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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (16)

The school drama had only five episodes, which were broadcasted daily and ended in less than a week.

Surprisingly, the school drama was particularly touching, with many images evoking memories of the student days in people's hearts.

The feeling of sourness, nostalgia and regret made this short drama score 9.8 out of 10, and the number of viewers was continuously increasing.

This drama was like the best advertisement, letting the public know that the students of the film school were outstanding, and the short dramas they independently produced were of such high quality, which was indeed amazing! The chief director, assistant director, chief editor, cast and other people of the crew were frequently mentioned by major marketing accounts, and they also became famous in an instant.

Chu Xiang's Weibo followers were increasing a lot by the day.

Most of them followed her not because of being Zhuo Yichen's fan anymore, but it was her own charisma that drew them to her.

She looked beautiful, had good temperament, first-class editing, first-class cartoons, first-class copywriting, first-class storytelling, first-class crisis communications, first-class studies, first-class intelligence, and even the way she expressed dislike against people was first-class.

It was difficult not to like her.

People who were capable and didn't do evil were appreciated everywhere.

Now even passersby have a superb impression of her.

The kind of control Chu Xiang has over the editing of each screen of the school anniversary drama has shown the industry professionals her strength.

A good editor could really transform the ugly beautiful like magic.

60% of the credit for the high praise of this school drama went to Chu Xiang, who really touched the audience's heart by editing every point just right.

In addition, Chu Xiang was a student that Professor Lin often praised.

Even Director Chen sang her praises when he mentioned her, which has made her very famous in the industry.

Soon, she received several editing invitations for film and television dramas.

Chu Xiang screened them by herself, then went to Professor Lin to discuss it.

Afterwards, she took over a web series as the chief editor.

There were also films by well-known directors and TV dramas with big productions in the invitation, but they were all looking for her to be one of the editors in the editing team.

For the outside world, she only has two editing works to speak of, Zhuo Yichen's concert and the school anniversary drama, so the position offered to her wasn't necessarily high.

But she was listed as the chief editor alongside Professor Lin in all of Director Chen's 'Fleeting Time'.

Now, if she were to run off to be part of an editing team, she'd be on a downhill slope.

Definitely not! She'd better pick a web drama with a good script and crew, be the chief editor, and create another masterpiece.

By the time Fleeting Time has also aired, her commercial value would naturally rise to another height she deserved.

Chu Xiang worked in the crew and never went back to school except for a few professional courses.

Zhuo Yichen felt a lot lonely in class at school.

When he didn't have class, he went to the practice room to practice songs, dances and musical instruments constantly in preparation for his concert at the end of the year.

Every time he took a break, he would think about what Chu Xiang was doing.

This kind of unrequited love could always drive people to an unsettled state of mind.

It only took him a few days to suffer the torment, so he simply came up with a solution.

"Sister Chu Xiang, I have a new dance.

Do you like it Is it alright" Zhuo Yichen asked Xiao Dong to take a video of his practice and sent it to Chu Xiang.

In the video, Zhuo Yichen followed the powerful rhythm of the music, and every node was extremely accurate, exuding confidence and charm.

After watching it, Chu Xiang immediately gave him a 'superb' emoji, and replied with a smile, "You danced splendidly.

A few more super-charged performances, please.

I want to see a concert shaking the skies!"

Zhuo Yichen smiled and said, "Okay, let me show you."

He thought back on the concert plan and said, "I'll show you the first one when I practice."

He asked Xiao Dong to take another short video of him dancing hip-hop, and sent it to Chu Xiang, saying, "How about this I learned something new this year."

His breaking dance was remarkable.

Although it couldn't be compared with professional dancers, it was already cool and striking.

However, Chu Xiang saw Zhuo Yichen's sweat soaked clothes and hair and said, "I'm kidding.

Don't practice too hard and tire yourself.

It's also good to sing some quiet songs.

Anyway, you sing awesomely, and everyone likes it."

"I'll rest now, don't worry." Zhuo Yichen asked again in a soft tone, "Then does the b-boying I did just now look good"

Chu Xiang rubbed her ears.

"It's so beautiful! Don't talk to me in such a gentle voice, that's a foul!"

Zhuo Yichen held the phone and laughed happily, and continued to say softly, "Then there's nothing I can do.

My voice is just like this, you know Sister, you have to learn to adapt to the changes of your idol.

You should know,  I am a man who will become more and more attractive."

Chu Xiang chuckled.

"I think you should change your name to Narcissistic Daffodil.

If you talk like this again, your girlfriends' fans will soon form a circle around the earth, and you will have to suffer."

"Na-uh, I have kept something up my sleeves."


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