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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 354

Chu Xiang shared a lot of photos with the little girls, and exchanged WeChat accounts with them.

The girls directly pulled her into a WeChat group and happily introduced her to everyone.

The Xingchen's fans in the group knew that she was a new fan, so they warmly welcomed her, and then sent her a lot of links, giving her various wonderful performances of Zhuo Yichen from his debut to the present, as well as those comments on his cute and silly videos, to inform her.

Chu Xiang found that liking idols was a bit similar to having a pet.

It wasn't in a derogatory sense, but more of being fond of something.

That was to say if her own little pet was silly or cute, some people might also find it lovable, but if changed to someone else's, she might find it annoying.

Chu Xiang has never had much patience with people, but after adopting a teen idol home, she really liked him the more she looked at him.

He was cute and gave her the feeling of wanting to pamper him.

The little girl who sold the ticket to Chu Xiang before sent her a message after the party and asked, "Sister, what is your Weibo account Have you posted photos yet"

Chu Xiang replied, "Not yet, I'm thinking about fixing the pictures before posting them.

The fansites' logo has not been done yet."

The little girl sent a surprised emoji and a voice message, "Sister, are you a fansite admin Aren't you a new fan"

"What's wrong with being a new fan" Chu Xiang also replied with a voice message too, "Today I saw Little Brother at the scene, and I really think he is great.

His talent isn't overrated, so I'm planning on setting up a fan page and follow his schedule in the future."

"Wow, amazing! I also want to go to Brother's event, but unfortunately, I'm a student.

I'm not free every time.

So, do you know how to set up a fan page, Sister I recommend some of Brother's major fansites.

You can refer to them as they are all doing a great job.

And, ah, Sister, the photos you'll post will be in nine grids, right Remember to tag Brother's Chaohua1.

Everyone must want to see Brother.

You took really amazing photos, and nobody who sees them would be disappointed! Right, right, I'll follow your Weibo account to help you promote, ah.

Sister, send me your Weibo account number."

The little girl said a lot.

After Chu Xiang sent her Weibo account, she immediately sent another exclamation: "Sister, did you draw this You did, right This is also painted too beautiful, right You've got a golden touch! Please draw more, it looks amazing!"

Chu Xiang laughed: "I'll draw if I have time.

You are too easily excited.

Study hard and earn money to see your Brother in the future.

Otherwise, it won't be nice to meet your idol with bad grades, right"

"That's for sure.

I don't let things go to my head and be a brain-dead fangirl.

The ticket I bought this year were saved my own way, and when I get into a good university next year, I will take my transcript to show Brother.

I'll follow you.

Sister, quickly post the photos.

I'll eagerly wait until my eyes wear out!"

The Weibo account that Chu Xiang set up got its first follower, called 'Zhuo Yichen's little fan girl 717'.

80% of the content posted on the account were related to Zhuo Yichen such as ranking, anti-haters, and seeking points.

The remaining 20% was her daily routine.

She was quite careful, and there wasn't a gap where she could lose her persona and expose her identity.

Chu Xiang followed her back.

After all, she was the first Xingchen she knew and got a live ticket the very first time.

They quite had a fate.

She turned her computer on and quickly designed a logo, which was adding three capital letters ZYC before her Xiang signature.

Then she changed the lines of the words from black to star patterns, which looked especially good on the photo.

The photos she captured with her camera didn't need much editing.

Due to the close proximity, they were all high-definition pictures.

Chu Xiang cut the sizes, added the logo and sent her first nine-grid post.

These nine pictures were taken when the group sang together, but she was a personal fan.

Of course, only Zhuo Yichen's single photo was cropped.

The middle one of the nine grid was Zhuo Yichen, smiling at the camera.

It was particularly beautiful.

The left and right sides were taken when Zhuo Yichen unconsciously glanced toward her.

Although it was not frontal, it was also very sensational.

The remaining six photos were all photos of Zhuo Yichen engrossed in singing or dancing.

This time, she remembered to tag Chaohua.

Once it was posted, the view number immediately broke 100.

'Zhuo Yichen's little fan girl 717' forwarded the post and tagged many Xingchens she knew.

Comments immediately popped up one after the other on Chu Xiang's screen, all of which were licking the screen and singing praises.

Chu Xiang also screened out nine pictures of Zhuo Yichen changing clothes and singing alone.

In the middle was still a photo of Zhuo Yichen's smile at the camera, and this time his pose was particularly handsome.

It gave off the impression that the two of them deliberately cooperated for the shot.

The other eight pictures were Zhuo Yichen's particularly energetic and smiling appearances with his youthfulness and handsomeness radiating from his face.

The comments poured in faster this time, and more and more fans saw the post on the Chaohua.

Many Xingchens thought the picture was nice and shared it on Weibo.

That way, more Xingchens could see the pictures she took.


1 Chaohua - organized hashtag/described as super hashtag, or super talk


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