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Not long after the concert ended, the winter vacation came.

Zhuo Yichen didn’t have to go to school, so he had more time.

He was filming with the crew all day, and only occasionally went home to see his family.

Chu Xiang also went shopping with Mrs.

Zhou a few times, gave her all the photos she had taken, and also helped with the graphic design of Zhuo Yichen’s photo album.

They got so close, giving off the impression that they had known each other for a long time.

Zhuo Yichen got acquainted with everyone in the crew, and Director Chen liked him a lot.

When watching him learn about directing expertise in his free time, he also would give him a few pointers.

Then it developed into Zhuo Yichen sitting behind the director in his free time to follow the shooting progress and learn from him.

In this way, Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen were basically sitting together, often joking and laughing, and openly ‘got acquainted’.

His address to Chu Xiang also changed from ‘Sister Chu Xiang’ to ‘Chu Xiang’.

After all, with so many people around, it would be strange to call her Sister Chu Xiang.

On the set, Zhuo Yichen obviously became a lot more cheerful when he could be with his good friend.

From time to time, he would crack a joke to make everyone laugh.

He would also tease and play tricks with his male co-stars, showing his youthful vitality at the age of 18.

Motivated young people with good character and personality were well-liked everywhere.

Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang became rather popular in the crew, and even Director Chen and Professor Lin took special care of the two of them and taught them a lot without knowing it.


Once, when Professor Lin asked Chu Xiang to analyze a shooting clip, Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen watched closely in front of the screen for a long time.

Chu Xiang commented, “I don’t think this shot is suitable.

You can zoom the lens a little further or change the angle, because the female protagonist’s mouth position is too obvious.

If you dub it later, you may immediately see that the mouth position is not correct.

You might also need to pay special attention to this problem when shooting later.

For example, she said here, “You left without saying goodbye.

Have you thought about my feelings I’ve been looking for you for three months… every day, in the streets and alleys… during the day, in my dreams, yet in the end you left me for such a ridiculous reason ”

Chu Xiang read these lines according to the rhythm and emotion that the heroine should have.

She even ended it with a choked sob, which completely coincided with the expression of the heroine in the clip, and then returned to her normal voice and continued, “This scene is a bit lengthy, and from this angle, it is easy to miss the mouth positioning.”

The problem stemmed from the female lead’s poor Mandarin, so they could only resort to dubbing at the later stage.

Occasionally, the mouth positioning of some words were different from that of Mandarin, and this was too glaring during post production.

Professor Lin nodded with satisfaction, “That’s right.

You’ve observed meticulously.”

Director Chen, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes in surprise and asked, “Xiao Chu…have you practiced the actors’ lines”

Chu Xiang was stunned for a second.

She had won the Occa Award as an actress in her previous life and was all too familiar with filming such lines.

When she was just pointing out a problem, she unconsciously read out the lines.

The original owner really couldn’t.

Hence, she could only force a smile and say, “Yes, I used to like acting very much.

I studied it for a long time.

Later, I thought that editing was amazing and so I enrolled in this major.”

Professor Lin was also quite surprised.

“You still have this talent.

Eh, Lao Chen, why don’t you let Xiao Chu try it and do the dubbing”

Director Chen also had this intention.

“Xiao Chu, what do you think”

Chu Xiang said with a smile: “If Director Chen likes it, of course, I am honored.”

Director Chen asked Chu Xiang to read two more lines, and while joking, he gave her the task of dubbing the heroine.

Zhuo Yichen has been watching Chu Xiang from the side, feeling that she seems to be shining.

He found another advantage in her, and he even started to admire her.

How could he be her idol She was more like his idol!

This movie was a male protagonist dominated film.

It mainly played the story of the male protagonist from being the young master of an influential aristocratic family to a destitute sorry figure, and then struggling to become a warlord.

Among them, the heroine’s role wasn’t of much importance, but she ran through the whole film, appeared at every critical moment in the male lead’s life, and had an intense sadomasochistic love story with the male lead.

Now, although Chu Xiang did not take part in the filming, she matched every word and every voice of the female lead.

When she practiced editing, she integrated her own voice into the film, which made it perfect.

Zhuo Yichen sometimes watched nearby.

Just listening to it made it sound like he and Chu Xiang were in an intense sadomasochistic affair.

His ears burned whenever he listened, and something also unconsciously sprouted in his heart.

It was just that he hasn’t discovered it yet.

Zhuo Yichen once lost ten pounds during filming.

He was originally a thin teenager, and this weight loss and miserable makeup made him flawlessly scrawny and destitute.

If there were Xingchens who saw his current state, they probably wouldn’t recognize him.


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