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By the time Chu Xiang and Xiao Han arrived at the Chen Family’s residence, more than half of the guests had already arrived.

They drank and gambled in the banquet hall while chatting in groups of two and three, a perfect smile on each face.

Included in this large group of guests was the Ye Family, and Ye Chen had come along to the party as well as a new addition to the company.

He even brought a female partner with him, the two of them trailing behind Sun Jie and Ye Zhenhong.

Ye Chen’s partner wore a fresh, pure white gown and a hairstyle that had her wavy black hair fastened with small diamond hairpins.

She looked very much like a simple and pure little princess.

The Chen Family welcomed them near the entrance, exchanging greetings and compliments.

Close by, someone noticed Ye Chen’s partner.

“Is that Chu Xiang But I heard that their families broke off the engagement” they whispered.

“I…don’t think that is Chu Xiang, the Chu Xiang I remember doesn’t look like that.

However, I haven’t seen the Chu Family’s daughter for a long time and I only vaguely remember her… could it be that she really is Chu Xiang”

A young lady from a wealthy family who happened to attend the same school as Chu Xiang intentionally glanced at the partner multiple times before sneering.

“How is she Chu Xiang Her appearance is obviously a combination between her and that little housekeeper’s daughter.”

She had a straightforward temper and her family was not of a lower status than the Ye Family, so she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

She opened the school’s social media page on her phone to show the others.

“Recently, Chu Xiang’s aura has been getting stronger and stronger, she doesn’t have a gentle and naive appearance like that girl.

That gentle white lotus is actually Bai Xuewei, the girl Ye Chen cheated on Chu Xiang with.”

TL/N: In Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and virtue of the soul.

The “white lotus” character is morally perfect, kind-hearted, and harmless.

“What is Ye Chen doing That girl looks so similar to Chu Xiang and dresses like a white lotus.

Does this mean he likes both of them”

“I think there’s something wrong with his brain.

Ugh, let’s change the subject.

In our school, everyone calls him ‘dirty trash’.  Chu Xiang herself is so disgusted that she can’t even look at him.”

“No, no, we haven’t even heard of this before! An Lan, tell us a bit more.” Several young ladies crowded around the young lady.

All of them were in their teens and twenties, so they still had a lot of energy and interest in gossip.

Right at that moment, the door opened for two people.

An Lan craned her neck and laughed immediately.

“The real master has arrived.

Take a look, this is the difference between the real thing and a counterfeit.

She looks just like a queen, there is definitely something wrong with Ye Chen’s d*mned eyes.”

Chu Xiang held Xiao Han’s arm as they walked through the entrance.

The guests first noticed her, and then realized that Xiao Han was by her side.

Before, it was unimaginable that anyone could stand by him and look his equal, but in this case, Chu Xiang didn’t look like just a female partner.

Once she caught the eye, it was impossible to stop staring.

Chu Xiang’s outfit today was extremely different from her past style.

So much that several people couldn’t even recognize her and had taken to discreetly asking nearby guests who the striking woman was.

Her black sleeveless dress had tiny diamonds sprinkled on it from the deep neckline to the fishtail hem.

Black hair, straightened and temporarily dyed from her wine-red color, cascaded loosely down her back, tucked behind her ear to reveal refreshing, natural features and black diamond stud earrings.

It was a mature and tidy look, completely at odds with the princessy look seen earlier.

Ye Chen paled the moment he saw his ex.

He hadn’t expected her arrival.

His first instinct was to hide Bai Xuewei from her, but soon realized that Chu Xiang was no longer his fiancée and that he didn’t need to care about her feelings anymore. 

He was also unaccustomed to Chu Xiang’s sudden transformation.

Gentle girls were his type, and now she was further from that ideal than ever.

The Chen family bade Ye Zhenhong an apologetic farewell and went to greet Chu Xiang and Xiao Han, perfect smiles in place.


Chen also didn’t recognize Chu Xiang.


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