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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (17)

The more Chu Xiang forbade him to talk like this, the more he did it.

From the very start, Chu Xiang has been attracted to his voice, and now that his voice sounded much better than before, she naturally found it too much to bear.

Obviously, Zhuo Yichen always spoke normally when filming and having an interview outside, but why was his voice so coquettish in private!

Chu Xiang also deliberately put on her headphones, so that others couldn’t hear Little Brother Jack Sue.

From that day on, Zhuo Yichen found a way to be intimate with Chu Xiang and tease her.

Whether he was dancing or singing, practicing an instrument or designing a style, Xiao Dong would record a video, and he would send it to Chu Xiang.

Afterward, he would use Chu Xiang’s favorite voice to tease her.

His voice really was irresistible.

There were times when his low laughter could make people’s bones crisp.

When he spoke gently and so softly, it was especially pleasant to the ears!

Xiao Dong protested over and over again, Zhuo Yichen could flirt with his Big Sister for all he cared, but it was too inhumane to drag him to work overtime all day long! It was only when Zhuo Yichen gave him a bonus before he gave up.

Thereafter, he conscientiously filmed Zhuo Yichen to make him more attractive.

Zhuo Yichen’s training fatigue disappeared because of Chu Xiang’s participation, and he didn’t feel the slightest strain when he kept practicing every day.

Instead, he woke up every day full of expectations, hoping to shoot good-looking or interesting videos to share with Chu Xiang again.

He also hoped to present a concert that could shake the skies in the end.

However, such days did not last long.

The company was still keeping a close eye on him and expected him to generate income.

His contract was in the hands of the company, and he had countless things to organize inside and outside the concert.

The company blocked the process and negotiated with him, asking him to shoot an outdoor reality show and make a cameo appearance in a movie.

The purpose of the company was to generate income, and the resources they had looked for were definitely not bad.

If they were filmed, they could further enhance Zhuo Yichen’s popularity.

But the problem was that Zhuo Yichen had to study, hold a concert, and train.

His schedule was fully packed, and it was exhausting to participate in an outdoor reality show.

At the same time, how could he immerse himself and study for a cameo role appearance in a movie

But his concert was now stuck in the company’s hands, so Zhuo Yichen couldn’t only reluctantly agree.

Scores of his fans were waiting to see his concert; it was impossible for him to make changes about it.

Fortunately, the outdoor reality show was not filmed every day, but once a week.

After two episodes, it would start airing while they were filming.

It also allowed him to catch his breath.

As long as he could get through this time, everything would be fine.

As he was too busy, he sent fewer training videos to Chu Xiang.

He once didn’t contact Chu Xiang for three consecutive days, and he felt uncomfortable doing anything.

After filming the reality show, he made a video call to Chu Xiang in the lounge by himself.

Chu Xiang watched him wipe his sweat with paper and frowned: “What program are you filming Why do you look so tired”

Zhuo Yichen laughed, “I’m fine.

The game we played just now was too intense.” He threw away the tissue.

With one hand holding the phone standing on the table, one hand cushioned his chin lying on the table as he looked at the screen.

“Sister Chu Xiang, the airing will start this Sunday night.

Please don’t forget to watch.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.

I’ll help you promote it on Weibo.

It’s been so hard on you to promote this show.” Chu Xiang saw his exhaustion and said distressedly, “Are you done there Do you still have to go to the practice room for training in the evening That’s not good.

You’d better balance your time.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t attend a few lessons.

When you’re done with your concert, I’ll take you to find a tutor to make up for your lessons alone.

I’m sure you can catch up.”

Zhuo Yichen slightly closed his eyes and shook his head.

Then he looked at her and said with a smile, “I’m fine, really.

If it’s hard, I’ll adjust.

Rest assured.”

Seeing that Chu Xiang still hasn’t smiled, he softened his voice and coaxed her, “Well, I’m only 19 years old.

This kind of hard work is still something I can bear.

It won’t be long now.

My contract will expire next summer, so I won’t have to work so intensively anymore.”

Chu Xiang sighed and said, “Actually, it’s fine if you pay for the breach of contract.

At least, you’ll be happy and not so tired.”

“That’s out of the question.

I wouldn’t have been so lucky if I hadn’t signed with this company at the beginning.

Now it’s time to repay the company a little more.

The affection might have been worn away, but I still have to carry out the last decent thing.

By next summer, everyone will go their separate ways, very soon.” Zhuo Yichen smiled at Chu Xiang.

“Sister, would you like to join my studio then  It’s a free contract, no commission.

I’ll just hang my name and give you a bonus.”

Chu Xiang smiled and said, “Your conditions are quite tempting.

Okay, I’ll wait for when you open your studio.”

When Zhuo Yichen heard this, he smiled.

“Sister, your fan filter is as thick as ever.

I’ve tricked you into coming to my studio.

Promise me that you won’t regret it.

I will come to you to sign a contract with you next summer.”

“No regrets.

As long as you set up a studio, I will be the first to join.”

This exchange seemed to be another promise of staying together.

Zhuo Yichen’s eyes were immediately filled with stars, full of smiles and Chu Xiang on the screen.


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