling, very real and deep, and fans have paid a lot for it.

Chu Xiang and the girl talked at length, and then the girl asked her to take a few photos of Zhuo Yichen at the concert.

It would be better if she could send her a short video to make up for her regret in missing going to the scene.

Chu Xiang agreed without hesitation.

It was just a handful of work, so why not

The time of chasing stars and surfing various resources passed quickly.

Chu Xiang didn't understand Zhuo Yichen clearly, but the Lantern Festival party was fast approaching.

She took a flight a day early and found a nice hotel to stay in.

This could be regarded as her first trip of chasing idols.

She suddenly realized that this kind of chasing stars would cost a lot of money.

Screen fans only needed to look at their idols on the screen and publish a post on the Weibo forum to contribute to the ranking, and that was it.

At most, it would cost them a little for a membership.

But if she flew to various places to support her idol on the spot, the flight tickets, accommodations, ticket costs and so on weren't small amounts.

Now she has to make money.

The first that popped in Chu Xiang's mind was her major.

She studied film editing.

Many companies needed such skills.

She also could ideally work part-time and take on some jobs.

This, together with her income from drawing comics, should be enough to chase idols.

There were plenty of other ways to make money, but she thought it was better to use her profession to earn.

She could understand the field better and could strengthen her professional ability.

Moreover, if Party A was critical, the practical effect was much better than the verification and acceptance of teachers in schools.

After all, Party A would not be lenient and would not tolerate mistakes.

It should be very helpful for her to improve her skills.

Fortunately, the original owner still has some savings, enough for her to spend for a while.

After this period, she should be able to get a stable job.

Chu Xiang became more confident, so after coming up with an approach, she no longer worried too much about it.

She didn't save on eating and so on, and the quality of her life must not decline.

The next day was the Lantern Festival party.

Chu Xiang wore a thin red down jacket and a hairpin in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears on her head.

The word 'Yichen' was written on both ears.

When she turned on the switch, it emitted a yellow and white glow.

This was Zhuo Yichen's fan color.

He represented winter in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

His fan color was white, because he liked Xingchen(star), and the name of his fan base was also Xingchen, so the white was dotted with a lot of yellow, which represented his stars.

Whenever there were many fans sitting together, this fan color really looked like a white snow-capped area filled with shining stars, which was especially dazzling.

This time, Chu Xiang came carrying a DSLR telephoto lens, so she didn't bring a relatively large support object.

She did listen to the girl's advice and ordered white glow sticks with a yellow star at the top, as well as a pair of yellow star glow earrings, a glow brooch and star stickers on her cheeks.

So she now has a small sticker on her face, with small star-shaped trinkets on her earlobes and chest, plus a hairband on top of her head.

Whoever saw her would know she was a fan of Zhuo Yichen.

But wasn't at all conspicuous.

Other fans did the same.

She also saw a lot of Zhuo Yichen's fans sporting the same looks as her.

She entered the venue with everyone to find her seat.

Everyone was standing and no one was sitting, so she didn't sit.

She turned on the camera and started looking for various directions and shooting angles, took a few test shots, and didn't forget to raise her phone to capture a live video and send it to the girl.

A lot of celebrities would be singing and dancing at the Lantern Festival.

This kind of party was much more interesting.

It was Chu Xiang's first time to watch other people perform off the stage, and listening to the occasional deafening cheers around her, she felt completely different from when she was on stage.

It felt very fresh.

She also put a smile on her face, and screamed with the people around her when she saw a remarkable performance.

There were a few girls in the back row with her.

After watching her for a while, someone gently patted her on the back.

She approached her and asked loudly, "Hello, are you a fan of Yichen"

Chu Xiang pointed back at the headband on her head: "Yeah, what's wrong"

"It's nothing.

We saw that you brought a camera just like an admin sister, but I don't seem to have seen you before." The girl asked with a sweet smile, "Are you going to take pictures of Yichen later"

"Yes, that's right."

"Wow, this is a great position.

Go for it! Make sure to get the best shot of Yichen!" The girl held up the large glowing sign in their hands to her and said with a smile, "When the time comes, we will scream toward him hard and make him look over here.

By then, you will be able to take a picture of him looking at the camera.

Can you share it with us after you take it"

The few girls next to her looked at Chu Xiang excitedly and expectantly.

"Please share with us, okay We don't have a telephoto camera, and the figures we captured are so small and not good-looking.

Please, please"

Chu Xiang smiled at the teenage girls: "Of course, no problem.

Let's cheer together later."

"Mm-hmm!" The young girls nodded their heads vigorously, happy as could be.

The SJ Boys were more popular now, and it didn't take long for them to get on the stage.

Chu Xiang barely focused her camera lense when boiling voices erupted behind her:, "Aaahhhhh! Zhuo Yichen! Zhuo Yichen! Zhuo Yichen!!!"


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