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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 367

The next day of the food tour, as expected, Zhuo Yichen is the most active.

He will take a look at his cell phone every time he orders food at a place and was teased by his teammates that he had found the guide in advance.

He laughed but did not say anything, and silently tasted all the food that Chu Xiang recommended to him, and his face was incredibly satisfied when he ate the food.

Chu Xiang took a lot of pictures of him and smiled when she looked through them.

Zhuo Yichen's expressions from this day's photos could be converted into a sticker pack series as it was simply too rich!

Some photos from variety show photoshoots could be shared, but some were prohibited for fear of spoilers or leakage of variety show content.

This time, the variety show "Winter Vacation Travels" is likely to be the last variety show from the teenage group, so the company attaches great importance to it.

From this day onwards fans are not allowed to spectate, and the itinerary was also kept secret.

However, they did not drive away the familiar fan groups and only requested these people to not share anything until the show was aired.

This is another kind of relationship between the company and the fans.

Due to the certain amount of trust garnered, the company gave them little benefit.

Sometimes they would gift these fans insider tickets to celebrity events, leak some itinerary, or occasionally, when the company needs it, they would purchase photos and footage from these fans.

If there was any important matter from these fans, they could contact the company and the matter would be relayed to the celebrity.

However, it is true that only fans who have gained the trust of the company are given this treatment, which rarely happens.

On the second day of the shooting, there were only two groups of fans left, and Chu Xiang too.

Chu Xiang was purposely kept there by Zhuo Yichen after he communicated with the staff.

For Chu Xiang, not revealing the content of the variety show while also posting pictures was simple - she can draw.

She took so many good-looking photos of Zhuo Yichen and got the inspiration for comics.

If she directly used Zhuo Yichen's various expressions to make a short story and post it daily on her Weibo, she could finish the story in 3 to 5 days.

Short and interesting, like a paragraph writer.

She drew a very good-looking comic, and the main character's persona is also particularly good.

After using Zhuo Yichen's picture, he looked especially cute.

As soon as the serialization began, it attracted a large number of Starry [TL/N: Zhuo Yichen’s fandom’s name.

Interchangeable with Xing Chen] attention, and Chu Xiang's fan base has risen sharply.

Since no one has ever operated like this before, Starrys kept sharing, and this serialization began trending.

Chu Xiang's series highlighted many of Zhuo Yichen's strengths, causing many passersby to change their impression of Zhuo Yichen from a member of a youth group to a lively and exciting boy, generating a certain level of favorability and willingness to take the initiative to get to know the boy.

When Chu Xiang met the four teenagers on the plane, Geng Xuan even joked: "It's good to have a fan talented fan.

Who would have thought that your paintings would increase Yichen's fans When will you draw a comic for me too"

Zhuo Yichen pushed him aside, "My fans don't have time for you, okay Go play by yourself."

Although Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen added each other's WeChat, they do not have much contact.

After all, their relationship is that of a fan and an idol.

They would consciously pay attention to this.

But because Chu Xiang was following Zhuo Yichen's itinerary, their routes coincide, and they could often meet on planes and high-speed trains, which was often when they had time to laugh and chat with each other.

The staff had instructed the four teenagers to keep their distance from their fans.

But Chu Xiang does not pry into their personal lives, nor does she intentionally follow or harass them.

She was just a very nice and interesting person.

In the absence of other fans, all four teenagers would laugh and joke with her, very relaxed and natural.

Sometimes they would ask her what college life was like, what it was like to study at a film school, what classes she would take, whether the professors were strict, and so on.

These are exactly the questions they are most concerned about at this age, Chu Xiang answered all of them one by one.

Whenever filming was mentioned, she would also give them a little advice from time to time.

In summary, they never ran out of topics to talk about, and their relationship had only grown closer and more familiar.

The group would be filming a total of twelve episodes at six places to have fun and celebrate the winter holidays.

After leaving the first stop in Ice City, they went to three more places with spring, summer, and autumn seasons.

They have visited all places with all four seasons which made up for their group name.

The last two stops were at two world-renowned tourist spots and also partied with crowds at foreign electro-music festivals.

The producers chose places that the four 17-year-old boys had never gone to.

These boys felt refreshed and gained new knowledge and solved all the difficulties they encountered on their journey together, with lots of laughs and team spirit.

In short, they had a good time.

They fulfilled the variety show's entertainment requirement and even taste-tested the good food in all the places they visited.

After filming the entire variety show, it was also the day school began.

The four of them plus Chu Xiang are all students, so all of them are focused on reporting to school.

Zhuo Yichen was focused on studying and did not accept new jobs because of the upcoming college entrance examination.

He only had a few remaining advertising activities to attend.

Chu Xiang also spent a lot of time on her major, only rushing over when Zhuo Yichen was present at the event.


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