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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (22)

After this grand award ceremony, the award-winning celebrities landed on the hot search one by one, and almost no one behind the scenes was on the hot search.

The most special one was Chu Xiang.

She used to be on the hot search as Zhuo Yichen’s fansite admin sister, but this time she walked the red carpet with Zhuo Yichen’s escort and won the Best Editor of the Year award.

A person behind the scenes actually got more popular than many celebrities, with a number of fans exceeding 10 million.

This was really a wonder in the entertainment industry!

The topic #Star-ChasingWinner once again trended.

Not only was Chu Xiang so excellent, she could also bicker and chat freely with her idol.

There was also Zhuo Yichen and Xiao Qian.

They got along like brothers, which really made fans envy.

They came to the conclusion that to be a star-chasing winner was not only a matter of hard work, but also to be excellent enough.

Just as Zhuo Yichen said publicly that Chu Xiang was also his idol, he also wanted to achieve as high as Chu Xiang in his senior year.

This was because Chu Xiang was too superior.

She was still studying in her senior year but managed to become a dark horse and won the best editor award.

This was simply inciting people to follow suit.

She was a rare talent.

No wonder they got along well.

Excellent people and outstanding people always have many common topics to talk about.

The story of Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen was so legendary that after they held hands with each other in the same frame and on the red carpet, their CP fans soared at once.

They also successfully found a fandom and became a member of the “Recharge Couple”.

The growth of CP fans has finally attracted the attention of all parties.

For some reason, some Xingchens and some Chu Xiang fans were quite optimistic about this couple.

Perhaps because they liked them both for so long, even if they imagined them together, they also accepted it positively.

Most of the remaining fans on both sides rationally ignored it and did not give it any chance to trend.

Only a small part went to diss those CP fans.

With more CP fans, they also began to list the sweet interactions between Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen.

After searching for them, there were indeed too many sweet moments, and their bondage was in no way shallow.

Such a comparison has made a lot of fans discover that the Recharge Couple was the most mysterious of all CPs.

Their public display of affection was too sweet compared to other CP materials that others strung up together!

CP fans promised one after another that they would keep waiting until they were ‘recharged’ and would definitely wait until they officially announce that they were in a relationship.

Because CP fans emerged when Zhuo Yichen cooperated with someone of the opposite sex, even if the Recharge Couple, tying Zhuo Yichen up with Chu Xiang, was a little ‘true'”, the fans did not react much.

Chu Xiang didn’t tie herself up with him for hype, and she was independent as ever.

They just have to enjoy whatever commotion was there to come.

They were the most rational and quality fans.

They were low-key, non-official announcement haters, and only spoke with their achievements.

In subsequent interviews, Zhuo Yichen asked the staff to cancel all questions about CPs in the interview questions.

That was to say, of the four well-known CPs he has appeared so far, he has not refuted only the one about him and Chu Xiang.

The Recharge Couple CP fans obtained this key point, basked in the sweetness silently, and were beyond delighted.

The initial group of CP fans were seriously managing the later ones, exhorting them to keep a low profile again and again.

They must resolutely not cause trouble about their couple displaying public affection.

Under all factors, the Recharge Couple actually became the most peaceful CP fan with solo stans.

After the award ceremony, Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang were not too busy.

They made up for the school’s curriculum and clarified loads of questions to their mentors.

In the final exams, both of them topped again.

Despite their frequent appearances on the screen this year, their grades never declined and they handed in their best transcripts.

The winter vacation was approaching.

Zhuo Yichen’s concert was over, the New Year’s Eve show was over, and his cameo movie role was also done.

All that was left was the weekly filming of “Fancy Partners” and the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.

Time was finally relaxing.

When he went to film “Fancy Partners” again, the director said that the theme of the new installment was “Phone Partner”, asked them to call someone, keep the call going, and complete various tasks by prompting the partner to say something or asking the partner to help solve a problem, etc.

Each person had three chances to select a person to call.

This was tough.

It was not easy to explain things clearly through the phone, and there were restrictions on what they could say.

Zhuo Yichen called Geng Xuan first because this guy was humorous.

Who would have thought that Geng Xuan would fail to guess what he was going to do Therefore.

he just hung up after bickering with him!

Zhuo Yichen thought for a moment, and his second phone call was made directly to Chu Xiang.


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