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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 356

He knocked on the table and said, "When reviewing the recording just now, we found that Xia Zhou's cracked on a couple of lines, Xiao Ran's dance moves in two places didn't keep up with the beat, Geng Xuan's position was wrong once, and I had a line of where my breath wasn't quite stable.

Although the mistakes are not obvious, and the audience may not see, we still should go back to practice more and continue to strengthen our weaknesses."

"There are three popular youth groups in China, and we are only one of them.

In the past two years, the four of us have been under a lot of pressure due to the college entrance examinations.

Let's work a little harder and not lose to others."

When it came to business, the three men all got serious and nodded one after another.

Although Zhuo Yichen was the youngest of the four of them, his birthday was only a few months away from being the same age as them.

Zhuo Yichen debuted one year earlier than them.

He was also more mature than them, meticulous and had a sense of responsibility.

The affairs of their team have always been managed by Zhuo Yichen.

After Zhuo Yichen finished, they let their assistants clean up the dishes and went back to their respective rooms to rest.

Zhuo Yichen lay on the bed to surf on his phone.

It wasn't surprising when he saw the four of them on the hot search.

In the past, the majority of their fans were group fans, but in the recent six months, the number of solo stans increased a lot more, and discordant voices have also surged.

[The best-looking pretty boy is Xia Zhou, okay He's simply out of a comic book.

Xiao Ran is so ugly, wearing the same outfit as Xia Zhou, just asking for humiliation.

Zhouzhou dances best.

At the end of the dance, Geng Xuan bumped into him.

Was it intentional]

[Geng Xuan raps super cool, don't compete with Second Sister5.

 Second Sister Xia, please be beautiful alone.]

[Boss Xiao is well worth a second look type.

Xia Zhou with long hair is a woman, right So how is femininity good-looking Boss Xiao sings the best, no objections accepted.

If not because Boss Xiao didn't care, could the youngest, Zhuo Yichen, be the captain Boss is the captain, all right]

[Being a captain depends on abilities.

How could it be related to age and birthday Don't tell me you haven't graduated from kindergarten Chenchen is the best and a big hit.

Can the other teammates be changed]

[You duweis6, f*ck off, will you The four seasons will always be together.

You have no idea how good Brothers are, but you guys have a lot of drama.

Four Seasons Brothers, cheer up together.

Nianhua will support you forever!]

Zhuo Yichen felt uncomfortable reading the four Duwei's comments.

They had only debuted two years ago, but their fans were already showing signs of splitting.

The four of them were like brothers, but each of them could be attacked by these fans.

Sometimes it was much more comfortable seeing their group fans.

Nianhua7, Nianhua, the four seasons together made a year.

Their group fans took a festive 'Nianhua' as their name, which was also homophonic with the word 'nianhua(years)', hoping to spend the future years with them, drawing the annual New Year pictures, and never breaking up.

He had gone through the stage of being accepted lukewarmly alone, so he cherished the group where the four of them were gaining glory.

The four of them achieved this, and none of them would have gotten to where they were today if one were missing.

He really hoped that their group would always be this good, and they would always be close as brothers, breaking into the entertainment industry together.

The 17-year-old boy already has a lot of things to worry about.

Even though he was exhausted, he still couldn't sleep.

A jumbled mess weighed down on his mind, and he woke up with dark circles the next morning.

They packed up their things and left for the airport, and on the other hand, Chu Xiang also organized her luggage and went to the airport.

Of course, she has put away her support items, but she wore the same thin red down jacket from the night before.

No matter how long it has been, her favorite color was still red.

Even the camera strap hanging around her neck was beautifully patterned in red.

This time she tied her long black hair into a high ponytail, looking much sharper, carrying a shoulder bag with her simple luggage inside.

The camera's long lens was packed in the bag.

As she neared the airport, she changed into a palm-length lens, so the camera hanging on her was a lot lighter.

This time, some of the celebrities who participated in the Lantern Festival party left the night before, and some stayed overnight, so many of their fans came to see them off to their flights.

They gathered together.

Chu Xiang saw more than 20 girls holding cameras like her scattered and waiting in the airport.

She didn't talk to anyone, and quietly found a place to sit.

When the SJ Boys appeared, a commotion erupted.

All the fans and solo stans of the four people gathered there, which made them unable to walk smoothly.

Chu Xiang thought for a moment, looked at the flight schedule, and found that she could check in, so she quickly walked a few steps to check in before the SJ Boys.

She then stood at the entrance and turned around to shoot.

Four teenagers arrived with difficulty.

Geng Xuan saw Chu Xiang as soon as he looked up and immediately nudged Zhuo Yichen without any trace.

Zhuo Yichen looked at Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang kept pressing the shutter, and at the same time leaned to the side, indicating that she would not block them and was a passerby.

The four quickly passed through security and then turned together to wave goodbye to the fans, telling them to go home as soon as possible.

Chu Xiang found an angle where she could take a few frontal pictures of them.

Five other fansite admin sisters followed after them and also stood nearby while taking pictures.

They all have a tacit agreement not to get too close to their idols to give them trouble.

If their staff told them to stop, they would stop shooting.


5 Second Sister (er jie) - a metaphor to being stupid, second-hand, and has neurotic tendencies

6 Duwei - fan of one particular member of a pop idol band who denigrates and defames the other members

7 Nianhua - literally means New Year Pictures


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