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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 369

The audience range of "Winter Vacation Travels" is very wide.

Children will wish the same when they see them playing happily everywhere; teenagers will admire them when they see them solving all kinds of difficulties in the journey of 17 years old and envy their deep friendship with each other; middle-aged people will feel as if they were watching other people's children with excellence in sports, grades, foreign language, are generous in dealing with people, and not timid in the face of the unknown.

The boys are full of youthful energy, so it was joyful to watch.

Meanwhile, the elderly occasionally looks at the program, see a few handsome boys playing happily, and can also follow in on the fun.

Sometimes it's not the show itself that counts, but the people involved, and the SJ boys' "Winter Vacation Travels" was unexpectedly right for the audience, taking the top spot in the ratings for the same period as soon as it started airing, and it never came back down.

The four of them also bagged the top four in the weekly trend for variety shows, and their popularity increased drastically.

This variety show garnered a big fanbase for them.

Even their company was surprised.

They never thought it would be such a hit when they planned it before.

It was very hard to achieve this, or maybe it was because the four teenagers were each excellent and showed the audience their growth and all their strengths in the show that they managed to gain popularity and make the show a success.

Among them, the one with the largest marginal increase in popularity is Zhuo Yichen.

The company feels very strange, and after a serious analysis, they found that this was related to Chu Xiang's serialized small comics.

Chu Xiang drew a small comic story of Zhuo Yichen, all highlighting his merits.

Within two months of time, she gained a lot of attention.

There are many people who have read the comic but don't know much about Zhuo Yichen.

After watching "Winter Vacation Travels," they all got his handsome or cute points, and many of them turned into his fans.

Besides, Zhuo Yichen in the team is the captain, and the program also showed his leadership skills.

Many things in the journey are because of the right decision he made.

He was the youngest, but he cared for the others like their older brother.

He also treats people politely and is meticulous, which saves them from a lot of trouble.

These kinds of people all have an invisible charm that makes them instantly visible in a group and very appealing to people.

So obviously, despite Zhuo Yichen's seclusion, his previous slightly declined popularity has skyrocketed.

This made many celebrities in the industry feel threatened by this teenage boy.

Right now, he is still young.

How will Zhuo Yichen shine once he grows up

With popularity, scandals follow too.

While Zhuo Yichen is gaining popularity, a variety of scandals have emerged.

Some said that he started dating at a young age, some said that his past exams were taken by someone else, some said that he smoked and drank, and also said that he pretended to act like he actually loved what he was doing.

Anyway, many people do not really know him, nor are they interested in checking the truth of the information, and after reading this information, some people really believed and then hate Zhuo Yichen.

In order to destroy his popularity and curb his rising popularity, inexplicable waves of scandals came one after another.

The other three teammates have also suffered different degrees of attacks, but none of them are as bad as Zhuo Yichen's.

Recently, when the company tried to negotiate a deal, it was impacted negatively.

After all, many jobs put importance on the celebrity's recent image and reputation.

The college entrance examination is approaching, and most of Zhuo Yichen's concern is whether he can get into the university.

From his results in the past two years, he should be able to score about 500 points.

However, now many people suspect his past exams were the result of his replacement candidates, which were fake.

They also said that his early love and alcoholism caused him to not learn well, so his college entrance examination results naturally became a heated topic.

Among Starry, there are true fans, new fans who have just joined, and some dissolute fans.

Aside from true fans, the other fans are more or less affected by the scandals.

There were even some inexplicable posts speculating about the truth or falsity of the revelations from Zhuo Yichen's talks.

True fans are furious and busy themselves controlling the comments.

There is a little bit of infighting, and the overall fighting power of Starry has dropped a little.

Chu Xiang thought the people who shaded Zhuo Yichen were also quite vicious.

They chose to make a scene at this juncture.

If Zhuo Yichen was emotionally affected, it would probably directly affect the exam results.

Zhuo Yichen was only 17 years old, but he was already weathering these brutalities.

When she gave Zhuo Yichen another lecture on the subject, she told him, "Do not pay attention to those things on the internet.

You will soon take the college entrance examination, so just concentrate on preparing for the examination.

When the results of the college entrance examination are out, they will shut up.

Leave the other things to the company to deal with."

Zhuo Yichen laughed and said, "Don't worry, it won't affect my exams.

A good teacher makes a good student.

I can't embarrass you here.

As for the other things, let nature take its course."

Chu Xiang was quick to pick up that the company was not very supportive, so she asked, "What did your company say Do you know who is pulling the strings How do you plan to respond"

Zhuo Yichen sighed, "They seem to be a senior who is in the same direction I'm developing toward.

I heard that there's a film to be shot in the second half of the year.

The director intends to contact both of us and has not chosen who will play the role.

Isn't this just about opportunity and resources The company says we can't fight head-on, and it can't get any dirt on the other side too.

Anyway, my exam is in two weeks, so this matter will be over soon.

"Winter Vacation Travels" is still broadcasting.

This matter is only in the circle, and it should not have a big impact on the outside."

Although Zhuo Yichen's tone of speech is still very relaxed, his face is no longer smiling.

This incident still has a certain impact on him after all.

However, he knows what is more important and how to proceed well, so he can still continue to review as usual.

As for his mood, it can only be regulated by himself.

Learning to reconcile with yourself, and not clash against it.


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