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She transferred to a high-end residential neighborhood near her school, bought more professional work equipment and a variety of furniture that were particularly comfortable.

There was no saying how much the quality of her life has improved.

Zhuo Yichen sent her a large pile of clothes from a variety of sponsors well-known internationally.

New sets arrived every season before she could wear everything.

Thus her fashion also improved a lot.

This naturally made her more visible in school.

Yuan Lang was graduating from his senior year and has been running around hunting for a job, but has never found one to his liking.

Knowing that Chu Xiang had already entered the entertainment industry and had become very popular with fortunes of income, he shamelessly looked for her again.

That day, Zhuo Yichen happened to be in the library to borrow books.

When he walked around a corner, he saw a boy blocking Chu Xiang in the corner.

He frowned and planned to approach them, but he heard the boy say softly, “Why are you so heartless You don’t give me a good face at all.

We have been together for so long.

How can you forget about our relationship”

Zhuo Yichen stopped abruptly and hid behind the wall.

His mind was a little muddled.

Was this man Chu Xiang’s boyfriend

Chu Xiang saw a lot of shameless people like Yuan Lang, and immediately responded coldly, “Get out of here, or I will cripple you.”

“Chu Xiang, I really love you.

I couldn’t forget you for so long.

Give me another chance.

I promise I’ll treat you well…” Yuan Lang whispered and reached out to pull Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang dodged, lifted her foot and kicked him hard in the vital part.

Yuan Lang immediately screamed, but Chu Xiang stuffed a piece of paper into his mouth to block his voice.

Zhuo Yichen was startled.

He lay on the wall in surprise at the turn of events over there.

He saw Chu Xiang bend down and heard her warn icily, “This is a warning.

If you dare to appear in front of me again, I will make you inhumane for the rest of your life.”

After Chu Xiang finished speaking, she walked around him and walked towards the corner.

Before Zhuo Yichen could react, Chu Xiang already spotted him.

He stood at attention subconsciously, mainly because he was a man, and his scalp was really numb after witnessing the scene just now.

Chu Xiang smiled when he saw his reaction, “What are you doing”

Zhuo Yichen touched the back of his head with burning ears and replied with a smile, “Nothing, I’m fine.

Um, are you going to borrow a book”

“Yeah, the teacher gave me the homework.” Chu Xiang moved her cervical spine and sighed, “The teacher treats me like a robot, and actually asked me to finish reading the book in two days and will even give an exam, so my time to draw comics is running out.”

“I think you’re working hard and happy, but you still need to pay more attention to your health.” Zhuo Yichen heard Yuan Lang’s groans, wiped his eyebrows, and said, “I’m going to borrow books too.

Let’s go together.”

Chu Xiang nodded and walked with him to the library.

On the way, Zhuo Yichen hesitated a few times before tentatively asking, “That man just now…is he your ex-boyfriend”

Chu Xiang responded, “Yeah, it’s been a year and a half since we broke up.”

Zhuo Yichen curiously asked, “Why did you break up, ah”

“When I filmed Tong Nian, I accidentally discovered that he’s a scumbag, so I broke up with him.

After all this time, he suddenly came to me.

I guess it’s because his job hunting hasn’t gone smoothly for a long time, and he wanted to profit from me.

He probably thought I was stupid.” Chu Xiang said with a smile, “You should look after the character when looking for a girlfriend.

Don’t be deceived.”

“I’m still young.” Zhuo Yichen stroked his eyebrows in embarrassment, thinking that while she found out that her idol’s character was despicable, she also found out that her boyfriend was a scumbag.

She must have been in agony at the time.

This made him a little uncomfortable, something similar to distress.

He couldn’t help but say, “The bad things should be abandoned, and there will be better things in the future.

As long as you are happy every day, that’s enough.”

Chu Xiang smiled and nodded.

She jokingly said, “Of course, at the lowest point of my life, I happened to see my Little Brother, you.

How much sunshine do you think you’ve brought me It has dispelled all my haze.

Otherwise, how could I like you so much

Zhuo Yichen’s ears instantly turned red, and a rare trace of shyness painted his smile.

He turned his face away and joked, “Then please continue to like me, all right I’m the Little Sunshine Prince.

I won’t leave you any haze, and I’ll clear away as much as I can for you.”

Chu Xiang covered her ears and complained, “Yichen, your laughter is against the rules.

Some people on the Internet say I’m Mary Sue, but I think you’re Jack Sue.

You’re about to turn 19, and you’re changing more and more.

You will definitely be the death of your fans after you emerge from your retreat.”

Zhuo Yichen looked back at her with a smile.

“Really Have I changed a lot”

Chu Xiang looked him up and down carefully.


Didn’t you look in the mirror and found that you’re more handsome than last year Your voice is getting more and more soothing, too.

I really don’t know how you’ve grown up.

You must have bribed the Creator when you were reborn, so he made you so perfect, right”

Zhuo Yichen especially loved to hear her compliment him.

He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Don’t you think your fan filter is also a little too thick But I know you’ll definitely say you’re honest, right What a coincidence! We’re on the same page.

I really am beyond perfect!”

The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time, feeling buoyant in the afternoon sun.


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