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Several marketing accounts were still negotiating her share of the rewards and she directly replied that she did not need it.

Anonymous revelations were enough to make her news explode in the idol community, but didn’t Tong Nian use her identity to gain fame as well With that, she was going to fight fire with fire.

She modified the childhood black material she wrote before, adding her personal reasons for dropping fans, as well as some black spots found by the original owner when chasing the itinerary.

For example, childhood reprimanded assistants in blackface, with photos as proof.

Chu Xiang posted a long Weibo, accompanied by the last photo taken by the original owner.

In the photo, he was hugging women on both sides.

Besides, there was a date beneath the picture as well.

She also took screenshots of every public comment that Tong Nian had made of him saying that he was not close to any women and loved his fans the most.

One of them was the interview she saw on the day the original owner committed suicide.

He was flanking women both left and right before the interview as she deliberately drew the afterimage of a hand slapping his face on the screenshot.

She had done a lot of research on the art of speaking and the content of the revelations written by her was very inductive, which made the public feel that her words were credible when they read it, believing that Tong Nian was the sort of character that she depicted.

Of course, she didn’t wrong him as the claims were all true.

When the material of Chu Xiang was revealed, all of Tong Nian’s fans exploded! They swarmed to denounce her.

[Are you sick You’re not even a fan anymore and you’re trying to ruin his name by photoshopping pictures and accusing Tong Nian You’re so evil!]

[To suddenly exploit the scandals of Tong Nian at this time, it’s obvious that this person is trying to direct her attention away from the main point.

She wants Tong Nian to take the fall in order to cover up for Zhuo Yichen! Switching between idols is already a blow, but now you’re trying to use him to protect your favorite one now; how shameless!]

[Tong Nian is just minding his own business at home and this suddenly fell from the skies above.

Who doesn’t know that Tong Nian loves his fans the most and doesn’t fool around with women Even if you’re trying to make up a story, please do one realistically.

Or have you perhaps gone crazy from thinking about Zhuo Yichen too much]

[Even if Zhuo Yichen is riddled with black material, what does it have to do with our idol Netizens say that Zhuo Yichen is similar to Niannian, right What if he’s the one who is imitating Niannian Zhuo Yichen and his station sister are both so evil!]

[Hehe, isn’t this just deliberately inciting war Everyone beat her to death; let her witness the fighting power of our family! ]

Tong Nian’s fans scolded Chu Xiang frantically.

Some remarks were unsightly and they even provoked Zhuo Yichen superfluously, saying that Starrys should also scold Chu Xiang as this kind of inexplicable person was the epitome of insidiousness and cunningness.

Chu Xiang unavoidably posted another Weibo post.

[ZYC-Xiang V: That’s right, I’m instigating a war.

You all know better than anyone what sort of immoral things your family’s team have done.

If you dare to show your claws, you should be ready to have them chopped off.

No one should take me as Tong Nian’s fan to bring up past incidents because I was blind back then.

All the materials here are fidel— if any of you are unsatisfied, approach me and we’ll sort it out!]

Chu Xiang’s stubborn confrontation with Tong Nian’s fans made the incident enter a white-hot stage.

Also, many professionals proved that Chu Xiang’s photos were all real and there was no trace of modification.

The time of all the photos happened to coincide with Tong Nian’s schedule as well, giving Chu Xiang a reason as to why she had abruptly decided to stop fangirling over him and demolishing her own site.

This means that Tong Nian not only deceived his fans, but also had a very chaotic private life.

He seemed to have also flaunted his fame and misused that power, proving that his character was as low as it could get.

No matter how much his fans tried to deceive themselves, they couldn’t accept it.

This was the truth!

Due to his insistence of loving his fans and not being involved in any sort of relationship, Tong Nian had steadily built a following of female fans that made up 80% of his fans demographic.

His female fans were the first ones to start going insane, some even recording a video of themselves sobbing hysterically as they shouted that they were no longer going to stan him as an idol.

Other fans couldn’t stand Tong Nian’s malicious deception.

Not only did he lie, but to mess with two women at one go was too disgusting!

And from the Weibo post by Chu Xiang, what did it mean that the team did something immoral Did it have anything to do with the recent comparison between Tong Nian and Zhuo Yichen

Topics like idols resembling other idols were very common in the entertainment industry, so there was no way that Chu Xiang would get revved up just for that, would she Or was it due to the immorality of Tong Nian’s team that she claimed who had caused the issues that occurred before

That would be the only valid reason as to why Chu Xiang would reveal such a shocking and grand revelation about Tong Nian, tearing him and his name down to the very bits.

This made his fans disappointed as they were unable to control the overwhelming disgust for the man that they once admired.

Tong Nian now encountered an unprecedented crisis since his debut.

This revelation directly overwhelmed all the trending searches and became the most popular thing at the moment, occupying the center of the vortex.

It allowed Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen to successfully retreat to the edge of the incident, reducing their sense of existence.


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