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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 379

The events on this day were considered to have reached its peak as the people who were merely here for gossip got a little bit overwhelmed.

The situation had 'fermented' enough for things to be clear.

For the time being, all the heat had been taken up by Tong Nian.

Of course, it didn't matter if this kind of wave was given to him.

Chu Xiang and the others could rest as they no longer needed to participate in anything else.

There was a lot of uproar about Tong Nian for two days— several of his stations were shut down, the number of fans dropped sharply and the data was simply terrible.

There were also some questionable fans who were willing to stay, but either way, they merely made up a small portion.

However, they were just a bunch of loose fans who didn't have any trace of logic influencing their choice of idolizing artists.

They were like a mess of loose sand and their combat effectiveness was weak, so almost all of the Internet were criticizing Tong Nian as there were very few who were trying to stand up for him.

And after this incident ended, everyone thought about the cause and effect of the issue.

Hence, the focus shifted to Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen again.

Chu Xiang turned the tide on her own and became famous in one battle!

Although this had something to do with the material she held in her hand, those in the industry might not have been able to pull this off as cleanly as she did even if they had the same materials.

Outsiders felt that her abilities were truly amazing.

'Zhuo Yichen's station sister"' had become a well-known name.

This station sister was known to be equipped with outstanding combat effectiveness, superb writing skills and phenomenal comic drawing  ability.

Moreover, she was obviously calm and rational, very good at handling crises and was capable of protecting her idol with her strength.

Such an outstanding talent would be hard to forget.

Zhuo Yichen's three actions of sending a lawyer's letter, following her on social media and signing a personalized message also portrayed his intention to protect Chu Xiang.

It gave off a 'no one can bully my fans' vibe and was very warmly welcomed by the public.

With Tong Nian's schemes, there wasn't any time to launch a counterattack against him back then.

But now that he was in turmoil, the dark incident that once troubled Zhuo Yishen no longer held any credibility as Tong Nian was now that one who was facing his own karma.

Moreover, Chu Xiang gave up on Tong Nian and became his fan.

In this incident, he and Tong Nian were directly placed on the opposite side of the contrasts.

Chu Xiang said at the beginning that she was going to stop being a fan of Tong Nian and everyone knew that she held no nostalgia for closing the station.

But even at that time, Chu Xiang had information in her hands and it was never exposed.

She was truly an admirable character.

So now that she had become a fan of Zhuo Yichen's, she had accompanied his hectic schedules for months and kept the fans updated.

Since she had yet to declare that she was going to unstan him and even created so many interesting stories that highlighted Zhuo Yichen's strengths', wouldn't this mean that Zhuo Yichen was not a two-faced idol Thinking from that perspective, was he just really that honest

The average use of endearment in the term 'family' between idols and fans were usually taken with equal parts of truth and suspicion, though most would take it with a pinch of salt.

But this time, Chu Xiang was different.

She had Tong Nian as her comparison when she was still fangirling over him.

Nevertheless, the comics that she drew of Zhuo Yishen resembled his own person and it seemed to be his real character that she had picked up on after months of trailing his schedules.

This invisible 'trust' of the masses in her was very subtle.

Just with the guidance of words, people unconsciously tend to believe in her and Zhuo Yichen.

Many people argued that with how dedicated she was, if Zhuo Yishen was up to no good, she would have stopped stanning him long ago.

Besides, if Zhuo Yichen wasn't that good, she wouldn't draw cartoons of him with such care.

After all, she never did such things for Tong Nian before.

Chu Xiang once again brought a large wave of fans to Zhuo Yichen, which could be determined as a classic case of a fan wave in the entertainment industry.

This wave of popularity had yet to subside, but everyone remembered that Zhuo Yichen and Xia Zhou participated in the college entrance examination together and once again became the subject of everyone's attention.

Some people still remember that Zhuo Yichen was rumored to ask someone to take the test on his behalf.

The test did not allow such incidents, so netizens could see for themselves how well he did instantly.

Under the circumstance of being under so much attention, the results of the college entrance examination shocked many people.

Zhuo Yichen actually scored 628 points(4)!

(T/N: The Chinese college entrance exam is far more intense than most countries'.

Total marks is 750 and a good score is anything above 500.

Anything more than 600 is considered incredible because of how notoriously hard it is known to be and usually, a student with that grade can choose which university to go to with ease)

More than 600 points! Even though the proportion of students who studied all day would not necessarily obtain 600 points, Zhuo Yichen, a star who was always active, actually scored more than 600 points in the exam.

He immediately became the focus of this year's college entrance examination.


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