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Chu Xiang is still concentrating on writing about Tong Nian, she didn’t even look at Weibo and didn’t know she was trending again.

Zhuo Yichen found out first and called her anxiously.

“Chu Xiang, are you okay”

Chu Xiang said blankly, “I’m fine, what could be wrong with me”

“You, you are trending though Just now Geng Xuan called to tell me.

Don’t be afraid, the root cause of this matter is me.

I am now going to the company to talk to them and suppress this matter…”

Chu Xiang heard the anxiety and worry in his tone, and quickly interrupted him, “Wait, what are you talking about Is my trending not a good thing I also did not do anything and just drew a comic to mock some people.

It does not affect me…”


You’ve made it into another hot topic.

You still don’t know It said that you…” Zhuo Yichen hesitated and said with a little difficulty, “The trending articles said you plagiarized another artist’s work.”

“Hmm” Chu Xiang opened Weibo and saw so many messages in the notification bar.

All of a sudden it lagged and she got force logged out.

She tried to log in a few more times before she finally got in, and then she saw the comparison picture that said she had plagiarized.

“Are you okay” Zhuo Yichen worriedly paced back and forth in his room, “I’m sorry, it’s all because of me.

You helped me so much, and I ended up dragging you into being scolded by netizens.

I’m sorry, I believe you did not plagiarize.

There must be something wrong.

Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.

Don’t go online from now on, it’ll be fine.”

Chu Xiang laughed: “It’s indeed fine.

The artist is me.

I drew it myself, so of course, they have the same style of painting.

You do not worry about it.

You really trust me a lot.

The comparison pictures put together makes it so obvious, and yet, you still believe I did not copy.”

Zhuo Yichen froze, then immediately smiled, “So you drew it yourself! I knew it! I’ve known you for so long, so I believe in your character and my own eyes.

That’s great, just clarify it and it’s fine.

But then you will expose yourself.

Are you not afraid your fans will be disappointed that you’re a fan of an idol”


My idol is so amazing, I want to share my idol with the world.”

Zhuo Yichen couldn’t control his laughter.

Hearing this sentence is much better than the sense of accomplishment of enjoying himself on the stage.

Chu Xiang, when she heard his laughter, also curved the corners of her mouth, laughing, and said: “Well, did you finish the questions I gave you Don’t pay attention to these things.

I’m not a pushover that others can bully.

Just peacefully review your studies.

If there’s something you don’t know, I’ll teach you later.”


I won’t let anyone bully you either.” Zhuo Yichen softly spoke, but his voice reveals a hint of determination somehow.

After hanging up the phone, he didn’t continue studying, but put on a mask and went to the company.

He didn’t expect Chu Xiang to draw a comic to mock those slanderers directly.

Then at once, the spearhead was directed at her.

Although they got lucky this time, Chu Xiang is that artist and there is no plagiarism, who knows what will happen next time

It doesn’t matter if it was himself and it’s acceptable to consider other factors in the big picture since there’s always a chance to turn the tables later anyway.

But Chu Xiang has done so much for him.

He can’t let Chu Xiang brace the storm for him again.

He hadn’t done anything wrong, so why should he let Chu Xiang and Starry endure it with him

Zhuo Yichen’s attitude was tough and firm as he negotiated with the company, requiring them to make a substantial counterattack.

First, sue the marketing accounts for spreading rumors to express their stance, and then looking into Tong Nian’s background and counterattack was a more substantial strategy.

However, the company’s attitude is also very tough, and both sides even quarreled.

Geng Xuan and the other two heard the news from the company staff, and all three of them expressed support for Zhuo Yichen.

The four of them sort of jointly confronted the company’s decision, and it was a very unpleasant atmosphere.

Eventually, the company agreed to sue the marketing account first, and then bribe a group of keyboard warriors to override Tong Nian’s real and fake rumors.

The lawyer’s letter came out quickly, and the company issued a statement that immediately drew the attention of the crowd.

With Chu Xiang plagiarism on the cusp, people find it weird that Zhuo Yichen’s company began a sudden pursuit of the marketing accounts that had previously spread all of Zhuo Yichen’s scandals.

Following this, fans and random people began asking Chu Xiang in the comments if her plagiarism was real.

They also asked Zhuo Yichen what he thought about his fan’s plagiarism.

Before it could proceed further, everyone noticed Chu Xiang and that comic artist updating a Weibo post at the same time.

Moreover, the artist also changed her Weibo name.

[ChuHuang (V): @ZYC-Xiang is me, thank you for liking my comic story.

Attached is a cute cute picture of my idol.

I will draw more interesting comics for my idol in the future, so remember to follow.


[ZYC-Xiang (V): @ChuHuang is me.

It’s such a coincidence people found out about both of my domains.

Thank you for your attention.

I will start more new comic stories in the future.

You can check it out if you’re interested.]

Once these two Weibo posts came out, the plagiarism claim went down the drain directly.

The artist had directly posted Zhuo Yichen’s cute comic picture.

It was super cute, and super good-looking.

In addition, the fan Weibo account was previously called ChuHuang too.

It was only changed to “ZYC-Xiang” later.

Hence, these two people were actually one and the same.

It was both amusing and disconcerting to others that Chu Xiang got trended for this.

Soon someone noticed the way Chu Xiang typed in both posts.

“Remember to follow” and “check it out if you’re interested” were obvious disparities that showed her favor toward the idol series.

This was true love toward her idol!


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