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Zhuo Yichen looked at her relaxed pace and the heavy equipment in her hand, and had to admit that these things might not really be heavy to her.

What exactly was Chu Xiang not good at He shook his head and smiled.

He waited for the lights in Chu Xiang’s house to turn on before driving away.

With such an almighty fan, it was really hard for him not to work hard.

After the concert was over, Zhuo Yichen continued to film with the crew.

Sometimes, if he could spare a day or two of scenes without him, he would go back to school to attend classes.

He borrowed notes from his classmates, asked his teachers questions he didn’t understand, and asked them to recommend some professional books, etc.

His serious attitude towards learning made the teachers like him very much, and their impressions of him have also changed greatly.

With a student eager to learn, the teachers couldn’t be anymore willing to give pointers, so Zhuo Yichen always read some professional books or read some case studies when he had spare time in the crew.

He really wanted to learn the directing profession well.

In the past, he spent all his spare time from filming practicing to holding his concert, and he had no time to learn professional knowledge at all.

So when the concert was over, he stopped taking other jobs and focused on both filming and binging on professional knowledge.

He completely immersed his heart and soul into only this field of study and freed himself from outside interference.

Chu Xiang was not idle either.

The pictures taken by her six cameras were first-rate.

Despite the lack of a live camera jib or telecamera, the video quality was superb.

She carefully edited the whole concert, and each frame was elaborately crafted, fully demonstrating the infinite charm of Zhuo Yichen from different angles.

Some people were really born to shine on the stage.

Zhuo Yichen successfully reached his current popularity, not only because he was hard working enough, but also because he was highly talented.

Be it singing, dancing or acting, he performed excellently.

After learning from his teachers, he made rapid progress.

She first posted three nine-grids on Weibo.

It was a total of 27 photos of Zhuo Yichen, all of which were ultra-HD recent photos, a visual feast, which fully reflected Zhuo Yichen’s handsomeness.

She also marked the big brand sponsors of each outfit and launched a wave of advertisements.

Then she cut a two-minute micro film, like a trailer, editing all of Zhuo Yichen’s superb charming moments, recommending everyone to watch the full playback of Zhuo Yichen’s concert.

This replay was a paid product on a video broadcasting platform, which was a cooperation between Zhuo Yichen’s company and the broadcasting platform.

This was why Chu Xiang said she would not leak the film out.

Some fans put their own clips of things to Bilibili, and even use professional cameras to shoot concerts and release the whole performance.

They claimed they loved their idols and shared their captures in the name of letting more fans watch it, but it was also to promote their idols.

In this manner, more people could see the charm of their idols and like them.

However, this was a kind of infringement, just like those who read pirated books.

They expressed how much they liked the author, yet they shared the documents everywhere.

This kind of liking fundamentally infringed upon the rights and interests of others, and would also cause losses in interests.

There were countless fans who didn’t vote on ranking lists, buy idol endorsed products, go to the cinema to support an idol’s box office, or even buy songs, so they could only find resources to download without subscribing as VIP.

This kind of fans who only did lip service about liking their idols and quarreled with people everywhere wasn’t helping their idols, but would only ruin the popularity.

They were also the ones who would unfollow an idol at the first encounter of scandalous materials, which made them worse than pure passersby.

So Chu Xiang edited a wonderful, catchy two-minute trailer, and also sent out so many glamorous photos of Zhuo Yichen on stage at the same time, just to better and more correctly enrich Zhuo Yichen.

It was to let people know that his concert was unmistakably explosive, that he was handsome and attractive, and to watch the genuine original film, she attached the link to the broadcast platform in her Weibo account.

That way, people who wanted to watch and support the genuine version would naturally click in to watch it.

She was now a big fan among the Xingchens.

Many of them followed her, and upon seeing her post, they would forward it.

Even if people didn’t follow her idol, when seeing such an attractive Zhuo Yichen, they would also follow suit and share it.

With rising shares, more people would naturally watch it.

So even if only 1% of people were to watch the original, the overall number of people who deigned to watch it has increased a lot.

Even if only 1% of people bought the brand sponsor’s clothes, the brand’s overall sales drastically surged.

These data and revenues would eventually become Zhuo Yichen’s solid showbiz performance records.

It was only when his achievements in the circle improved day by day could investors attach more and more importance to him.

When his resources and earnings grew better, his development would advance in turn.

She also did not forget to draw the latest micro cartoon short story.

The drawing was of Zhuo Yichen filming with all his best and using all his free time, sweating like rain for the concert rehearsals.

Finally, there was his glowing stage performance, presenting a superb concert after much waiting.

This short story was very sensational.

Many people had a view of Zhuo Yichen’s hard work and efforts behind the scenes.

He has no leisure time at all, only through such efforts could he succeed.


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