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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 355

[Aaahhhh, I'm going to die.

Yichen is too handsome!]

[How did you capture this Yichen looked at the camera, aaahhhh! Two head-on pictures, ahh! Blogger, tell me, have you met him Did you lock eyes with him Lemons, lemons, I'm a lemon turned genie2]

[You and I under the lemon tree.

I'm so jealous that the blogger has seen Brother face to face, ah! Brother really spoils his fans, and even gives camera benefits.

Blogger, how many photos do you have Please release them]

[The blogger is a new account.

Has no one noticed A total of four posts The first is a New Year's greeting, the second is a portrait of Yichen.

It's amazing and pleasing to the eye.

The next two are divine shots, ah.

They actually looked at each other.

Is there a fansite admin who changed accounts and reopened one Smash me to death with pictures [finger heart][finger heart]]

Chu Xiang discovered that there was really a thick wall between not chasing idols and chasing celebrities.

It was easy to find fun when chasing stars, and the corners of one's mouth would rise unconsciously.

This was probably strange and odd in the eyes of people who didn't follow stars.

In fact, people who liked pets thought they were super cute, while people who disliked pets thought they were troublesome.

Now Chu Xiang was akin to having found a particularly fun little cutie.

She liked the way he looked.

She changed her Weibo name to 'ZYC-Xiang'.

Just as Zhuo Yichen released a Weibo post, she shared it.

[ZYC-Xiang: New fan here.

I am very grateful to @zhuoyichen'slittle fangirl717 for giving me her ticket, and the efforts of several Xingchen sisters to help out and let me take lovely photos of Little Brother Chen in the second row of the front.

In the future, I will also share some beautiful pictures, cartoon portraits and video clips of Little Brother Chen.

Thank you for your likes.

Happy Lantern Festival! And, @ SJ Boys - Brother Zhuo Yichen, your tangyuan3 will be cold again.

Eat quickly ~ // SJ Boys - Zhuo Yichen V: Did you have glutinous dumplings today Have you been reunited with your family How does my bowl of dumplings look [photo]]

This was her Weibo introduction.

The Xingchen who came to see the picture learned that she was a new fan, and were all amused by her.

[Hahahaha, what the hell is tangyuan going to be cold again]

[Hahaha, Brother also has a day being scolded by a fan.

Deserve it for scolding us at every turn.

Quickly eat your tangyuan!]

[Is Xiao Chen already stunned And then eats the tangyuan in front of him~]

[Blogger, beware of Brother adding you to his blacklist.

He won't look at your camera from now on!!]

The joyful messages from the Xingchen soon dispersed.

After all, Chu Xiang was only a new fan.

She has only published five posts on Weibo, and she didn't interact with them, so there was nothing to talk about.

However, more than 100 people followed her, probably because she had a telephoto lens and could spend money to go to the front row.

They were hoping to see Zhuo Yichen's front views in the future.

The little girls at the concert also followed her, but they didn't post the photos they got from her.

They all privately treasured them and did not infringe on her rights.

Chu Xiang watched in the WeChat group for a while, and seeing that they were all discussing Zhuo Yichen's flight schedule the next day, she silently wrote down his flight time and packed up and went to bed.

Not far away in a hotel, four 17-year-olds gathered in Zhuo Yichen's room to eat tangyuan.

Xia Zhou suddenly took his cell phone to Zhuo Yichen and joked, "Your fan told you to hurry up and eat.

If you don't eat again, it's all get cold."

"Hmm" Zhuo Yichen looked sideways.

When he saw Chu Xiang's post, he was amazed, "Isn't she that Sister I saw today The one I told you guys about off stage, right in front of the stage, the one that’s very conspicuous."

Geng Xuan rolled his eyes in his chair crookedly and said, "We saw her too, okay There was such a big banner right in front of us.

Xiao Yao4, your fans are really capable, and they'll compete for your tickets."

"You're the youngest.

Eat your tangyuan.

Otherwise, they'll get cold again!" Zhuo Yichen grabbed a paper towel on the table and threw it at him, and took out his phone to look at the photos Chu Xiang took.

Geng Xuan caught the paper towel, pursed his lips, and gave the tangyuan a disgusted look.

"I do not want to eat this.

They're sickeningly sweet, so you can eat them yourself.

Xia Zhou, what do you think Yichen's fans are doing She must have taken shots incidentally, but won't release them.

Do you think everyone finds you handsome"

Xia Zhou took out the small mirror in his pocket and straightened his hair.

"I'm very handsome, ah.

She failed to capture my handsome angle.

I read it in our group Chaohua.

Yichen also looked at her camera, and she instantly gained a lot of followers, not to mention her shots are really amazing, better than my pictures.”

"They're pretty good-looking." Zhuo Yichen saved the two good-looking photos of him looking at the camera, and also saved the cartoon portrait to his phone and proudly said, "She drew a cartoon portrait of me during the Spring Festival.

It's super good-looking, how about it Are you jealous and envious"

"Haha." Geng Xuan patted down Xiao Ran who was lying on the sofa.

"Speak up and strike a blow at him."

Xiao Ran muttered in a low voice, "I'm too lazy to say it."

"Don't cue him.

He's too lazy, I wish he'd turn into a stone statue."  Zhuo Yichen quickly finished the bowl of tangyuan, took Geng Xuan's and continued to eat.

He ate several pieces before restraining himself and putting down the spoon.

Aftewhich, he rubbed his stomach regretfully.

"It's too late.

I can't eat, it's not digestible."


2 A lemon turned genie - basically means jealous or envious

3 Tangyuan - chewy glutinous rice balls similar/mochi

4 Xiao Yao - means youngest


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