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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (10)

Summer vacation was a rare time for students to relax, but for Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen, it was a busy time for work.

Chu Xiang gradually grasped the essence of film editing in the process of the manuscript again and again, and finally made Professor Lin nod his head in satisfaction.

When Professor Lin saw that she had made many bold attempts and that the films she edited were particularly ingenious, he entrusted her with more editing tasks.

Chu Xiang didn't have time to start a second comic series now.

Even if the readers were pressing for it, she could only express regrets and spend all her energy on editing.

Because she said this on the Weibo page of 'Emperor Chu', people who followed 'ZYC-Xiang' also found out her current situation.

After everyone saw that she still updated the Zhuo Yichen comics every weekend, they all joked that 'The idol is really more important than comics'.

The Xingchens regard her more as their own.

Her number of fans kept increasing, and she became the most influential fan.

When the Xingchens were waiting for Zhuo Yichen to come out of his retreat, her Weibo cartoons became a gathering place for them to miss Zhuo Yichen and confess to him.

Zhuo Yichen cooperated with the crew of The Dark Night Will Brighten to promote the show, allowing the fans to finally see him.

On July 25th, the fans cheered.

Zhuo Yichen appeared in the first episode as an important male supporting character, and they could finally see their idol on TV every day!

Zhuo Yichen's acting in the drama was commendable.

If his previous drama was 'not bad', then his acting skills in this drama had obviously improved.

It could be rated as 'Very good'! Xingchens immediately roamed the Internet, promoting The Dark Night Will Brighten and singing praises for their idol!

It was originally the summer season, and the well-made suspense undercover criminal investigation drama attracted a lot of people's attention.

Not only Xiao Qian and Zhuo Yichen's fans were watching the drama, but more and more people were drawn to it.

This kind of publicity was the best.

The ratings for "Dark Night" quickly rose to No.

1 for the same period, No.

1 for all episodes in the first half of the year, and hinted at a continuous rising trend.

While the episodes were airing, Zhuo Yichen went to film a variety show in a place with green hills and clear water to run a guesthouse with several other artists.

They would shoot there for a total of 20 days.

Once edited, it would be divided into 12 episodes, with one episode to be aired every weekend for three months, just in time for his TV series.

Then he has a concert in the winter.

He would also participate in the Spring Festival Gala, the New Year's Eve Gala in the New Year.

This meant that he would appear on TV from summer until February of the following year, appearing to keep up the heat and not delay his studies.

It was perfect!

Zhuo Yichen originally thought it was a relaxed variety show, but who would have thought that after filming started, it was more tiring than an outdoor reality show.

An outdoor reality show was all about playing games.

Everyone would have a lot of fun running and jumping together even if they were tired.

They, on the other hand, were amateurs running a guesthouse.

They have to start from scratch, and they have to work everywhere.

Cooking, washing dishes, mopping the floor, laying bed sheets, buying vegetables and purchasing goods; one of them was already tiring enough.

Moreover, these were repetitive and boring chores, not at all interesting.

Zhuo Yichen felt like a wage earner who was experiencing the work of a waiter.

Not to mention that, when guests came, they always put forward all kinds of difficult requests for the B&B to make the program entertaining.

Some asked them to be guides; some asked them to bake cakes; some asked them to cook seafood meals; and some needed a festive room for their honeymoon.

These were all trivial and troublesome tasks.

As the only young man in the guesthouse, Zhuo Yichen took the initiative to take over most of the work.

He did all the dishwashing, buying vegetables, mopping the floor and cleaning the rooms.

If they encountered difficult guests, and some hosts performed poorly at entertaining them, he also took the initiative to help, smiling to solve the problems and comfort the guests.

An admin sister went to the shooting venue of the variety show and took photos of Zhuo Yichen's appearance every day from afar with a telephoto lens.

The photos were posted on the Internet.

Rational fans all felt sorry for Zhuo Yichen's back-breaking work, and some radical fans stepped out and accused the program crew of having gone too far with their bullying.

They actually let Zhuo Yichen do all the dirty work.

Haters immediately seized the opportunity to impersonate fans and lead the tempo, leading a small group of fans to clamor.

They claimed that Zhuo Yichen's popularity declined this year, so even the program crew did not pay attention to him, treating him as a working little brother.

They also said that they would not watch the show once it was aired, so on and so forth.

Radical fans made a racket endlessly, But it never occurred to them that they didn't even know the truth.

Their actions would only impact Zhuo Yichen negatively.


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