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Zhuo Yichen’s concert has finally arrived amidst the expectations of thousands of fans! This year, he first retreated for three months to prepare for the exam, then he participated in some activities in the summer vacation and often filmed dramas in the crew.

Later, he went to military training, went to school, and then joined a crew to film a movie, and he was in retreat again.

The fans felt as if they hadn’t seen him for half a year, rendering the concert tickets to be sold out in seconds.

Zhuo Yichen had 30 thousand spectators for this concert.

He reserved the first row of infield tickets for his family and Chu Xiang in advance.

The three brothers didn’t come, because every time Duweis saw their combination, it would trigger a large-scale scolding war, the exposure of all kinds of fake scandalous materials of each other, and causing a mess of things.

This has a bad impact on society and also damages their image and popularity.

Hence, they simply did not participate in each other’s concerts.

They only called Zhuo Yichen to wish his concert a success.

Chu Xiang sat in the center of the firt row with her camera set up early on.

She held a long lens loaded camera and adjusted the focus on the stage.

The couple next to her sized her up for a few moments and exchanged whispers, then the middle-aged woman next to her asked her quietly, “Hello, are you ZYC-Xiang”

Chu Xiang was wearing a mask and a bucket hat.

Her hair was hanging down on her shoulders with only a bit of her face exposed, so she thought no one would notice her.

To her surprise, the people around her still recognized her at close range.

She smiled at the woman who also wore a mask, “I am.

Shh, don’t let anyone know.

We have to keep a low profile.”

She noticed that the woman did not seem to have any support items in her hand, so she quickly took out a glow stick from her bag and gave it to her.

“This is for you.

Little Brother Chen is especially great.

We fans should let him see a sea of light off stage.”

The woman took the glow stick, inched closer to her and smiled, “I’m Chenchen’s mother.

He often talks to me about you, and I finally met you today.

Thank you, you’ve helped him a lot.”

Chu Xiang’s eyes widened slightly in surprise.

“Really You look so young.

I thought you were a Big Sister fan like me!”


Zhou laughed pleasantly.

“You are such a sweet talker.

I am 45 years old.

This is Chenchen’s younger brother, Yiyang, next to me, and that’s Chenchen’s father over there, so don’t let anyone know.”

Chu Xiang nodded.

She stretched her head and greeted the younger brother, Zhuo Yiyang and Mr.

Zhou, and gave them two more glow sticks.

These were all aids sent by other fanclubs outside.

She still has more left in her bag.

They probably thought she had not brought some when entering the venue a long time in advance.


Zhou asked her, “How are Chenchen’s meals on the set Every time I ask him, he says he’s fine.

He’s always been reporting good news since he was a kid.

I think he’s lost weight.”

Chu Xiang smiled and replied, “Yes, he has lost weight.

The Director asked for it.

The recent scenes require him to look miserable.

Auntie, don’t worry, he will be fine after filming this period.

I have watched him eat nutritious meals every day.

Moreover, he is so young, his body will be fine.”

“Thank you so much!” Mrs.

Zhou took Chu Xiang’s hand eagerly.

“I really thank you for taking care of Chenchen.

He told me that he’s under a lot of pressure filming this movie, but having you on the set made him especially happy.

He feels at ease seeing you, and every day was fun.

It’s the first time I’ve seen him so dependent on someone.

Eight times out of ten phone calls, he will mention you.

You might not know me, but I’ve known you for a long time.”

Chu Xiang was a little surprised.

“He would still mention me In fact, I did not do anything.

He’s excellent, making people want to treat him nicely when they see him.”

“You’ve done a lot.

I can’t help him with anything even if I wanted to, and can’t do anything about his haters, so I’m very grateful to you.

Oh, by the way, our family all saw the little cartoon you drew for Chenchen.

It’s good that you drew such a lively Chenchen.

Now that he has matured, I haven’t seen his lively appearance for several years.

I feel that your comics help me retain his youth and liveliness, which is far from being comparable to photos and videos.”

“I saved all your little comics and printed them as a collection, thank you.

And we also read your serialized comic stories, which are very funny and better than the comedies on TV.

I heard that you are only three years older than Chenchen, no You’re amazing!”

Chu Xiang didn’t expect Zhuo Yichen’s family to be so warm and close to her.

It seemed that Zhuo Yichen really often mentioned her to his family.

With the recognition of her idol’s family, she was now a real star-chasing winner.

Chu Xiang’s conduct in getting along with people has always been her strong point.

She and Mrs.

Zhou exchanged jokes a few times, making Mrs.

Zhou laugh.

If the concert had not started, they could have kept talking.

The drums sounded; Zhuo Yichen jumped out from the lift, and screams instantly erupted off the stage.

Immediately after that sounded intense music and Zhuo Yichen’s super hot song and dance opening.

Chu Xiang immediately carried her camera and took a rapid series of photos of Zhuo Yichen.


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