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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 368

Once, Chu Xiang was made to stay by her professor to attend a seminar and could not go to Zhuo Yichen.

She thought about since she became Zhuo Yichen's fan, she was never absent from any of his schedules.

And Zhuo Yichen was used to looking for her lenses, so it would be better for her to notify him of her sudden absence.

Chu Xiang sent a text to Zhuo Yichen and simply explained to him the reason: "I'm sorry, Little Chen, my professor asked me to attend a seminar.

I'm not allowed to take time off, so I can't go to your schedule tomorrow.

The temperature difference between the coastal city and the capital is very large, so remember to bring suitable clothes for the temperature change.

The main thing to eat there is seafood, but don't get too greedy and eat until you get sick.

I don't have class on your next schedule, so I'll go next time."

Zhuo Yichen was brushing up on his study when he saw Chu Xiang's message and replied: "It's okay.

Studying is more important.

You will become a good video editor in the future.

You don't have to attend to all my schedules.

It's too troublesome."

He looked at the questions on the paper and sent another one: "I will work hard reviewing my studies.

I just fell behind in some classes.

The questions feel so difficult.

I just looked through a set of question papers, and there are quite a few questions I don't know how to solve."

Zhuo Yichen took two photos and sent them to Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang took a look at them and replied: "Is it convenient for you to speak now I know all these questions, and I can explain them to you."

Zhuo Yichen looks at the phone screen, and back at the questions.

He immediately called Chu Xiang, "Chu Xiang, you still remember the questions from the senior year"

"I don't usually forget what I learned.

Let's start now.

The second sentence of the seventh question is a trick to confuse the candidate.

You just need to remember the main point of this question.

This way, you can avoid the trap of the same type..."

Chu Xiang's strong consciousness does not allow her to forget what she has learned.

When she just arrived in the modern era, she happened to be a college student.

Not long after that, she became the number one student in her major.

Then, she found out that there is a lot of modern knowledge that she did not know such as foreign languages, physics, chemistry, and so on.

No one in the cultivation world can teach her these, so she used her time as a student to learn this basic knowledge.

Now, her intellect was even better than that of a top scholar.

Teaching Zhuo Yichen is absolutely not a problem.

Her thoughts are exceptionally flexible.

She could come up with multiple solutions for a single question.

Her ability to express her thoughts is also very good.

Whenever she explained, she made it clear and simple to understand, and soon enlightened Zhuo Yichen.

He couldn't help but praise, "Chu Xiang, you speak so well.

You were a tutor, right You explain better than my tutor."

Chu Xiang laughed, "Really Then it looks like I've found a new part-time job."

Zhuo Yichen laughed out loud, his voice was still tinted with youth, "No no no.

I want to hire you as my exclusive teacher, who teaches only me.

Then, I'll slay the college entrance examination."

"Sure, then you are done for.

I am an evil teacher with very high requirements.

If you still fail after learning from me, I'll stop being your fan."

"Don't worry, you'll never get to leave my fanbase!" Zhuo Yichen moved his arms and wrists, and stretched, then said, "Okay, move on to the next question.

I am the best at rising to the challenge.

Nothing is too hard for me!"

The two of them proceeded to teach and learn, and it was surprisingly efficient.

From this day on, when Zhuo Yichen encountered a problem he didn't know, he would send it to Chu Xiang and ask her if she had time, and when Chu Xiang didn't have class, she would give him a lecture.

The duration the two of them were on call totaled up to god knows how long.

Zhuo Yichen completed all his advertisement jobs and stopped accepting anything new or showing up in public, so Chu Xiang became the one he contacted the most.

Since Chu Xiang got first in her professional course in the examination, her excellent performance also got the professor's recognition.

They gave her a lot of extra homework.

Hence, she also planned to focus on studying to tackle her academic problems.

However, Chu Xiang is a bit more energetic.

In addition to her studies, she is also serializing her comic stories every day, and even updating the comics on the fan account, "ZYC-Xiang." A large part of the role of a fan account is to promote their own idol, show the charm of their idol, push him into the public eye, attract new fans and solidify the current fanbase at the same time.

Now that Zhuo Yichen went into seclusion, news of him will naturally drop a bit.

Since Chu Xiang used Zhuo Yichen's avatar to serialize the comic book story that unexpectedly brought him a lot of attention, she continued to draw him.

Thinking of a cute plot was easy for her, and drawing was also not difficult, so it was easy to commit to this, and it made her a very important leading figure in Starry's eyes.

At the same time, the group's variety show filmed during the winter break finally started airing.

It directly raised Zhuo Yichen's popularity upwards by a large margin.


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