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Busy days passed quickly, and Chu Xiang won the first place in her major in the final exam.

Surprisingly, Zhuo Yichen also topped in his major.

He flew at low altitude the last time, and many people’s eyes have been on this exame.

Consequently, his transcript was immediately on the hot seat as soon as it came out.

The key was that just a month ago at the college entrance examination, Xiao Ran scored 468 points, while Geng Xuan scored 477 points.

The two of them were busy with work, and both only took an unannounced review of 50 days.

For both to score and break through the second line was satisfactory, but with Zhuo Yichen’s 628 points ahead of them, their scores appeared subpar.

Then there was Xia Zhou, who performed poorly last semester and this semester, and was also reported to have missed more classes.

Although with his workload, not failing a class was already considered great.

However, taking Zhuo Yichen’s first place in his major as a comparison, it immediately seemed like he was derelict in his duties.

Zhuo Yichen’s Xingchens were all relaxed.

However, the fans of the other three members have been in business for a long time, and their enthusiasm was particularly high.

There was also a rise in brain-dead fans.

As soon as they saw marketing accounts comparing the four members, they tore them up, saying that the four of them were artists.

The most important thing was their achievements in the entertainment circle.

Even if Zhuo Yichen attained the first place in the exam every year, a flop would always be a flop.

How could he compare with their idols

Marketing accounts have always liked to take advantage of this kind of popularity.

They compared the academic performances of the four and their popularity in the entertainment circle, and analyzed who of the four would develop the best in the future.

In fact, none of the analysis was correct.

It was all nonsense, but many fans were convinced.

It was all a hideous mess.

Sometimes quarrels could also solidify fans.

It seemed like the more they argued, the more they felt that them were on a certain fandom’s side, and the more they argued, the more they were moved by their own stance.

Therefore, the company asked Zhuo Yichen and the other three to keep quiet.

Anyway, their actual achievements were all excellent.

After a quarrel between their fans and the outside people, the four of them would become better and better.

Naturally, no one would pay attention to their achievements.

On the school holiday, Chu Xiang ran into Zhuo Yichen and felt that his seemingly usual expression was hiding unhappiness.

She didn’t approach him either.

They rarely walked together in school as there were always people secretly filming.

She only called him when she got home and asked if he was upset about all that online stuff.

Zhuo Yichen laughed lightheartedly and said, “How can you tell”

Chu Xiang thought for a moment and replied, “It just feels like your eyes are not happy.”

The corners of Zhuo Yichen’s mouth curved up.

“And that’s why you’re awesome.

You can perceive it even from afar.

You really are my number one fan.” He took a deep breath and lowered his eyes.

“I’m really not that unhappy.

It’s just that the Xingchens seem at a disadvantage, as if they’re being bullied.

Although I dislike it when they go arguing around, I sometimes wonder if I’m making them suffer in the pursuit of my dreams.”

“How could it be The strength of fans is never what idols can derive from their appearance every day, but how excellent their idols are.

Look at your idol Xiao Qian, who usually disappears after filming a movie once a year.

His fans also don’t go to vote and obtain rankings.

They just peacefully wait to see his movie once a year.

Despite this, they are full of confidence, because Xiao Qian is strong enough.

They don’t even bother to taunt the ridicule of others.

Seeing his haters is like watching clowns.

That’s confidence, no Aren’t you just accumulating strength to give the Xingchens the greatest confidence”

Zhuo Yichen stayed silent for a while, then laughed: “How do you always know what I’m thinking All right, don’t worry, I understand that the process of becoming stronger is a long time.

I might feel a little distressed for them, but there’s nothing I can do.

If I say something, things will only escalate and become more chaotic.”

Chu Xiang pondered over it for a while and smiled: “You can’t do anything, but I can.

Also, you have to trust your fans.

They are the best! If you want to protect them, they also want to give you the mightiest armor and the biggest glory.”

“What are you going to do  Don’t be in the hot search again.

Number One fan, please keep a low profile.

Learn from your idol and be a missing person.” Zhuo Yichen walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water to drink.

His mood relaxed for no reason, but he still didn’t want Chu Xiang to get involved in this matter, fearing that those haters would scold her again.

Chu Xiang said in amusement, “You are becoming more and more narcissistic.

I will take the Xingchens to share our transcripts.

Facts speak the truth and will slap all the brainless fans.

Okay, okay, wait for my good news.

I’m going to work.”

“Chu Xiang—” Zhuo Yichen called her but she had already ended the call.

He shook his head, laughed, and opened Weibo to see what she had posted.

Chu Xiang entered several Xingchen fandoms and asked them straight to the point how their results were and how many of them achieved good records.

Many of Zhuo Yichen’s fans were students.

Several fandoms saw that Chu Xiang was asking, and a lot of people immediately reported their grades.

Some directly posted their transcripts.

Chu Xiang roughly estimated the number, and the average was indeed quite high.

She felt inexplicably proud.

She felt that her idol was excellent, and he inspired fans to be so excellent.

She informed everyone and took the lead in drawing two cartoon pictures and posting them on Weibo.

She drew a picture of Zhuo Yichen laughing and saying that he hoped everyone would recharge and get good grades.

On the background wall was Zhuo Yichen’s college entrance examination score of 628 and his transcript as the first in his major; the other picture was a girl in a red dress, with the editor’s various tools in the background, representing herself, holding a transcript in her hand — first place in her major.

[ZYC-Xiang V: Recharging with Zhuo Yichen, I became a better version of myself.

Just shut up and study, Xingchens are waiting for you to make a grand comeback! @SJBoys-Zhuo Yichen]

The Xingchens were waiting.

As soon as they saw her comics, they immediately and frantically forwarded it and commented on her Weibo, praising her for her outstanding performance.

Many of them attached their transcripts.

Plenty of them were photos of admissions to colleges after the college entrance examination, having exceeded 600 points in the exam; some entered key high schools in the middle school entrance examination; some also won first place in the arts examination; and another won a trophy in a singing contest…

Countless transcripts quickly appeared in Chu Xiang’s comment area, and her post was forwarded by a number of people.

“You just need to study behind closed doors.

The Xingchens will always be waiting for your return!” This sentence was more like Xingchens’ protection of Zhuo Yichen and their promise to him.

It was posted to prove that they all worked hard and moved forward with their idol.

Compared with the total number of Xingchens, the people who posted their transcripts were only a fraction of the fandom, but this was already spectacular.


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