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Zhuo Yichen and Xia Zhou were both going to take their college entrance examinations.

Now that the company’s affairs were settled, they planned to go back after dinner.

Zhuo Yichen also wanted to call Chu Xiang and talk to her about today’s affairs.

It was normal for Zhuo Yichen to rank in the trending searches— he had been living in the public eye for more than three years since his debut.

He was strict with himself and had no mistakes to offer.

Chu Xiang, however, was different.

Her high popularity this time had made many people curious about her.

There was another station sister who met her at the airport and they chatted happily.

That sister even posted a picture of Chu Xiang’s side profile that she had accidentally taken into her circle, complimenting her good looks.

People with good looks would attract attention wherever they went.

Chu Xiang had nourished this body with spiritual energy for a few months and her state had already reached the best in all aspects.

She could dress up and wear all kinds of beautiful clothes every time.

In fact, she was very conspicuous, which would naturally get a lot of people to notice her.

Sometimes when others got close to Chu Xiang when she was talking to someone else, they would eventually be able to figure out which station sister this was.

In the beginning, only a few people saw her photos, but they thought she was quite elegant.

She was so beautiful and temperamental, good at drawing and her level of photo editing was also top-notch.

Besides, she also practically had her idol’s protection based on the previous incident— the clear-cut epitome of a real-life Mary Sue.

There are also people who speculate whether she was a rich heiress as she always had a confident gait and didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

Posting a photo in the entertainment circle was equivalent to spreading it out to the public.

The station sister who first chatted with Chu Xiang on WeChat saw it as well.

She was none other than the station sister who supported Tong Nian.

After confirming the photo repeatedly, she sent the news inside Tong Nian’s fan club group.

[This ZYC-Xiang used to be our station sister every year.

She was the one who suddenly stopped supporting our idol altogether!]

[What Is this real Did she climb the wall and follow Zhuo Yichen Why did she do that No matter how I look at it, Niannian is a lot more handsome than Zhuo Yichen, isn’t he]

[No way She didn’t draw comics of Niannian before and I don’t think she seemed as dedicated to him as she is to Zhuo Yichen.

They’re probably not the same person.]

[It’s the same person! I have seen her dozens of times before, it’s impossible for me to not recognise her!]

Such gossip was quickly spread.

Tong Nian’s team noticed it instantly and suddenly came up with an idea to let Tong Nian use this wave of hype.

The development route of Tong Nian and Zhuo Yichen wassimilar and since Chu Xiang used to be the station sister of Tong Nian, there was a bond.

They could claim that the current Zhuo Yichen was a younger version of Tong Nian.

The gap between seniors and juniors in the idol industry could easily make passers-by feel that Tong Nian was much better than Zhuo Yichen, or rather, that he was a grown-up version of Zhuo Yichen.

With the popularity of Zhuo Yichen’s recent crazy fan circle, Tong Nian could also ride the waves of popularity through this connection.

The original owner had idolized Tong Nian for a long time.

Tong Nian’s assistant could recognise Chu Xiang’s familiar look and was able to determine that she was the one who abruptly closed off her fan page of the idol.

He didn’t know why Chu Xiang no longer idolized Tong Nian, but he admired Chu Xiang’s ability, so he tried to contact her by sending a private message with the intention to get her to show herself.

Tong Nian’s team didn’t think that Chu Xiang, a station sister, would know much inside information in the entertainment industry, let alone the fact that the person targeting Zhuo Yichen was Tong Nian, so they did it without worry.

Chu Xiang refused as she began to contact the marketing accounts(2), ready to expose Tong Nian’s dark history.

(T/N: These accounts are like news accounts that would report on scandals or gossip that occur in the entertainment industry.

Some needed connections and/or money to get them to post a certain issue, but most would do it if there was substantial evidence since it would boost the account’s popularity and credibility)

Tong Nian’s assistant couldn’t care less about whether or not Chu Xiang responded.

Anyway, the point was to describe Zhuo Yichen as Tong Nian.

He reported the incident to Tong Nian, who was a bit angry when he saw her picture..

He remembered this station sister who was beautiful, had a good figure and was in fact, someone he wanted to get close to.

Who would have thought that she always maintained a distance, never giving him any gifts nor taking any photos with him as she stood in the far corner.

Now, she had become another idol’s fan, which ruined his plans of getting to know her better.

He immediately agreed to the team’s plan as the hype was still in its peak.

This matter would have nothing to do with his direct involvement on the surface, anyways.

Now, if it was revealed that Chu Xiang was once his station sister, he would be placed onto the trending searches without lifting a finger— what’s the harm in doing that In this way, he would still successfully trample on Zhuo Yichen.

The assistant confirmed multiple times with Tong Nian if Chu Xiang had any information about him.

Otherwise, how was it possible for him to lose her as a fan Tong Nian denied it with certainty as he thought he was very careful.

If not for his attentiveness, how could he get away all these years scandal-free

The team was relieved and did as they said.

Soon, they found several photos of Chu Xiang that were accidentally taken by other people.

There were photos taken a year ago, half a year ago and also some that were photographed more recently.

It could be seen that Chu Xiang was photographing Tong Nian before, but it had recently become Zhuo Yichen.

As soon as these photos spread, the news that Chu Xiang once was Tong Nian’s station sister spread immediately.


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