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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 364

Xiao Dong pasted nine hot packs on Zhuo Yichen in the bathroom!!

He kept inwardly rejecting it, but Xiao Dong took Chu Xiang's name out, saying that it was all his fan's wishes, and those were the spots Chu Xiang told him to paste them.

If  Zhou Yichen were to suffer afterwards, Xiao Dong would definitely receive a complaint from Chu Xiang.

In fact, Xiao Dong was teasing him, and said that jest on purpose.

Zhuo Yichen was a bit domineering in nature, and Xiao Dong didn't even think he would compromise.

But Zhuo Yichen has always cherished his fans, so he actually let Xiao Dong stick nine hot packs on him.

One on his back, one on his lower back, one on his lower abdomen, one pair on his forearms, one pair on his front thighs, and one pair on his calves.

He was really fully armed.

Zhuo Yichen felt that he was warm all over now, including his ears that were so cold just now that they were now covered with plush earmuffs.

He wasn't at all freezing cold now.

Xiao Dong couldn't believe it when he finished.

"So much, really There won't be any problem, right"

"I've never put on something like this before.

Why didn't you ask" Zhuo Yichen has put on his clothes.

In case of a problem with the hot packs, wouldn't he have to take them off again

Xiao Dong scratched his head and said, "I asked, Chu Xiang told me that what she brought is not hot, just warm.

Usually sticking too much isn't good, but you've been freezing for a long time, and then you're going to play more than half an hour before we return, so sticking them on is fine.

Tear off a few when you get warm in the car."

"Then why else did you ask Let's go, let's go out."

"Isn't it all because I'm afraid of any trouble We are not familiar with Chu Xiang either." Xiao Dong muttered under his breath and ran over to put the mic back on for Zhuo Yichen.

The three brothers outside had been waiting for several minutes, and they ribbed him upon seeing him, "Did you fall in the toilet What took you so long"

Zhuo Yichen laughed: "I'm not telling you! Go, go, go, let's continue filming, finish shooting early and go back.

Geng Xuan rubbed his chin and sized him up suspiciously.

"You are very strange, ah, looking like you've received a great benefit.

Eh, what's with your ear muffs Fluffy, are they actually white Where did it come from"

Geng Xuan reached out to touch it, but Zhuo Yichen ducked to avoid him.

"Don't touch it! If you touch it, my ears will freeze.

Let's get going then."

Zhuo Yichen handed the hand warmer to Xiao Dong and ran first, at the same time telling them to turn on all their mics.

When the microphone was turned on, Geng Xuan and the others couldn't say anything else.

They looked at each other and could only catch up.

As a result, they found that Zhuo Yichen seemed to be full of firepower, not afraid of the cold at all.

He looked too excited to keep up with the arena and kept smiling.

Chu Xiang also discovered that Zhuo Yichen frequently gave her glances.

If fans were to know that these camera shots were given to her, they'd most likely die of envy.

The four teenagers played for more than half an hour and finally toured the ice and snow world.

The best thing about being a teenager was that you would never feel tired and always be energetic.

But it was too cold for them to persist, much less the working group behind them.

After shooting enough material, the director gave the signal, and the four people gave their concluding statement at the gate.

They had one more day to play in Ice City, eating food and soaking in hot springs.

The four of them were so cold that they curled into balls.

Zhuo Yichen said to the camera, "We've had our fun today, so tomorrow we're going to try all the food here, and then go for a warm soak in the hot springs.

Now, hurry up and get in the car.

Let's go back to our shared accommodation!"

"Let's go!" The four of them rushed to the car.

Zhuo Yichen turned back and said mischievously when he ran to the door, "I was really afraid we'd be allowed to live here.

After all, there are so many houses inside."

The recording stopped when they got in the car.

Zhuo Yichen hurriedly got out of the car and looked around, patted Xiao Dong and asked, "Have you seen Chu Xiang I want to thank her and return the stuff to her."

Xiao Dong also looked around, shook his head and said, "No, she's in a red outfit, fluffy, and very conspicuous, but I don't see her.

Forget it, let's talk about it later.

I'm freezing to death.

Get in the car."

Zhuo Yichen hesitated: "Why don't you drive to find her She must be freezing.

It's such a cold day."

Xiao Ddong pushed him into the car and said, "It's not convenient.

Your filming is over, and she will definitely go back to her hotel.

By the way, you still have a schedule tomorrow.

She will definitely come.

I will find her again later.

Get going."


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