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Upon releasing his songs, he went on two well-known variety shows, which kind of allowed his fans to see him, listen to him sing and watch him play games.

Whenever a host on the variety show asked him to say hello to his fans in front of the screen, he would say very sincerely, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all.

I’m not being lazy by not showing up, but I’m recharging.

I hope you can also recharge with me, study and work to achieve good results.”

Compared with other celebrities, his exposure rate was still poor, but his new songs were indeed music to the ears.

In his gratitude song to fans, various people thought of being grateful to their parents, grateful to their lovers or grateful to their friends when they read the lyrics; the song ‘Yearning For The Future’ was particularly inspirational, which encouraged young people to work hard and march towards the dreams in their hearts.

Such lyrics were suitable for many people to sing on various occasions.

Moreover, the melody was rather pleasant, and the difficulty wasn’t that high.

The two songs went out of the circle as soon as they were released, and their popularity skyrocketed.

This was definitely a beautiful transcript handed over by Zhuo Yichen.

Because he was not so busy, he had the opportunity to calm down and carefully sculpt every sentence in the lyrics.

He also had time to carefully grind every melody with the composer, record it in the recording studio over and over again, and produce two songs that were better than all his past songs.

Slow work yielded fine products, and he succeeded.

His songs reached out to more people who didn’t know him.

It was important for artists to escape from a fandom and reach greater society.

Universal traffic was the real traffic, and his results in these two songs have beaten all the songs of the same period.

The Xingchens immediately perked up with pride.

Just as Zhuo Yichen sang in his song, they believed in him and he would never let them down!

Chu Xiang drew thematic short stories for Zhuo Yichen’s songs.

The stories drew the way Zhuo Yichen listened carefully, wrote the songs seriously, revised the details of the songs with the composer little by little, and the way he looked forward to the future and sang to his fans.

Solid fans were not fooling fans to stay.

Rather, they were conveying to them how much their idol cherished them, how outstanding he was; let fans know that they would never regret following this idol.

They could work together and grow together.

This was the real way to go forward hand in hand and accompany each other.

All the true love fans were at ease, and the major fandoms who were angry because of the fans unfollowing their idol have also calmed down.

They weren’t expecting all the fans to stay any more.

They just wanted to accompany their favorite teenager along the way.

He was studying in peace, so they would wait for him quietly.

Even if they couldn’t give him better support, they wouldn’t fight everywhere to make the fan circle dirty.

Since he cherished them, they would not disgrace him.

Later, whenever there were professional haters who picked trouble, the Xingchens simply explained the facts and chilled out about everything.

It greatly portrayed the saying, ‘Let the wind blow from east to west, from north to south, I will stand tall’.

However, of course, Xingchens still hoped to see their idol.

If they failed to see him in reality, they fell back on Chu Xiang’s Weibo more and more.

It was all because Chu Xiang regularly updated a micro comic story every weekend, telling short stories about Zhuo Yichen.

Zhuo Yichen in the short story was cute, naughty, strong, or handsome.

She could draw as many sides of him as he has.

This made countless fans her regular readers, who must scroll down her new jokes every weekend.

Truth to tell, Chu Xiang was very busy.

Zhuo Yichen has finished filming, but she participated in the editing in the post production.

Professor Lin also intended to train her, so her workload snowballed.

Oftentimes, after she finished class, she edited some clips for a long time and handed them over to Professor Lin, only to have him return them in dissatisfaction and asked her to re-edit them.

Professor Lin always said that her potential was not yet fully stimulated, and that she had to be pushed to come up with the best ideas and edit the best film.

Chu Xiang also did not know what effect she wanted.

Anyway, whenever a clip was returned, she would start again from another angle, polishing every segment and frame again and again, striving for perfection.

Of course, Professor Lin edited the main film by himself, but if Chu Xiang could perform excellently, she would have a chance to be selected.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a student.

Chu Xiang didn’t really care about glory and prestige, but she wanted to learn the best after getting into this profession.

So she put a lot of effort into it.

Anyway, now that Zhuo Yichen was not running trips anymore, he stayed at school every day with her.

Sometimes they would meet in the library and cafeteria, so she didn’t have to be a fansite admin sister running around.

Both of them were on the right track in their studies, and they were both working hard and making rapid progress.

Towards the end of the semester, Chu Xiang’s serialized comic was finished.

It was successfully published, and the copyright of the comic was sold.

When she started serialization, her income was high.

At the beginning, she could get 5000 a day, and then it increased to 7000 or 8000 a day.

Now that she sold the copyright, her income had multiplied.


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