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Chu Xiang followed the family with her telecamera and camera, and saw Zhuo Yichen leaning back on a chair with his eyes closed.

When the staff saw Zhuo Yichen’s family coming over, they voluntarily dispersed and went about their business.


Zhou stepped forward and said, “Are you all right, Chenchen”

Zhuo Yichen opened his eyes.

His eyes were red and were still moist.

He smilingly replied, “Hmm I’m fine.”

Chu Xiang took several pictures before she spoke, “Are you touched Don’t be reluctant to part with them.

In the future, you can hold one, two or three concerts every year.

The Xingchens who like you will always be there, and will accompany you forever.

Each concert will give you a beautiful sea of stars.”

“Sister Chu Xiang.” Zhuo Yichen saw her and stood up.

When he spotted the camera beside her, he could not help but laugh.

“What are you doing We have photographers.

How can you carry such a heavy thing”

While speaking, he stepped forward and took the camera in her hand, looking down at the pictures she took of him.

Each one was super nice and handsome, making the corner of his lips unconsciously curved up.

Chu Xiang patted the high-end camera on her side, smiled and said, “I can’t trust your photographers, so why not film it myself I have arranged six camera positions to record you.

I’ll show you the result after I edit it.

Don’t worry, I won’t leak the film out.”

“Then I should be the first to see it after you edit it.” The tears in Zhuo Yichen’s eyes were gone.

He smiled and welcomed them to sit on the sofa next to him.

When Mrs.

Zhou saw that Chu Xiang had dispelled Zhuo Yichen’s sadness with a few words, she understood why she was so special to her son.

She pulled Chu Xiang to take a seat, took out her phone and smiled, “Come on, Xiangxiang, let’s add each other on WeChat.

Do you mind if I call you that”

“Of course not.” Chu Xiang exchanged accounts with Mrs.

Zhou and became friends.

She also exchanged phone numbers, smiled and said, “I’ll send you a few nice photos when I get back.

I’ll store the rest in a mobile hard drive and courier them to you, what do you think”

“What express delivery when we’re all from the capital Let’s have dinner out someday, and you can give it to me then.

I can’t go to many of Chenchen’s activities, so it’s better to treasure his photos.

I’ll make more photo albums later, so that I can look through them when I’m free.

Chu Xiang nodded and responded, “Okay, then I’ll help you with the album design.”

Zhuo Yichen was surprised.

“Mom, you’re not even familiar with each other, you know”

“Why What’s the big deal The two of us sat together just now and chatted for a long time, plus you’ve been talking to me about Xiangxiang all day, so I’m already familiar with her.”

Zhuo Yichen quickly glanced at Chu Xiang, feeling a little embarrassed, and urged, “Mom and Dad, get home quickly.

Yangyang still has to get up early for school tomorrow.”


Zhou looked at the time, and it was indeed very late.

She got up and said, “Okay, we’ll be leaving first.

Get things done here and also go back for an early rest.

You must have been exhausted during this period.

Come home when you have time, and I will make soup for you to make up for it.”

She waited for Zhuo Yichen to agree, and then asked Chu Xiang, “Xiangxiang, how are you going back Shall we drive you”

Zhuo Yichen immediately interrupted, “I’ll just send Sister Chu Xiang back.

You guys go straight home.”

“Oh, okay, then we’re leaving.

Xiangxiang, let’s set a date some other time.”

“Okay, goodbye Uncle and Aunt, goodbye Little Brother Yiyang.” Chu Xiang stood in place and waved at them with a smile.

She and Zhuo Yichen could not send them outside for fear of being seen, so they could only let the staff take them out of the stadium.

Zhuo Yichen helped Chu Xiang to load the telecamera and camera and said, “Let me go and take off my makeup as well as change clothes.

Sister Chu Xiang, please wait for me.”

Chu Xiang nodded.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Zhuo Yichen smiled and quickly stepped into the changing room.

Zhuo Yichen quickly removed his makeup, washed his hair and blow-dried it, and put on a simple black down jacket.

Compared to his handsomeness on stage, this fresh look was actually more in line with his 18-years-old age, even the collagen on his face was overflowing with youthfulness.

“Sister Chu Xiang, let’s go.” Zhuo Yichen borrowed a car from the staff, put on glasses and a mask, and then wore his down jacket hood, just like a passerby who was afraid of the cold in winter.

He wasn’t eye-catching at all.

However, even if he was covered up tightly, he could not get off the car to help Chu Xiang carry her stuff downstairs.

He could only say with regret, “Sister Chu Xiang, I can’t show up.

How about carrying them on two trips.

They’re too heavy.”

Chu Xiang smiled and said: “How could they be heavy I work out every day, and I have a lot of strength.

Come on, go back quickly and drive carefully.

Don’t review your performance tonight.

You must have been exhausted during this time, so have a good night’s sleep.

I’ll be below.

I’ll watch it very seriously and guarantee you’re superb throughout the concert, without any problem.

Don’t worry.”

Zhuo Yichen’s eyes bent with his smile.


You also rest early, Don’t edit with the time so late.


“Ok!” Chu Xiang gave him an OK gesture, waved her hand and ran into the building.


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