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During the shooting, Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen sat next to Huang Hao, watching the shooting results with him and occasionally making some comments.

Zhuo Yichen no longer has to deliberately avoid suspicions as he had a legitimate reason to get along with Chu Xiang and at the same time be quite happy.

After all, in the entertainment industry, it was rare to have a real close friend.

But it didn't take long for him to feel uncomfortable.

A certain Huang Hao always preferred to talk to Chu Xiang, and he always drew closer to her when talking, grinning like what the hell! There was also a man in the same class as Chu Xiang, who was part of the post production editing team.

He always used the excuse of asking for advice to approach Chu Xiang, but their conversation always strayed elsewhere after he mentioned a line or two about serious business.

The two were obviously pursuing Chu Xiang, and they were nothing but annoying the more he looked at them!

During a break, Xia Zhou bumped Zhuo Yichen with his shoulder and whispered, "How is it Do you feel sour"

Zhuo Yichen rolled his eyes at him: "What do you mean by sour"

"Come on, your expression management has long since failed.

When you see Chu Xiang laughing with them, you can even produce a feigned smile." Xia Zhou tossed a performance prop to play and looked at Zhuo Yichen jokingly.

Zhuo Yichen glanced at Chu Xiang inadvertently, and saw that she was chatting with Huang Hao.

The corner of his mouth pulled down unconsciously.

Xia Zhou looked straight at him and couldn't help laughing.

Hearing their noise, Chu Xiang glanced at them and asked with a smile, "What are you laughing at"

Zhuo Yichen immediately looked at Xia Zhou overtly and threateningly.

Xia Zhou waved his hand and said, "It's nothing.

We're just talking about the time I first met Yichen.

He was domineering since he was a child, and I didn't expect many people now to describe him as gentle.

He was clearly domineering deep in his bones.”

Chu Xiang smiled and said, "Gentleness and being domineering are not contradictory.

Now that Yichen has grown up, he is indeed very gentle with others.

It's good to be domineering in nature, so as not to be bullied."

Xia Zhou made a zipper motion on his mouth, looking as if he could no longer stand something.

"Got it, I talk too much.

You two continue to butter each other up.

I'll shut up."

Just as Chu Xiang was about to speak, Huang Hao called her away again, saying that he wanted to discuss the editing results.

Xia Zhou saw clearly how Zhuo Yichen turned dejected and said speechlessly: "What's the matter with you If you like her, pursue her.

What are you doing"

Zhuo Yichen frowned slightly.

"What are you talking about What do you mean by I like her I just like to play with her."

"Don't tell me you don't like her.

Even if you beat me to death, I won't believe it.

I'm telling you, those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those outside, and I've taken everything in my eyes these past days.

You, kid, are jealous." After Xia Zhou finished speaking, he put on a serious front and advised him, "I know you always have a plan, but you must consider this kind of matter properly.

An idol's relationship is a major issue.

Although you have been shifting your stance to the strength faction, you are still young.

Who can tell what the consequences will be"

"Don't talk nonsense.

Hurry up and memorize your lines!" Zhuo Yichen sent Xia Zhou away, but his heart was disturbed.

He had no clue how the first awakening of love felt like, the first time falling in love with someone.

But he seemed to really dislike the picture of Chu Xiang with other men, plus he just wished Chu Xiang could see him alone.

He didn't hesitate, got up and ran towards Huang Hao and Chu Xiang.

"What's the matter Is there any problem with the film"

Huang Hao said with a smile, "It's nothing, Chu Xiang's idea is better.

We just finished talking."

He was indirectly telling him not to participate.

Zhuo Yichen immediately laughed.

"Then I came just in time.

I have something to discuss with Chu Xiang, so we will not bother Brother Hao.

Chu Xiang, come on, let's go to the restaurant and talk while we eat."

"Okay." Chu Xiang took her bag and walked with him.

After coming out for a while, she asked him, "What's the matter"

Zhuo Yichen replied quickly, "I will have a concert in two months, and I want to ask if you have any good ideas.

What songs do fans like to hear me sing By the way, I also plan to hire a professional photography team this time.

Will you help me edit it"

"Of course!" Chu Xiang thought for a moment and gave him a list of song titles, "I think these are all good.

If we're talking about what fans like, I believe you have all kinds of CPs blooming all over the place recently.

There will most likely be more wife fans.

With a lot of them present, what they like the most is definitely sultry dances and so on."

Zhuo Yichen immediately waved his hand and refused, "That's not good.

My sultry side is only for my real wife."

"Ah" Chu Xiang was momentarily stunned and said in surprise, "Have you already started thinking about your wife Don't tell me you really have someone you like, do you"

Zhuo Yichen said with a smile: "No, didn't I tell you I want to be a powerful singer, actor, director, and refuse to sell male beauty, okay"

Chu Xiang visualized and thought it would be weird for him to pull his collar, lift the hem of his clothes, and all kinds of sultry actions on the stage.

She quickly said, "Right.

Don't learn from those boyfriend personas and definitely don't sell male beauty.

Yichen, you have a wonderful belief.

I think many idols are like this, and there are even people who take off their shirts on stage."

Zhuo Yichen shrugged, "I've always had this thought, okay You've always treated me like a child.

When I first met you, I was the captain, taking care of three people older than me."

Chu Xiang smiled when she was reminded of that time.

"Do you want to recall what you were like when we met Are you sure you weren't a child at that time"

"Fine, let's skip this topic." Zhuo Yichen laughed.

"On the day of my concert, will you come"

"Most definitely."

"Then you can still sit with my parents and the others when the time comes, and chat with them.

Seriously, how can you talk to my mom Don't you two have a generation gap"

"What generation gap You can have a conversation with any kind of person.

Didn't you and Director Chen chat quite happily Everyone can always find a common language.

Besides, Auntie is so cheerful and young at heart.

When we both go shopping, she has more energy than I do.

By the way, we talked a lot about your childhood.

How could you have been so naughty as a child It's too interesting..."

When she was talking, Zhuo Yichen was looking at her, and all those dejected and sour emotions vanished without a trace.

It turned out that her knitted brows and smiles have always affected his emotions.

He was happy just watching her next to him like this.

If he didn't want her to be with someone else, then he'd better make an effort to go to her.


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