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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (12)

Everyone said that he personally demonstrated the correct method of star chasing, plus he also received Xiao Gan's recognition and guidance.

His star chasing was simply too successful.

Because Zhuo Yichen's persona in the drama was well-received, many people liked him.

They got to know that there was such a 19-year-old actor acting remarkably.

In the drama, he sympathized with his female counterpart and colluded with the heroine, which made him have two more CPS with a strong sense of existence!

This was his first drama work in adulthood.

Both inside and outside the drama, he has shed off his youthfulness and turned to a man.

Everyone no longer treated him as a child.

Unexpectedly, two groups of CP fans with a strong sense of existence appeared without warning.

Although solo stans have always said they wouldn't entertain CPs and refused CPs, these two groups have gradually grown with the airing of the series, and many sweet CP videos that they spontaneously edited have been posted on Bilibili.

Xingchens were a bit confused at first.

Has their idol grown up How could he have two major CPs now Then they quickly calmed down and ignored them to prevent it from going viral, which was the influence brought to them by Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen this year.

Keep a low profile, speak with facts, non-official exposés should be ignored.

Finally only a few Duweis ran to quarrel with the CP fans.

These were all normal in fan circles, and they couldn't be eliminated.

Of course, Chu Xiang didn't care.

But after watching the drama, she also thought that Little Brother Chen had indeed grown up and could already form a CP when standing with a girl.

In Director Chen's film, she believed that he'd have more CP fans once it was released.

Zhuo Yichen has turned into a sought-after man.

From this point on, Chu Xiang also unconsciously changed her style when she drew Zhuo Yichen's mini cartoons.

He was no longer a cute little boy; he has grown into a male god, oozing with hormonal charm.

Chu Xiang was busy editing every day from morning to night, and finally finished all the editing tasks at the end of the summer.

To her surprise, half of Professor Lin's final film was actually edited by her!

After she found out that Professor Lin had included her name on the film credits, she went to see him specially.

"Teacher, isn't this inappropriate I'm just a newcomer."

Professor Lin smiled and replied, "You How can I use something if your editing wasn't good enough I chose this together with Lao Chen.

Many of the clips you cut are very spiritual, which can only be found by chance and not through seeking among editors.

Lao Chen and I are old, and it's quite challenging not to be blinded by some old-fashioned visions occasionally.

You have injected fresh vitality into this film and played a very important role.

You deserve this position, and you must have confidence in yourself."

Chu Xiang was certainly confident.

Hearing his arguments, she no longer declined and instead thanked Professor Lin properly.

What Professor Lin was referring to was not simply including her name on the editing team, but putting her name behind Professor Lin alone.

The two were listed as chief editors.

This was Chu Xiang's first official work as an editor.

It was a film by a well-known domestic director, Director Chen.

She was promoted by her teacher to be the 'Chief Editor', which was definitely a glory that no one else could ask for! Chu Xiang was very grateful to Professor Lin, and became very close to her in his heart.

He often brought gifts to see her and chat with her.

This summer, Chu Xiang lived a fulfilling life, and her achievements were also beyond remarkable.

Once the new semester started, she entered her senior year and temporarily gave herself a vacation.

In addition to going to her classes, she played video games and read books.

Zhuo Yichen was also occupied the entire summer.

First, he filmed a very exhausting variety show for 20 days.

At the end of it, he went on two non-stop shows to promote the variety show.

He then shot advertisements and magazines, and then participated in endorsement activities.

He was so busy that it was only when school started that he actually felt a sense of relief.

It was as if the start of school was his vacation.

He knew that Chu Xiang played games and often played with her.

He also invited Xia Zhou, Xiao Ran, and Geng Xuan.

Xiao Ran and Geng Xuan weren't interested in acting and entered the Conservatory of Music.

Sometimes when they didn't have any schedule, Zhuo Yichen asked them to team up and play together.

The three did not stop teasing Zhuo Yichen.

He was the only one of the four of them who had a massive CP fan.

Obviously he was the youngest, but when the three of them were still regarded as teenagers, he already had two famous CPs.

Zhuo Yichen ignored their teasing.

He just thought it was all a problem with the script.

The script was written like that.

Of course, the existence of a CP was also due to the development of the plot.

As a result, before The Dark Night Will Brighten's popularity diminished, his guesthouse variety show started airing.

In the variety show, there was a female singer of the same age as him.

Because of her poor strength, he helped her a few times when he saw her, prompting another wave of CP fans.

This variety show just started and didn't have much traffic.

Because the last season wasn't that interesting, few people looked forward to the fourth installment.

Unexpectedly, after the two episodes were broadcasted, more and more people watched, and the ratings continued to climb.

The audience commented that this season was very entertaining and has many slapsticks.

The hosts of the variety show were one of the factors, and Zhuo Yichen's charm was another.

If his drama was purely playing a character, then this variety show largely exposed his real self.


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