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Zhuo Yichen wasn’t burdened by his idol image at all.

He rolled in the mud and stuffed rice into his mouth without any ambiguity, which made Director Chen very satisfied.

This also won the appreciation of the entire crew.

During the filming period, Zhuo Yichen only appeared at the Spring Festival Gala and New Year’s Eve Party, performing on stage with his three brothers.

The rest of the time was spent in seclusion on the set, filming for three months until the film was completed.

Afterward, he quickly regained his normal weight and went for endorsement activities and shot commercials.

When fans saw him, they found that after his weight loss and recovery, he was a little different from his previous image.

Meaning, he was completely grown up, and that little bit of baby fat was gone.

Instead, he appeared more handsome and tough.

In a nutshell, he was more handsome, more charming and more manly!

But before the fans could celebrate, Zhuo Yichen went back to school to finish his classes.

It didn’t take only a few classes to learn professional knowledge.

You must sink your teeth into it and master it well.

Last semester, Zhuo Yichen was filming and holding concerts, and his final exam scores all flew at low altitude.

When his transcript was released, many bashers online mocked him.

He didn’t feel embarrassed, but this served as a wake-up call to him.

This semester he planned to spend most of his time studying and put off numerous high-quality resources to focus on his classes.

A small number of Xingchens have gone off the grid, saying they hadn’t seen anyone for months.

With their idol all but disappeared, they had no strength to follow him.

The company was a bit anxious.

Zhuo Yichen was so popular that he ranked top in their portfolio.

In the entertainment industry, he has already belonged to the top tier.

It was the perfect time to make a fortune through traffic, but Zhuo Yichen has gone on a retreat.

This was a waste of traffic!

But Zhuo Yichen noticed that Xia Zhou also had no time to improve his acting skills because of his busy work, so he resolutely resisted the company’s decision and insisted on spending more time in school.

The company talked to Zhuo Yichen no less than ten times, but in the end, there were all in vain.

They simply intercepted the resources he pushed away and distributed them to the other three.

There were less than two years left on the contract between the company and their group, and naturally they wanted to make more money.

 Geng Xuan and the others all called Zhuo Yichen to discuss this matter, and Zhuo Yichen’s advice to them was to improve themselves more with every opportunity they had.

As for the company giving them his resources, he didn’t think it mattered.

He has already rejected them.

Of course, it would be the best if they could scale new heights.

They were his good brothers.

Because of the company’s decision, Geng Xuan and the other two each appeared on a popular variety show, and also took on dramas.

Geng Xuan and Xiao Ran were about to take the college entrance examination, so they had less time.

The company also asked Xia Zhou, who was already a college student, to hold a concert.

The exposure of the three had increased substantially, and all of them performed well, amassing a lot of fans.

The company also bought press releases and hot searches to boost their popularity, and left Zhuo Yichen, who was disobedient, up in the air.

Such a contrast made it increasingly obvious that Zhuo Yichen, the captain, was silent.

Fans and Duweis from those three brothers and other fandoms often ridiculed Zhuo Yichen, saying that he performed poorly in his studies, and even flopped as an artist.

Fans didn’t understand the twists and turns of this, and without seeing Zhuo Yichen’s appearance, their most intuitive feeling was that he was not as popular as his teammates now, as if being a TOP traffic and previously on the hot search every day were fake.

He was directly ridiculed by haters as ‘a short-lived top-notch’.

The rational fans together with the Xingchens took control of the comments and accusations and retorted that Zhuo Yichen’s dedication to his studies was admirable.

He also had a conscientious drama and a big production movie to be broadcasted.

This was a power shift.

They hoped everyone would wait for his work.

But there were also many fans who were easily swayed and vaguely began to complain about Zhuo Yichen’s absence.

This was making them less confident to face other fans.

There was no shortage of celebrities in the entertainment circle.

Some fans would gradually unfollow their idols and follow others.

The most obvious manifestation was that Zhuo Yichen’s Chaohua ranking has dropped from the first to the tenth, and he never rose every week.

Major fandoms felt the powerlessness when they called on the scattered fans to cast points.

However, no matter how much they rallied, they lingered around the tenth place for many times, which rendered them really helpless.

Zhuo Yichen wasn’t the least bit affected and went to class, neither conceited nor rash, and became a traffic star with the lowest absenteeism rate.

It was not that he didn’t work at all.

He recorded two new songs and released them after his studies.

The lyrics were all written by him.

One expressed his gratitude for the sincere companionship of fans, and the other spoke of his infinite yearning for the future.

This was the most realistic reflection of his present.

If he wanted to spread his wings and soar, he must first lay down his basic skills.

Otherwise everything would be nothing but a bubble.

He wrote all the things he wanted to say to his fans in his lyrics, thanking them for their unfailing and genuine love for him; they trusted him, and he would not let them down.


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