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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 362

Chu Xiang nodded approvingly.

She saw the teenagers rolling and crawling to finish the slide, called on the lady and said, "Let's go over there.

It's easy to lose them at such a far distance.

These four children are too capable in running."

"You're not that old, are you Why are you treating them like children You're not a pro-mother fan, are you"

"I'm a Big Sister fan, ah.

Looking at them so lively makes me feel like I'm a few years younger again." Chu Xiang smiled and took a few quick steps to follow the route of the four teenagers.

She couldn't be a mother fan.

She has absolutely no feelings for the kind of kids of the younger generation.

Even this kind of cute little brother was a cute point she just got in this life, as if watching a little brother's cheerful antics.

The four teenagers went to climb the ice tower again.

The four huddled together, stuck their heads out from inside the windows of the tower, with excited smiles on their faces, waving hard to greet the camera below.

It was like greeting the audience, to celebrate their success in climbing the tower.

Zhuo Yichen looked around and said in awe, "The view here is truly spectacular, shockingly beautiful.

I have never felt this feeling anywhere else.

Can you believe everything is all made of ice"

"Nine-turn bridges, pavilions, a nine-story tower, a church, a castle, there are also several ice carriages over there, and twelve zodiac signs..."

Several people pointed to their teammates whenever they saw something grand, and then took out their phones.

Zhuo Yichen said, "Help me take a photo on this angle, and capture all the scenery in."

"That side looks good.

Look at those icicles.

They're super much and super long and super nice, like a waterfall, a frozen waterfall."

"Then just take a few shots of either side." Zhuo Yichen shoved his phone into Xia Zhou's hand.

"Come on, let the person who loves to take disgusting show-off selfies the most take a picture of me.

Take a nice picture."

When Xia Zhou heard the words while lying on the window, he looked down.

He searched the surroundings, spotted Chu Xiang, and suddenly laughed.

Considering the camera on her, he said with a veiled smile, "Do you still need to worry about your photos Any one of them is going to be a fine work of art."

Hearing the words 'fine work of art', Zhuo Yichen thought of Chu Xiang.

He winked at Xia Zhou with his back to the camera, signaling him not to mention it.

Then he leaned against the side to pose, saying, "I'm naturally handsome.

I can't help it.

I'll send it to my Xia Zhou to appreciate."

Xia Zhou helped him take several shots, and then they switched to take pictures of each other.

These were probably the most spontaneous photos of them.

Ice City was too beautiful, and they all wanted to keep photos to commemorate.

Later, they went ice skating.

The four of them had never skated before, much less on a large ice rink.

They wore their own shoes to skate at will, but they slipped just as they got up.

After that, they giggled, got up and continued to skate.

Then came the you-push-me-I-push-you, pulling each other and stumbling forward to slide.

Shortly after, they fell together again.

Xiao Ran pushed them, and they fell together.

Then he lay on the top and said, "Vengeance! Who asked you to carry me!"

Zhuo Yichen was pinned at the bottom, pushing them and laughing,"Get up, you damn pig-like.

From now on you three are not allowed to eat snacks."

Geng Xuan pulled his hat to hold his face and rubbed: "The one who eats the most is you, the ravenous ghost.

You're forbidding us to eat because you want to monopolize everything, right I think you will become a big fat man sooner or later."

Zhuo Yichen arched up and rolled out with brute force.

He got up and ran to the skateboard and shouted, "Are you guys nuts Are you going to lie there and wait to get cold I'm going to play.

I won't care about you! "

Xia Zhou and Geng Xuan got up at the same time to pull Xiao Ran, and together they ran to grab the skateboard.

The four gathered again in one place and also played with a rope, dragging big tires.

They ran forward one after the other.

When they came to the snow, they had a snow fight, and the laughter never stopped.

Chu Xiang captured Zhuo Yichen in the distance with her camera.

She saw him particularly clearly, when Geng Xuan accidentally ripped off his collar button.

His collar loosened a little bit and couldn't be closed, but he didn't pay it any attention.

When a lot of snow dropped in during their snowball fight, he only shivered a couple of times, got the snow out and did not care about it.

After a while, he played crazy and did not care when his hat fell off.

Instead, he ran to catch Xia Zhou.

The temperature in the Ice City was low.

The temperature in the ice and snow world was even lower.

It was super cold.

In a few minutes, Zhuo Yichen's ears and face were red with cold.


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