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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 360

The four boys had never been to Ice City, and they were attracted by the snow scene on the street in no time.

There were really no leaves on the trees by the roadside, unlike in the capital, where there was greenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

But the snow hanging on these trees and the green leaves were two completely different kinds of beauty, especially mesmerizing.

Zhuo Yichen saw a bike with snow on the spokes of its wheels, and immediately shouted excitedly, "Look at that! That bike, wow, it's beautiful!!"

"Where Where" Geng Xuan immediately leaned over his shoulder to look out the window, surprised, "It's like a work of art, ah! I never knew bicycle wheels would look super cool! Look at the eaves over there.

There really are icicles, just not as long as the pictures online."

Xia Zhou spat, "This is the street, ah.

People must have been cleaning frequently.

What you see are left out by mistake.

When we go to the ice and snow castle, we can definitely see everything."

Even the laziest, Xiao Ran, sat straight.

Although he was too lazy to talk, his eyes were always focused outside for the view.

Zhuo Yichen scratched out the letters ZYC on the car window with his finger, smiling.

"I love winter.

This time I can finally feel the snow and ice.

I want to take pictures and post them on Weibo tonight.

I heard the ice lanterns are super nice.

You guys help me take good pictures later.

I want to share it with my fans."

Xia Zhou glanced sideways at the letters on the glass letters and quipped, "Add '-Xiang' after that, and it's your fake Big Sister fan.

Don't worry, if we have a night show, your fake Big Sister fan will definitely go to the front line to shoot you.

She takes absolutely beautiful pictures, and it's best if you ask her for them."

"Tsk, what fake Big Sister fan"

"Didn't you say she's a fake fan yourself"

"I admitted it, but you said no.

Can't you see that she is my true love fan When I enter college, she'll be my senior sister.

Maybe we will cooperate in the future." Zhuo Yichen hugged the seat in front of him, put his chin on it, and opened his Weibo app on his phone.

"Let me see if she has posted a picture."

Xiao Ran put on his down jacket hood and sank into the seat, closing his eyes and muttering, "Maybe by then, she's no longer your fan."

Zhuo Yichen snorted: "That's impossible.

I'm making progress every day, okay I won't give her a chance to stop being my fan." He opened Chu Xiang's Weibo with his alternate account and saw that Chu Xiang had sent him a nine-grid photo early on.

The staff next to him was slightly blurred.

Only his high-definition hair could be seen clearly, but his dark circles were gone.

Chu Xiang had carefully edited them.

The nine pictures were of him with a smile, and the middle one was still of him looking at the camera.

He remembered that he smiled at her at the time, but the picture Chu Xiang posted was as if he looked up accidentally at her.

He wondered for a moment, and suddenly he felt blessed.

Based on this Big Sister's brain circuit, the pictures must have been carefully screened.

The reason why he was smiling in every picture was that a fansite admin sister once posted a photo of him with a cool expression, and some haters scolded him for giving his fans the cold-shoulder, that he was annoyed by the fans who came to pick him up at the airport.

These pictures were all of him with a smile.

In addition to the staff, a group of fans could be seen in the slightly empty place nearby.

Naturally, he was smiling at the fans, which was utterly pleasing.

As for the photo of him looking into the camera, she didn't send the one with a smile, but only what seemed to be an unintentional glance at her.

She was probably afraid that other admins would be uncomfortable, or fans would speculate this and that.

After all, he had only seen her footage at the Lantern Festival evening concert before.

In this manner, haters wouldn't make up rumors about him.

After Zhuo Yichen thought this way, he felt that Chu Xiang must have meant this.

He silently nodded in approval and smiled.

He admitted that she was not a fake fan anymore.

She was a Big Sister fan who cared a lot about him and wanted to protect him.

When he participated in the singing competition at the age of 14, he met many warm-hearted fans, but now at the age of 17, he met countless fans who praised him as well as numerous malicious people.

Thinking of Chu Xiang's advice urging him to protect himself, he felt very warm.

He has been looking forward to the filming of the evening program.

Knowing fans who liked him would be watching on the sidelines, he instinctively wanted to perform better.

Chu Xiang indeed planned on attending the night show.

She has been having fun in the city for three days and was quite experienced.

When she went there, she packed a bunch of warm stickers in her bag, and also got a plush warm cuddly that could be charged with a power bank.

She was afraid that her camera would freeze, so she also got a coat for the camera, which was red and furry.

When not in use, she covered the lens.

The anti-freeze effect was particularly good, and it matched her coat.


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