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The Xingchens were distressed for Zhuo Yichen.

The voices complaining about him being on retreat and not showing up became much less, and true love fans only loved him more for this reason.

All they hoped was for him to have more rest and leisure.

It was impossible for them to resent him for not making public appearances.

As for those fans who only wanted to watch their idols appear every day and didn’t care about him, nobody paid them any attention.

They could switch to another fanclub and unfollow if they wished.

The immediate effect of the series of ads that Chu Xiang published might not be visible, but just like her micro comic story, people would have a better impression of Zhuo Yichen if they understood his excellence and hard work more and more.

It was common for people to turn into fans.

This was the best advertisement.

After Chu Xiang edited the whole concert video, she first sent it to Zhuo Yichen to watch.

Zhuo Yichen was amazed after watching it.

He immediately called Chu Xiang and said incredulously, “Sister Chu Xiang, it’s my first time watching a film you edited, but this end product is too flawless.

It’s much better than the version the company showed me!”

Chu Xiang replied regretfully, “Unfortunately, we haven’t set up more cameras in the stadium.

There was no overall view or a jib, so we only used the part your company edited.

There are a few places where the color quality was a little worse, but I tried my best.”

Zhuo Yichen said, “This is good enough.

I watched it all and think my concert is superb.

Many micro expressions have been cut in.

You’re really worthy of being Professor Lin’s hand picked assistant.

You are top-notch!

Chu Xiang laughed: “You are now also quite proficient at flattering.

If you say a word more, this fan will gladly bask in it.”

“I’m telling the truth.

I’m very honest.” Zhuo Yichen laughed out loud.

The more he looked at the film, the more he liked it.

He then asked with a smile, “Can I get the company to buy this This version is so much better.

I want everyone to see this version.”

“What do you mean by buy This is for you.

It was your first time holding a concert, so keep a wonderful souvenir.

You will have dozens or hundreds of concerts in the future, and I will edit them for you every time… ”

Listening to her somewhat sweet voice over the phone, Zhuo Yichen’s gaze softened, and he revealed a smile.

This was a promise, right In the future, she would be at every one of his concerts, always.

After Zhuo Yichen communicated with the company, the full playback of the broadcast platform was changed to Chu Xiang’s version.

Viewers who have already paid didn’t need to buy again.

They could watch it directly.

Newcomers could just buy and watch it normally.

Nothing was affected, except it was changed to a better product.

A good number of Xingchens noticed it immediately and ran around excitedly.

They felt that the two-minute clip Chu Xiang posted before was of superb picture quality, and kept leaving messages under her Weibo account, begging her to post more clips.

But Chu Xiang directly refused and told everyone to pay attention to the copyright.

They thought they could not see the high quality film, but who would have thought that the official version actually changed! It was fantastic!

The platform views once again rose, and this time Chu Xiang’s serial idol ads were once again on the hot search.

Some marketing accounts analyzed her step by step moves and praised her for really knowing how to promote an idol, how to attract traffic, and how to drive fans.

There were also professional trolls who suspected that her account was actually a team in operation, dedicated to making Zhuo Yichen famous.

But prior to Chu Xiang becoming famous in the first world war, she was also a person with a clean history and identity.

Few people believed that a team was involved.

In any case, Zhuo Yichen’s was known to everyone, whether they were interested in seeing it or not, everyone knew that Zhuo Yichen had a concert, and it was a very successful and exciting one.

This year, the SJ Boys held a total of four solo concerts.

With the same team, comparing them to each other was inevitable.

The Duweis of his three teammates also tried every means to slander Zhuo Yichen when he was trending.

They all claimed that their own idols sang and danced best, and their own idol’s concerts were even better.

However, people all have eyes to see.

Zhuo Yichen’s concert was the sure winner in singing and dancing, stage manners, sponsors and the films edited by Chu Xiang.

Even the platform’s broadcast views and sponsor sales have won with sensational data.

Although the four of them have a good relationship and never compared in matters like these, in the eyes of the outside world, this was really the first time they had discovered the gap between Zhuo Yichen and his teammates.

In the past, some people ridiculed him because of his status as captain and the C position, saying that he would gain an advantage.

But after this time, in addition to his teammates’ Duweis, everyone thought that he would develop better and have higher commercial value in the group.

After the heat dropped a little, Xingchens finally put their attention on Chu Xiang.

Someone suddenly noticed, wasn’t the new film that was replaced on the live platform the same as the two-minute clip that Chu Xiang edited The shots in it all overlap.

What did this mean Could it be that Chu Xiang was really recruited into Zhuo Yichen’s company team Or did the team give Chu Xiang the clip to post If the team paid Chu Xiang to post these things on her Weibo account, that would make people uncomfortable.

They liked this Weibo account all because Chu Xiang was a wild admin sister.

Her idol promotions were from the heart.

If it was the company team who was managing the account, then what was the difference with their official website Besides, this gave a feeling that Zhuo Yichen was bent ont material gains.

Just as this suspicion arose, a film school student revealed an intel, saying that Chu Xiang was an editing professional senior student.

Even Professor Lin appreciated her!

The Duweis of the three teammates came in droves, as if they had seen the evidence and knew the truth.

They directly said that Chu Xiang was a professional editor.

Of course, she would also be a film editor in the future.

Then, the film must be a cooperation with Zhuo Yichen’s company.

What fan What promotion It was obviously an exchange of interests


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