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Just as Xiao Han happily accepted Chu Xiang’s invitation, she then asked him, “Does President Xiao prefer Chinese or Western cuisine Or is there anything else that you would like to eat”

Xiao Han happily accepted Chu Xiang’s invitation.

“Does President Xiao prefer Chinese or Western cuisine Or is there anything else you would like to eat” Chu Xiang asked.

“I’ll leave that decision to you, Miss Chu.”

A corner of her mouth lifted in a slight smile as she scrolled through the phone.

“Do you mind eating at a BBQ and hotpot food stall I’m guessing you’ve never tried eating at the places popularized by influencers.”

He sipped his tea, eyebrows knitted slightly.

“Indeed, I have not.”

Chu Xiang held up her phone to him to show the photos of the restaurant she had made reservations for.

“I’m just joking with you,” she teased.

“How can I let the well-dressed President Xiao eat at such a place Let’s go, this restaurant is renowned for its delicious menu.

In fact, I went with my mom to dine there only yesterday.”

“Oh, I thought you two didn’t have a very close relationship.

I always hear you call your mother by her name.”

“That’s not the case at all.

She is my mother, and I’m very proud of that.

However, I decided that calling her ‘Mom’ in the office wasn’t very professional and could affect the others working in the office.

Only after work hours do we relax and act as we usually do.”

“Oh… I apologize for my misunderstanding.”

Surprised, Chu Xiang looked at Xiao Han, laughing.

“Did you think I had been deliberately distancing myself from my parents I’d never do that.

They’ve done so much for me, it’s only natural that I cherish them and put what they have given me to good use.

In addition, being their child saved me all the time I would’ve otherwise spent struggling from the bottom.

I had been given the opportunity and benefits of a higher status, how could I possibly not want to be their daughter Although I was born with such an advantage, I want to prove to those who doubt me with the fruits of my own labor.

If I fail even with my head start, it only means that I have much to learn and improve on.

As soon as they got in the car, Chu Xiang changed into her normal shoes to start the car.

“Had President Xiao been treating me like a child” she joked.

“After all, not only am I still in my second year of university, but this is also my first time interning in the company.

Even so, please do not misunderstand.

Since my mother has assigned me the role of communicating with your company, you should believe in my strength.

Of course, I will also prove my capability to President Xiao.”

“In that case, I’ll just have to wait and let your work do the talking.”

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by her impassioned speech, Xiao Han— noticing her sincerity and conviction — couldn’t help the small smile that spread across his face.

Having been in her position before, Xiao Han could empathize with her feelings.

When he inherited his father’s business, he would often be compared to and overshadowed by his father.

Many of his men had even speculated whether he was an unpolished gem or a failure.

No one expected it when he took the Xiao Family several steps further in the business industry.

These days, most people would praise him and acknowledge that he is the rightful heir to the business.

His accomplishments may be a milestone for many of the second generations.

But for Xiao Han, whether it may be the ‘him’  before or after his transformation, he did not care one bit.

Without his father, he would not be where he currently is today; without him, his father would not be able to relax in his old age.

In his eyes, they are simply partners who led each other to success — not enemies looking to compete against one another.

As such, they do not feel at all inferior in the face of each other’s excellence.

At first Xiao Han believed that Chu Xiang was still rather young and stubborn for her age.

Contrary to his first impressions, he now looked at her with deep admiration as she surpassed all his expectations.


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