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Other fans were also shouting; some shouting the names of the four members, and others shouting SJ Boys.

The screams of the audience as a whole really represented their popularity.

Chu Xiang felt the enthusiasm of the audience all around, and the corners of her mouth lifted.

She concentrated on taking pictures of Zhuo Yichen.

The advantage of a telephoto lens was that she could clearly see Zhuo Yichen.

Moreover, her shots were not at all blurred.

The four boys sang and danced.

The closer they got to Chu Xiang’s position, the better Chu Xiang’s shooting became.

The original owner grew up drawing and painting from primary school, while Chu Xiang was now learning film editing, so she knew a lot about photo compositions.

She kept pressing the shutter, taking one nice picture after another.

Her position was facing Zhuo Yichen, so when Zhuo Yichen walked to the front of the stage, the distance between them was narrowed to only about ten meters.

This was when the several girls behind her broke out in a scream, shouting Zhuo Yichen’s name.

Chu Xiang took the time to look behind her.

They held up a long neon banner in their hands, on which was written ‘Zhuo Yichen, we will walk with you in the future’.

The long cheer was especially conspicuous.

The sound of music was very loud on stage for Zhuo Yichen.

In fact, he couldn’t hear the shouts from anywhere.

However, because he was facing this direction, he really saw such a large banner and Chu Xiang in red with a camera and a ‘Yichen’ headband in front of the banner.

Then, when it was his turn to sing his part, he smiled towar Chu Xiang’s lens.

Chu Xiang immediately captured his smile, as well as the many shots he occasionally shot over her afterwards.

When the song reached the climax, Zhuo Yichen was already high, jumping around the stage and shouting, “Happy Lantern Festival! Together, shall we”

The songs they composed were relatively easy to sing.

Chu Xiang has already learned to sing along with them while taking pictures.

The girls behind her were also singing the chorus loudly.

Together with the fans around, the effect was really incredible.

Chu Xiang thought of the little girl, who sold her the ticket and was probably waiting anxiously, quickly took out her phone, and sent a live video of Zhuo Yichen to her.

The young girl was so excited.

“Ahhhh, you really sent it to me!.

Thank you, Sister.

You are so kind!”

“I will send you a photo when I get back.

Let me continue taking pictures.”

“Okay, okay.

Shoot more of Brother, ahhh! Brother is super handsome and super charming!”

When the SJ boys finished singing two songs and retreated, several girls behind Chu Xiang immediately called out to her excitedly and asked, “How about it Did you get a picture of him looking at the camera Did you get any”

Chu Xiang transferred a few photos to show them.

“Yes, let’s go out together after the party is over and I’ll send some to you.” If not for their banners, Zhuo Yichen would not have noticed their side and subconsciously gave them camera benefits.

It was really thanks to their blessing that she captured such satisfying photos.

The girls were satisfied.

They temporarily put the banner away and happily watched other performances.

This was the time to drink water to moisten their throats.

They were still waiting for Zhuo Yichen to sing solo and keep screaming.

The SJ Boys was composed of four people, each of whom would come out to sing solo.

When they performed together earlier, they donned somewhat childish styles and exuded a special sense of youth.

They were like boys who had not grown up.

When performing on stage alone, they put on handsome or cool costumes.

The moment Zhuo Yichen made a handsome entrance, the audience burst into screams, shouting his name in unison.

He ran a few steps with a smile and said loudly, “Happy Lantern Festival! Are you guys having fun tonight”

“Yeah—” Xingchens replied resoundingly in unison.

Zhuo Yichen smiled and said, “Can those who know the song sing with me”


With another collective answer, Zhuo Yichen enthusiastically started singing in the fiery atmosphere.

Chu Xiang laughed while taking photos.

This was Zhuo Yichen’s normal performance, right He liked an upbeat venue, liked to interact with fans and let them sing with him together.

He was really restrained when he behaved so well at the Spring Festival Gala.

The girls behind Chu Xiang once again raised their banner and sang loudly along.

This time, Zhuo Yichen didn’t always perform in front of them.

Instead, he ran around the entire venue, taking care of the audience on each side, and running to interact with them.

The most frequent words he said were ‘together, shall we’ Fortunately, there were many Xingchens on the scene, and they accompanied him.

They really sang him a chorus.

Otherwise, it would have been embarrassing if no one sang along.

Chu Xiang still took photos of him facing the camera.

Maybe when he ran over, he remembered that there were fans taking pictures of him here, so he gave them a special glance.

Everytime he gave them a glance, he posed handsomely.

As expected of a person who liked to be handsome since he was a child, he subconsciously presented his best shot at the sight of a camera.

Chu Xiang took plenty of photos.

Almost at the end of his performance, she put down her camera, held up her glow stick, waved it, and sang along with him.

She didn’t know if the aids on her face, ears and head were a bit conspicuous, but when Zhuo Yichen got close, he even looked at her and smiled.

But by this time, Chu Xiang had already put down her camera and missed that captivating moment.

After Zhuo Yichen finished singing and exited the stage, Chu Xiang’s shooting task was also completed.

She relaxed, sat on the chair with the girls behind, and exchanged WeChat IDs with them.

She has gained a lot this time.

She took so many photos, got to know several lovely little Xingchens, and took the first steps in integrating into the organization.

This kind of on-site support was quite interesting.

It seemed that her identity and that of her fans have swapped.

From another perspective in similar scenes, her feelings were really different.

Such a novel experience has completely aroused her curiosity.

She was ready to be a high-quality fansite admin sister!


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