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Zhou smiled at this, waved the glow stick in her hand and looked at her son on stage with pride and relief.

This child has always been sensible since childhood, and didn’t worry his parents about anything.

She gave birth to her youngest son when Zhuo Yichen was three years old, and always neglected him when she was busy.

But Zhuo Yichen grew up exceptionally well, making her proud from the bottom of her heart.

The only thing that worried her before was that his son was too eager to excel.

Despite being the youngest, he became the most mature captain.

Although he had a good relationship with his teammates, he had to take care of them and could not rely on them.

He refused to admit defeat in anything he did.

Something too rigid could easily snap.

Someone with such a character might not be able to feel happy.

Instead, the high-pressure and busy work as well as endless voices from the outside world that devalued him would easily make him tired and unhappy.

The future was still long.

How could he go on like this

But all of a sudden, Chu Xiang appeared.

She keenly felt that her son was a lot happier in the past six months.

She didn’t really understand, but after reading the little cartoons that Chu Xiang drew, she found that she really understood her son.

To top it all off, her brushstrokes vividly showed Zhuo Yichen’s best qualities in the cartoons.

The popularity of those cartoons wasn’t fake, and the rivals Chu Xiang eliminated for Zhuo Yichen weren’t fake either, not to mention that she also helped him with his make-up lessons, improved his acting skills, and also cared for him on set, keeping a close eye on his diet.

The company’s main business is to provide a reliable guardian, and the mother of the company feels that she would feel at ease if it were her.

With such a reliable guardian at his side, Mrs.

Zhou felt that she could feel at ease.

The same as when she gradually learned about Chu Xiang from her son’s mouth in the past few months, when she saw her again today, she was inexplicably relieved about her son’s life in the crew.

She saw the bright light in Chu Xiang’s eyes, saw her looking intently at Zhuo Yichen on the stage, and truly felt at peace.

With her in the crew, her son would be fine.

Chu Xiang sent a message to the WeChat group while Zhuo Yichen was changing clothes in the middle of the concert.

In addition to her, there were five other people in this WeChat group, all of whom were professional photographers she hired.

She bought six professional cameras, one in front of her, and the remaining five were taken by them to film Zhuo Yichen’s concert from different angles on the venue.

The positions were all exchanged by her with other fans with great difficulty.

When Geng Xuan and the others held their concerts before, she watched the live broadcast and found that the effect was very bad.

The camera always scanned the panorama, and the close-up shots of the stars on the stage were few.

In addition, the live broadcast was clearly Bluray HD, but the texture of the images looked average, plus the switching of the lens was mediocre.

The viewing impression could be described as poor.

This might be because their company didn’t invest enough, or the team they found was not professional enough.

Anyway, Chu Xiang decided to shoot the first solo concert in Zhuo Yichen’s life.

She arranged six seats, and afterwards she would personally edit and record this meaningful concert.

Zhuo Yichen sang a total of 30 songs in this concert.

His voice has indeed changed, becoming the kind of charming that could make the ears get pregnant! His ability to sing with empathy was also superb, making it easy to capture people into his singing to be happy or sad with him.

Compared with his singing that Chu Xiang heard at the Spring Festival Gala the first time, his singing skills have strengthened a lot.

At that time, he still made small mistakes, but now not only did he have zero mistakes in the whole game, his stage presence was also more stable.

He was able to move around the stage with ease, and every movement between his hands and feet fully exhibited his charm.

He danced two powerful and hot dances, and his dance moves were spot on and precise.

His cool expressions set the whole stadium on fire; fans kept screaming and shouting, and his name filled every corner of the field.

He played the piano and sang love songs, played the guitar and sang rock, and even performed a section of the drum set.

He looked like a gentle piano prince one moment, a hot-blooded rock singer in a blink, and a cool drummer the next time.

He was really charming on stage.

It was all the result of his hard practice all this time, which gave his fans a big surprise!

This night, all the Xingchens present and watching the live stream in front of the screen realized that the idol they hadn’t seen in a while had gotten even better! It turned out that he was really working hard in seclusion, and he diligently focused on exerting himself.

With such a transcript, what could they not be satisfied with!

Zhuo Yichen’s concert was a blast.

His performance was so top-notch that he was on the hot search before it was over.

By the time the fans had dispersed, he was already number one on the hot search!

When Mrs.

Zhou wanted to go backstage, she pulled Chu Xiang with her, saying she wanted to exchange WeChat numbers with Chu Xiang.

She also asked her to send her the photos she had just taken.

She knew that Chu Xiang had a lot of photos of her son looking at the camera that had not been published, and she wanted them too.


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