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Although it is impossible to cleanse all the dirt with a comic story, Chu Xiang did make a good start, and Starry gave strong helping hands to turn the situation around.

How it will continue to develop is the focus now.

At least, with a good head start, Starry’s morale was raised.

This is the most important thing.

The fans’ firm protection and questionable infighting are two completely different concepts that would give passers-by a very different idea.

Even Zhuo Yichen’s company made its staff contact Chu Xiang to form a bridge.

They hope that she would discuss her next step with the company so such a good opportunity would not be wasted.

The company has its considerations, and Chu Xiang also understands that the company does not have Zhuo Yichen as its artist.

They had to consider many other factors.

But it is also a fact that the company did not step in to defend Zhuo Yichen, who is only a teenager.

Chu Xiang lost all her good impression of the company and dealt with it with a few perfunctory words.

Never did she have to discuss with others what she wanted to do.

She would never do anything that she wasn’t sure about.

However, this also gave her the chance and she immediately asked the company who was the culprit of all these.

No way the company would tell a fan this kind of thing.

However, Chu Xiang had never lost a debate.

She hinted openly and secretly that she might investigate the matter herself or make assumptions, the company was afraid of causing a bigger mess, so they told her the name of the culprit directly.

Chu Xiang’s face sank as soon as she heard the name.

The person slandering Zhuo Yichen was actually Tong Nian.

This person not only has sexual-related issues, but he also had a vile character and personality.

Tong Nian is a popular idol.

The original host has been following Tong Nian’s schedule for a long time.

There are many things about Tong Nian in her memory, so Chu Xiang also knows Tong Nian very well.

In comparison, Tong Nian’s development route and many resources do collide with Zhuo Yichen.

It was not so obvious in the past, but now that Zhuo Yichen is coming of age, going to college, and about to leave the image of a child, there is a big competition between them.

The most recent is the film Zhuo Yichen said.

The director has to contact both sides before deciding who will get the role.

Tong Nian is trying to get the spot for the film plus suppress Zhuo Yichen, therefore reducing some threats to himself.

It’s easy once you know who your opponent is.

It’s just Tong Nian.

The things he spewed about Zhuo Yichen were not real facts, but Chu Xiang had plenty of dirt on him which were actual truths.

After some preparation, it would be time to put him down as a gift for Zhuo Yichen’s college entrance exam gift.

While Chu Xiang was planning to expose the situation, Tong Nian’s team already found that the public opinion situation has turned around.

The assistant told Tong Nian, “This fan of Zhuo Yichen is quite powerful.

Before this, when Zhuo Yichen’s popularity rose so much, it was partially because of her work too.

This time, her appearance easily rallied all of Zhuo Yichen’s fans to fight back.

She has a strong influence.

Should we try to recruit her Give her some more pay.

She might be a great help to us.”

Tong Nian slid his phone to look at Chu Xiang’s Weibo and shook his head, “She is dedicated to Zhuo Yichen.

How much time do you think it takes to draw these things I suspect that she is not a fan at all.

Maybe this account is under Zhuo Yichen’s company control, and they only use this to help Zhuo Yichen to create momentum.

You guys work harder to see if you can get something useful out of it.”

Tong Nian then impatiently got up and left.

He asked a pretty girl out on a date to relax.

If it’s not working time, who wants to waste time on these things He hired these employees in his studio, so this should all be within their job scope.

The assistant shook his head at Tong Nian’s back and told everyone in the studio to keep working until they found a good counterattack.

The people in the studio usually pay attention to all aspects of the situation.

There are also people who like to read comics.

After everyone thought of many ways, someone who loves to read comics suddenly thought of an idea.

“I remember there’s a comic artist’s recent story which is particularly good.

Zhuo Yichen’s fan’s drawing style and the artist are very similar.”

As soon as she said so, the others reacted.

“Do you mean to point out that fan with plagiarism”

“Maybe she really did plagiarize.

Open it quickly!”

Several people immediately opened the comic serial website and began to compare the two comics side by side.

They also have no choice.

Before this, they spent all the time digging for dirt on Zhuo Yichen, but there was none, so now what else could they find If they could pin Zhuo Yichen’s famous fan as a plagiarist, they could immediately shut her down.

It was equivalent to closing down one of Zhuo Yichen’s biggest fansites and this will also impact Starry’s momentum.

It was a brilliant move to kill three birds with one stone.

After a serious comparison, it proves to not only be similar but a complete copy-paste.

Some of the minor details were not even changed.

How bold and arrogant!

They finally found this idea and immediately asked Tong Nian for approval.

Tong Nian had no opinion of it at all and told them not to bother him.

They then bribed a few marketing accounts to break the news.

Chu Xiang is already number one on trending.

When her plagiarism of the artist’s comic was exposed, it became a heated topic from the start and shot up to the top of trending news quickly.

Starry were stunned and immediately sent private messages asking Chu Xiang what was going on.

Chu Xiang’s comic and the artist’s comic are really similar, and even the comedy style is very similar.

Some people wondered, “They can’t be the same person, right”

But it was quickly refuted, “She’s busy following the celebrity daily.

 Chu Xiang is also editing pictures and drawing comics.

How can she have time to draw long comic series”


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