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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 366

In fact, even if he acted familiar with fan site admins, he could not get familiar with them so quickly, and even feel close to them.

But for Chu Xiang, it came so naturally.

She exuded the feeling that she was more familiar than the other admins who have been chasing him and photographing him for a long time.

However, they have indeed chatted and shared a laugh, so it was appropriate to say they were familiar.

Zhuo Yichen looked at the picture and suddenly said, "Let's change the avatar into this.

What do you think Recently, there have been more Duweis, right How about the four of us each use our own mini portrait as avatars, and then let the group's official website use this group photo We always have to give a little confidence to our group fans, and let the Nianhuas know that we will never fall apart."

"Sure, this one still looks good.

You are really good at giving your Big Sister fan benefits, she must be happy to see it."

"All good things must be mutual.

The fans spoil me, then I have to spoil my fans.

I'll talk to the company tomorrow, and make a change if there's no problem." Zhuo Yichen got up spiritedly and said, "I'm going back to my room, I'll go earlier.

Go to bed early, everyone, and eat something delicious tomorrow."

Xia Zhou laughed.

"You are the one who loves to eat.

Tomorrow is your carnival day."

Zhuo Yichen laughed at the thought of being able to eat so many specialty foods.

He went back to the room and played a song to listen to, lay down in the bed and sent a private message to Chu Xiang, [Big Sister, have you returned to your accommodation safely]

He remembered that fans would leave together after the end of a trip if they were following their idols, and wondered if Chu Xiang had left with other fans.

Chu Xiang said before that she was a new fan.

She was probably not familiar with them all.

In the middle of the night, not receiving a reply made him a little worried.

He was lying under the blanket staring at his phone, while on the other side, Chu Xiang just finished editing the photos.

Her phone beep also finally attracted her attention.

Once she opened Weibo, she saw a long string of messages from Zhuo Yichen.

[I just read them, I have already returned to the hotel.

Why are you not sleeping yet It's already one o'clock in the morning.

You have to get up early tomorrow to record the show, right]

Zhuo Yichen finally received a reply, smiled unconsciously, and typed with his chin supported.

[I've been waiting for your reply.]

[I am fine, not frozen, and returned to the hotel safely.

Little Brother Chen, you deserve to be the captain.

You're so caring towards people.] Chu Xiang was warmed up by her Little Brother idol.

She smiled and got into the bed to type.

[I'm not as good as you, Big Sister.

Thank you for the things you gave me.

I wasn't cold at all.

Are you coming tomorrow I'll return the bag to you.]

[No need.

There are so many people, and it's also to avoid trouble.

I still have some to use here.] Chu Xiang thought of the next day's itinerary, and sent another message, [Tomorrow you are going to eat delicious food.

Are you very happy I have already eaten some, and I recommend you the sweet and sour pork, boiled potato chips, slaughtered pork dish, Harbin red sausages, candied sweet potatoes, vegetables dipped in soy sauce, grilled cold noodles, crisp fried tofu, and pure milk snow bricks; they are especially delicious.]

"Uh-oh, these are really..." Zhuo Yichen felt himself drooling and rolled over and laughed helplessly.

[Big Sister...

I just had a snack, but felt hungry again upon seeing what you sent me.

You know I'm a glutton, but you still...

Are you doing it on purpose]

[Yes, you got that right.

Okay, go to sleep, or you'll have no energy to shoot tomorrow.

Set your air conditioner to a good temperature, rest well.] Chu Xiang looked at the time and hurriedly urged him to rest.

Then, she suddenly thought of what Xiao Ran said about her raising a cat online.

It did look quite similar.

Zhuo Yichen remembered the portrait, and said: [Big Sister, I showed them the picture you drew for the four of us.

I think it's especially good, and we want to use this picture as our avatars, can we]

[Of course you can.

It was originally drawn for you, as long as you like it.]

Zhuo Yichen scrolled up the screen, looked at their long series of conversations, thought about what happened after they met, hesitated for a moment and then sent a message.

[Big Sister, I can't follow you using my account, so it's inconvenient to talk.

How about we add each other on WeChat]


Chu Xiang sent him her WeChat contact, and the two soon became WeChat friends.

Zhuo Yichen sent her a WeChat message, [Big Sister, you have worked hard today.

Rest early, good night.]

[Good night.]

Zhuo Yichen looked at Chu Xiang's avatar on WeChat.

This was the first fan he added on WeChat.

This Big Sister fan was indeed a very special fan.

She would be his senior sister in the future.

He didn't know if she would still solo stan him as her junior at that time.

The things that were bothering Zhuo Yichen were all settled, and he finally went to sleep with peace of mind.

Before going to sleep, he glanced at the backpack, the hand warmer and the plush earmuffs neatly placed on the sofa next to him.

En, looking at them made him feel very warm.



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