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This SJ Boys variety show was the groups own variety show mainly to let them show their strengths in eating, drinking and having fun.

So when they were still in the car, they started filming.

Through the window, the four people saw the approaching ice lantern exhibition.

Everyone’s faces showed their awe.

“Are we looking at ice lanterns here This is a manor, right”

“This is a city! Look at those towers.

They are real towers, and made of ice!!”

“Wow, how spectacular, are we there yet Stop, stop, let’s get down!”

Zhuo Yichen grabbed his hat and jumped out of the car first, and then exclaimed in surprise, “Whoa, it’s freezing cold!” He quickly put on his hat and turned around to instruct them, “Put your hat on, button your collar before you get off.

It’s super cold.

Go, go go, let’s run.”

He excitedly ran toward the lofty ice gates, stretching his arms out and shouting, “Ice Lantern Show, here we come!”

His teammates followed closely behind, all with smiles on their faces.

“Wait for us.”

Chu Xiang and six admin sisters stood respectively on both sides of the gate farther away, not affecting the filming, next to some fans and onlookers.

She saw Zhuo Yichen’s appearance and laughed.

She lifted her camera and took a series of pictures of him.

And yet he claimed to be an adult.

He was obviously still a child!

The four ran to the entrance and tilted their heads to see the top, the ‘eaves’.

There were various colors of light hitting the ice, making it particularly beautiful.

The four exchanged knowledge about what they knew about the ice lantern one by one at the entrance.

They were all hearsays or pictures they saw online, but none of them personally saw them.

The large ice chunks at the gates alone shocked them.

The four of them couldn’t help but glance inside while talking, then looked at each other and laughed in unison.

Zhuo Yichen clapped his hands and said, “Okay! Everyone, we shouldn’t be chatting here anymore.

I can’t wait to see the ice and snow city inside, so let’s go in now.

Let’s walk clockwise, and make a complete turn to not miss anything, all right”

“Okay, let’s go! Let’s see what fun there is!”

The four teenagers hooted and hollered.

Three of them rushed out like cannonballs, while Xiao Ran walked slowly behind, saying to the camera, “Running that section alone has used up all my strength.

Next, I plan to stroll leisurely.

There is no rush.

They all have to wait for me anyway.”

Zhuo Yichen ran a section, looked back at him who was far behind, immediately stopped and shouted, “Xiao Ran, get here quickly ah.

There’s a big slide over here all made of ice.

Let’s go up!”

Xiao Ran shivered at the sight of it and shook his head, “No, whoever’s foolishly fond of that can go.”

“No, SJ Boys must stay together.” Zhuo Yichen laughed and joked, patting the other two and pointing at Xiao Ran.

The three immediately rushed back to lift Xiao Ran up.

“Hahahaha, let’s go!”

The tacit understanding between them did not even need spoken words, with an eye signal and a gesture, grabbing the feet, grabbing the hands, and lifting upwards were clearly assigned.

The three carried Xiao Ran and rushed towards the slide.

The staff all followed the run, along with the drones.

Chu Xiang has set up her telephoto lens, and could capture clear pictures no matter how far away it was.

Even if the picture was of a person the size of a sesame in a scene, she could also cut out a high-definition photo of the person.

It was just like taking a close-up shot.

So, she didn’t have to run.

She just walked leisurely, looking for an angle to take a few pictures from time to time.

A fansite admin sister closer to her asked, “Whose idol are you”

“Zhuo Yichen,” Chu Xiang returned briefly.

“I’m from Xiao Ran’s fan base.

Zhuo Yichen is a great captain.

I was really afraid that Xiao Ran would be wandering alone there just now.

By then, I could only get a bunch of similar pictures.

Fortunately, Zhuo Yichen got him to follow.

The captain can always take care of the three of them.”

The admin sister was a very rational fan, and because she was the closest fan to her idol, she knows best what his idol was like and how good the feelings of these four teenagers are.

Hence, she would never discredit the others.

The fansite admin sisters of the SJ Boys and the solo stan admins treated each other amiably.

Chu Xiang laughed: “They are affectionate and still love to play, so we can definitely get many, many pictures tonight.

I didn’t even know I liked taking pictures so much before.”

“Sight, I don’t like taking photos, but I like them.

I never did this before.

Because I like Xiao Ran, I learned photography, editing pictures with photoshop, and learned editing videos.

It’s all because of love.” Fansite Admin Lady chuckled and said, “Isn’t it corny But I really never took photos even when I saw beautiful scenery.

I didn’t even love taking selfies.

My friends all marveled that star chasing can change a person.

That’s true.”


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