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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 378

Zhuo Yichen said calmly, "I'm not being impulsive because I've thought about it seriously.

The timing is just right, so it won't bring trouble to Sister Chu Xiang.

I can justifiably pay attention to her and express my support for her because it can work now.

It won't work at any other point in time since there will be a lot of trouble by then, but now's the moment.

Anyways, I'll explain it clearly to the company later."

Geng Xuan thought about it carefully before he nodded in agreement and said, "You're right as well.

That's great, actually— you can always think so clearly; you deserve to be the leader.

By the way, hurry up and share Sister Xiang's WeChat account to the group.

We all want to add her," He saw Zhuo Yichen squinting and said with a smile, "What is that expression of yours No matter how you look at it, this time, we all avoided a really huge trouble, didn't we I have already regarded Sister Xiang as my own family and I am entirely convinced by her abilities.

From now on, she is truly my sister!"

After Geng Xuan finished speaking, he suddenly slapped his forehead, "No way,you're not declaring sovereignty, are you I'll say, I even wondered what you were being so sneaky for.

I see that you went ahead to follow her accounts and made her a personalized message to convey that your fan-idol duo is taken, isn't it No matter who she was a fan of before, Sister Xiang will be your fan alone in the future.

Is that what you're thinking That's way too domineering!"

Zhuo Yichen bent the corner of his mouth and did not answer him.

Instead, he muttered, "I'll ask Sister Chu Xiang before considering whether to give you her WeChat account number," He sent a photo of the card to Chu Xiang and attached a voice message, "Sister Chu Xiang, should the cover of this station be changed"

He cut out an emoji package from the little cartoon that Chu Xiang drew for him.

It was his own avatar that had the expression of looking forward to something and it was super cute.

He also sent it to Chu Xiang.

Seeing it, Chu Xiang smiled and said, "Are you giving me fan benefits Okay, I'll change it now.

By the way, did you just follow me Will you be in trouble for this"

"No, I know my limits.

Thank you, sister," Zhuo Yichen said the last three words very seriously.

Chu Xiang smiled and said, "What for Tell me directly in the future when you encounter such a thing; I've been promoted to your fans' battle leader as of today."

"Sister Chu Xiang, you just need to be a happy station sister.

Also, you can be my happy senior sister after school starts," Zhuo Yichen made a joke and mentioned to her that his teammates wanted to add her on WeChat, wanting to know if it was okay with her.

Chu Xiang had no objection and soon added Geng Xuan and the others as WeChat friends.

There, she found that they were much closer to her now to the point where they addressed her from 'Sister Chu Xiang' to 'Sister Xiang'.

Chu Xiang also asked Zhuo Yichen, "They all call me 'Sister Xiang' now, so why are you the only one calling me 'Sister Chu Xiang'"

Zhuo Yichen replied, "I feel like 'Sister Xiang' is like a way of addressing an elder sister with a big age gap.

You are obviously similar to me in age, so I still think 'Sister Chu Xiang' sounds better."

Chu Xiang found that this little boy's sweet talk made others happy quite easily.

It was no wonder that this little puppy had become this popular—how sweet!

Zhuo Yichen's attention to her and her changing the site cover to a personalized idol message were quickly noticed.

In the past, there were also celebrities who interacted with their own stations, but there were only a few of them.

Amongst idols, there was none up until now..

And a personalized message with an autograph of the idol was something that only a few stations could obtain, normally only available when the idol just debuted.

Now that Chu Xiang suddenly obtained it, didn't this mean that she now had Zhuo Yichen's protection and support!

The exquisite card read: [To ZYC-Xiang: Let's go forward together in the future.

- Zhuo Yichen]

When Tong Nian was making his move to tarnish Zhuo Yichen, several big fan sites were a little anxious and they discussed calling on Starrys to counter the criticisms.

But this kind of bond was the most disgusting— no matter how much one tried to tear it, they wouldn't be able to scrape it off completely.

They all knew in their hearts that it would not have much effect as they were very powerless.

However, Chu Xiang suddenly expanded her tricks, unbounding Tong Nian from Zhuo Yichen.

Nowadays, the Internet was talking about Tong Nian's deception towards his fans and he began to lose them on a large margin.

Starrys was still in a state of disbelief as they hadn't recovered from the fact that Chu Xiang tore down Tong Nian by herself.

Even after seeing that Zhuo Yichen paid attention to Chu Xiang and wrote a personalized message to her, none of them felt that she didn't deserve it.

Yes, everyone thought that Chu Xiang was very cool and admirable as she was simply a God of War! Zhuo Yichen also supported his own station sister, which proved that he was capable of protecting his fans— all's well ends well!

In this crisis of ups and downs, their family was actually the big winner in the end.

There was barely any time for Starrys to celebrate and scream out of joy, how could anyone be jealous Zhuo Yichen was right— now was the best time since everyone approved of his actions.

Things were like this originally as well.

There was a chance that an idol might be turned into cannon fodder by his opponents when their fans were trending.

For a station sister like Chu Xiang, it would be considered heartless if Zhuo Yichen didn't make a move.

And when her idol was in crisis, Chu Xiang exploited such a huge incident that practically destroyed his opponent.

That move was too admirable and Starrys couldn't help but love her.


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