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When Chu Xiang and her parents returned home, Bai Ling was already waiting at the door with a few other housekeepers.

She welcomed them back with a bright smile on her face.

However, Bai Ling did not rush up to greet her like usual, instead, she kept her distance when speaking.

“Xiang Xiang, are you feeling better I’ve already asked Auntie Li to cook your favorite dish tonight, so you should eat more later.”

Chu Xiang glanced at Bai Ling with a smile yet not a smile on her face.

She could see the overcautiousness and the guilt underneath her slightly unnatural smile.

It was just as she had guessed.

Bai Ling knew what her daughter was doing, otherwise, why would she feel guilty towards her How can a mere maid of a wealthy family compare to being the mother-in-law of the future heir to a wealthy family It was no wonder Bai Xuewei had acted so unrestrainedly in school.

Even so, the original Chu Xiang was a little too stubborn.

Why would she hurt herself over something like this She should’ve just told her parents the truth of the matter.

Only a child who knows how to cry will have candy to eat, and this saying was true everywhere.

Chu Xiang walked right in front of Bai Ling and looked her up and down.

She looked at the housekeeper outfit and sighed with a smile, “Auntie Bai, you have really hidden your true character well.”

Bai Ling’s eyes flickered in response and she smiled awkwardly, “What are you talking about, Xiang Xiang I don’t understand.”

Chu Xiang looked very cute when she tilted her head slightly, but the words that came out of her mouth were extremely sharp, “What do you mean you don’t understand I’m certain that Auntie Bai knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Your daughter is about to marry into a wealthy family.

Once she marries into Ye Chen’s family, you will be Ye Chen’s mother-in-law.

How can you still work as a housekeeper here if you’re going to be his mother-in-law”

The expression on Bai Ling’s face changed immediately and she subconsciously turned to look at Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing.

She remembered that her daughter told her that Chu Xiang had too much pride, so she won’t divulge Ye Chen and her daughter’s affair.

At most, Chu Xiang would complain about it once Ye Chen stabilized his footing in his family as the heir.

So, why was Chu Xiang exposing everything in the presence of so many people!

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing remained calm and collected.

Fang Qing snorted coldly and said, “Bai Ling, it seems like you think that our Chu Family has not been treating you well enough.

In the past, when you were a single mother carrying a huge debt, I took pity on you and kindly helped you pay off your debt.

I even hired you to work in my house for ten years.

We allowed Bai Xuewei to grow up with Xiang Xiang.

We paid for your daughter’s tuition so she can attend the best schools with our daughter.

We also bought her expensive clothes, so others won’t look down on her; we basically treated her as our second daughter! As such, everyone thought that our Chu Family has two daughters.

Have I not treated you and your daughter well How can you bully my daughter like this”

Bai Ling anxiously wanted to explain, but Fang Qing raised her hand to stop her.

Fang Qing’s expression was ice-cold and indifferent, “You don’t need to say or explain anything.

I want you to pack you and your daughter’s bags and leave immediately.

If you are still here after thirty minutes, then don’t blame me for using force to kick you out.”

The housekeepers looked at Bai Ling with disdain.

Most of them had worked with the Chu Family for three to four years already, but their employers had always treated them very kindly.

They were given a high salary; their employers would give them gifts on holidays and bonuses at the end of the year.

The Chu Family had taken good care of Bai Ling and her daughter, so they were all disgusted when they realized that Bai Ling and her daughter had conspired to steal their young lady’s fiancé.

Bai Ling hadn’t done any physical labor for years, at most, she would order other housekeepers to do her job.

She had always acted arrogant and looked down on other housekeepers and servants.

Now, she was humiliated in front of all the people she had formerly looked down upon.

Bai Ling was so embarrassed that she wished she could dig a hole and crawl into it.

She impatiently tried to explain herself, “Mr.

and Mrs.

Chu, I-I would never let Xuewei bully the young lady! Could there be any misunderstanding Why don’t I call Xuewei and tell her to come back here so she can explain everything I will call her right now.”

Bai Ling hurriedly took out her phone and dialed Bai Xuewei’s number.

She had agreed after her daughter’s persuasion to allow her daughter to climb onto a high branch, but she never thought she would be kicked out of the Chu Family without any prior knowledge.

She worked in the Chu Family for ten years, and now that she was suddenly forced to leave, there was an uncomfortable sense of dread and fear gradually rising in her heart.

Chu Xiang held Bai Ling’s hand to prevent her from calling Bai Xuewei.

She smiled at her and said, “Auntie Bai, Ye Chen even barged into my hospital room a few days ago.

He told me that he and Xuewei are genuinely in love.

He even threatened me to prevent me from hurting Xuewei, so there is nothing further for you to explain.

I will naturally settle this matter with Ye Chen.

I will also remember Xuewei for giving this gift, so I will definitely repay this favor if I have the chance in the future.

You should go back and pack your luggage.

You don’t want to be kicked out by us with force, right That would be embarrassing, and you can’t afford to embarrass yourself since you’re soon going to be Ye Chen’s mother in law.

You only have 27 minutes left to pack.”


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