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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 359

He has countless fans.

When he had a few fans in the beginning, he took the time to get familiar with the fans who often wrote to him and welcomed him at airports.

Every time he saw them, he would greet them with a smile, and he would also post their gifts on Weibo.

Later, he gained too many fans.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he followed the staff and did not respond.

But in fact, he was familiar with the fans who often appeared in his comment area and his various sites, so he would save the good-looking photos and video clips whenever he saw them.

He also used his alternate account to follow some fans who he thought were more important, to see what they thought of his activities, whether they were disappointed with him, whether there was something they were especially concerned about, or if they would turn their backs on him, and so on.

Now Chu Xiang has also become a fan who he felt was a little special.

She was willing to work hard to become his fan because of his good performance.

If one day he loses her as a fan, he would like to know why.

Chu Xiang didn't notice the comment Zhuo Yichen's alternate account sent her.

The four-grid cartoon she posted was so funny, it was shared multiple times by the Xingchen.

In no time, the number of comments exceeded a thousand.

Before, some people questioned whether she was an admin sister and why she didn't  post any airport photos.

However, after reading the four-grid comics, they said that it was more fun.

They also asked her to create more of this type of comics.

Seeing that everyone liked it very much, Chu Xiang took a good look at the four-frame comic that she made on a whim.

All of sudden, she found the shortcomings of her comic series.

It would be better if her style was changed to this funny style.

It was like breaking through a bottleneck.

Before, she only regarded the serialized comics as a leisure hobby, but now she has the inspiration to start a new one.

She quickly wrote an outline, marked the overall story structure and the distribution of funny points clearly, and began to draw new comics.

After drawing smoothly, she drew several manuscripts not long after.

She uploaded the new one directly, and abandoned the old one for refunds.

She found fun in drawing and remembered her promise to Geng Xuan on the plane about drawing them together.

So, she drew a cartoon image of the four holding each other on their shoulders.

In the portrait, the four of them were very happy.

She drew the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter with light colors, blending gradients, as the background, and then wrote 'Forever' under their feet with beautiful flowers.

She didn't sign her name.

She drew it and sent it to Zhuo Yichen in a private message, asking him to share it with the other members.

She didn't care whether Zhuo Yichen would see her direct message.

Anyway, she was happy with the drawing and sent it out.

Zhuo Yichen was on vacation, so Chu Xiang also had no celebrity to follow.

Every day, she voted on the charts to make the numbers, and then diligently studied professional editing books.

She also began to do some editing private work.

At first, she only took some simple promotional videos, where she didn't make much.

But her edits were pretty satisfactory.

Gradually she was approached with more difficult work, and her price also rose.

In addition to her new comic becoming very popular, she's got the money aspect down.

When doing editing for people, they always have a lot of requests.

A layman guiding an amateur; it was always hard to serve someone who thought of one thing then another one.

 But this was also an aspect of the work.

Even if she were to edit films in the future, the director also would have a lot of his own ideas, so to practice in advance, she always had to find a balance between the two sides.

It was akin to a business negotiation, and she has never lost in this area.

After Chu Xiang adapted to the part-time job, she used her glib tongue to persuade Party A again and again, so that the fruits of her labor could be done according to her wishes to the maximum extent.

It would also make her much more comfortable.

After a busy half month, SJ Boys were about to start shooting a variety show.

This kind of independent variety show of the whole group was circulated from abroad.

It seemed to be for the purpose of solidifying fanbases, highlighting the soul of the whole group and the advantages of everyone, and attracting new fans.

The first phase of the variety show was filmed outdoors, which coincided with the winter holidays.

They were going to the northern ice city to ski and watch the ice lanterns.

None of the four have ever been there, and they all expressed their excitement and anticipation when filming the trailer.

Fansite admins could film this kind of public trips.

Chu Xiang had not yet started school, so she immediately booked a ticket and went to the ice city.

She didn't especially play in the ice castles, but she felt that after becoming a fan of a teen idol, she also became a lover of fun.

She went alone and had fun for three days, touring the ice castles inside and out.

When the four teenagers got off the plane and left the airport, Zhuo Yichen inadvertently glanced at an admin sister wearing a red plush coat.

Her camera strap was red, so he stared at her for a while longer.

Chu Xiang quickly pressed the shutter a few times to capture another moment with him, then put down the camera and smiled at him.

Zhuo Yichen showed a surprised expression and unconsciously smiled.

Chu Xiang immediately photographed him smiling, then he was escorted out of the airport by the staff.

Chu Xiang also went out to take a taxi.

Xia Zhou saw Zhuo Yichen looking out the car window while leaning back and said, "There is nothing to see here.

It's said that the place to play is all ice.

The ice-covered castle is so big."

"I'm not looking at the view."

"Then what are you looking at"

"Do you remember the Big Sister fan who was on the plane with us last time I just saw her.

She came to welcome our landing.

Isn't her family in Beijing So she must have purposely come to the ice city early to pick us up." Zhuo Yichen looked out again and only gave up when the car departed.

Geng Xuan joked, "It's to pick you up, not us.

Last time, she promised to draw us, but she only drew you, or a four-grid cartoon.

I don't know what kind of drawing will come out this time.

I'm jealous."

Zhuo Yichen laughed: "Shut up.

Of course my fans only draw me."



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