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Bashers’ comments were too harsh, and they couldn’t be reasoned with.

Without looking at the facts and taking things out of context, they compiled brainwashing packs and sent them all at once, like brain-dead patients.

However, for some reason, some Xingchens who seemingly lost a part of their IQ, also believed them and even went to Chu Xiang’s Weibo to ask questions.

Famous fans rallied everyone to control the comments.

They were livid.

Knowing that Chu Xiang has done so much for Zhuo Yichen, they actually came to quarrel in their owl fanclub after a few words of provocation.

It was unreasonable to question Chu Xiang and suspect Zhuo Yichen without any evidence.

But there was no way out.

The so-called ‘Stench of fan circles’  might have stemmed from these brain-dead people who were into fighting.

Some fans were even passersby-fans, who had never done anything for Zhou Yichen.

At this time, they just appeared to make irresponsible remarks and argued endlessly.

There were many such people.

Now that even Zhou Yichen’s image was smeared, countless Xingchens were angry.

Chu Xiang attended a group discussion with Professor Lin in the school, and her mobile phone was always off.

It was only after the meeting that she learned about it.

It was no surprise that her identity was exposed.

After all, her photo was published early on, so everyone who saw her in the school knew that she was a fan site admin sister

Her Weibo account was getting more and more famous, and coupled with the fact that Professor Lin valued her, she attracted much attention in school.

Naturally, some people liked gossip and revealed her identity, some people naturally liked gossip and revealed her identity.

She saw that Zhuo Yichen had sent her many messages, and before she could read them, Zhuo Yichen’s phone call came through.

“Sister Chu Xiang Are you all right I’ve made everything clear to the company.” Zhuo Yichen’s voice sounded worried.

Chu Xiang laughed: “I’m fine.

It’s just a group of people who don’t know what they are talking about.

What can they do to me I never care about these things.”

She clicked on Zhuo Yichen’s company’s official website and saw that the website stated she alone had edited the film and sent it to the company’s email address.

Afterward, the company thought it was a good idea to use this version.

Chu Xiang refused the company’s fee, and it was a completely free gift.

Feeling grateful to Chu Xiang, and also sorry for the trouble she was through, they said they would add the script ‘The Film is from Chu Xiang’ at the end credits.

This statement was very clear, and it was a wonder whether the bunch believed it or not.

Nevertheless, whether they believed it or not, they easily doubted the character of their own idol, and were not as good as the early batch of combat fans against Tong Nian.

At least then, they needed real evidence to believe something.

Zhuo Yichen was still worried.

“If you’re fine, why was your phone off, ah I thought … Are you really okay”

“Of course, it’s true.

I went to a meeting with Teacher, and just came out of it.

Also, you underestimate this Big Sister too much.

Didn’t you care about those bashers online I don’t care about the opinions of others because it’s none of my business.”

“I’m a celebrity, so I’m used to it, but you’re a behind-the-scenes worker.

You shouldn’t be scolded like that.”

Chu Xiang laughed: “You think too much.

I am the number one war goddess among the Xingchens.

This small commotion is nothing, you know”

Zhuo Yichen perceived from her laughter that she really didn’t care at all, so he heaved a sigh of relief.

He replied with a smile, “To compensate you, I decided to exchange all the clothes that the sponsor wanted to send me into women’s clothes for you.

You can send me your size later, and I’ll ask Xiao Dong to deliver them to you.”

“All right.

Be at ease filming, everything is fine,” Chu Xiang accepted openly.

She knew it would make Zhuo Yichen happy.

Zhuo Yichen took her film for nothing before, and repeatedly implicated her in hot search.

It was hard not to care.

Now that he could finally give her some presents, he was really happy.

He counted his endorsements and found that there were 18 in total.

In the future, there would still be many gifts for Chu Xiang.

Although fans didn’t ask for returns from their idols, he still hoped to return something.

He called Xiao Dong, asked the sponsor for a women’s clothing brochure, and personally selected clothes styles for Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang took another look at the situation on the Internet and sighed.

Her current traffic was considered quite high.

Such a thing has actually spread again.

She felt as if her identity would be exposed every time she went on hot search, but she didn’t care about this kind of thing, so she directly sent a Weibo post.

[ZYC-Xiang: This is Yichen’s first solo concert in life.

As a true love fan, I certainly want to record the whole process.

There were six cameras on the scene, and I edited the film and gave it to Yichen as a congratulatory gift.

It’s a great honor that the film was acknowledged by Yichen’s company, so my film version was used for everyone to appreciate.

In fact, if you have captured the wonderful moments of Yichen and edited an eye-catching MV or small video, you can also send it to Yichen’s company email.

Maybe yours will be used next time and you can earn royalties.

It is everyone’s responsibility to support genuine versions.]

Chu Xiang attached the company email address and a link to the concert replay at the end of her post.

Chu Xiang’s post and the company’s statement were put together, and the truth came to light.

Chu Xiang has always been Zhuo Yichen’s true love fan.

There was no doubt that she reserved six seats to shoot on the spot, and she edited such a great film without receiving a cent.

She gave it to Zhuo Yichen as a free gift, which was very consistent with her past operation style.

Furthermore, Chu Xiang’s suggestion was too heartwarming.

A lot of Xingchens would also edit short clips, and some were also excellent.

If sent to the company mailbox, Xingchens would definitely feel satisfied even if just a segment was used, ah!

The phrase ‘support the genuine, everyone is responsible’ once again conveyed the concept of copyright, at least so that fans who have the ability to buy but did not pay attention to copyright in the past decided to support the original.

The parties involved clarified things in a reasonable and fair manner, leaving the bashers little strength to hop around.

The matter was then resolved, but everyone found Chu Xiang’s real identity more interesting.

How powerful was this excellent senior editing student to be taken by Professor Lin, a well-known Editing Master in China Moreover, the concert version edited by Chu Xiang was much better than the previous version.

It allowed everyone to see the magical ability of the editor most intuitively, and this added another item of admiration for Chu Xiang.

Honestly, wasn’t such an outstanding woman an ideal Mary Sue


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