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All the MCs finished the challenge one by one; some didn’t finish a single question; some took a lot of effort plus coincidence to finish three questions, and finally, Zhuo Yichen won unquestionably.

This opening contest decided the order of their departure to complete their tasks.

As the first, Zhuo Yichen could depart half an hour ahead.

Chu Xiang also became his phone partner in this issue.

He called her again to explain the recording of the program, and began to keep talking to her to carry out his tasks.

The latter tasks were even more difficult.

Although he could speak freely without restrictions, the person on the other end of the phone could not see after all.

It was difficult to communicate through the phone because of some graphics, mazes, clues on the scene, so on and so forth.

The other MCs were all badly overwhelmed after they set off.

One MC even sweated in order to explain the clues to his partner.

However, Zhuo Yichen walked smoothly all the way to the end.

Several times when his words weren’t coherent enough, Chu Xiang over the phone had already discussed with him, giving off the impression that she understood the situation in seconds!

It was like she was seeing everything with her own eyes across the phone.

Who could match this kind of tacit understanding Moreover, the IQ of the two was comparably high, so they could swiftly solve any problems they encountered with a few words of discussion.

The clues found were also reasoned out in less than two minutes by a word from one and a couple from the other.

There was even a time when they cracked the code from guessing based on the whole game alone.

They didn’t even find a single clue!

The staff who designed the game were all convinced.

Seeing that Zhuo Yichen completed the task two hours earlier than expected, he could only add a scene on the spot.

Now Zhuo Yichen must write a short essay of 500 words and draw lots to decide whether he could call it a day or do something else.

The staff secretly manipulated things so that Zhuo Yichen got the task they arranged, which was to go indoors and write a short essay with a brush while teaching Chu Xiang to recite it over the phone.

Half an hour later, they would test them.

They must memorize one sentence completely.

If they made a mistake, one point would be deducted for every wrong word.

If they weren’t careful, all the points they had accumulated earlier might all be deducted.

The program crew was also helpless.

If they let Zhuo Yichen finish work in advance, the release volume wouldn’t be enough.

Besides, everyone usually finished work together every time, so they could only add tasks to Zhuo Yichen in this way.

Zhuo Yichen set up his mobile phone, started to write with a brush, and asked, “Are you tired from talking for so long”

“I’m not tired, you are working harder.

What are you doing now”

“Writing calligraphy and memorizing an article.

I’ll teach you, and we’ll memorize it together.”


While copying, Zhuo Yichen read the article given by the program team line by line.

He recited a sentence, and Chu Xiang followed it.

The tones of the two people were different.

When their voices were combined in such a way, a very pleasant and soothing sensation spread.

In particular, with Zhuo Yichen writing calligraphy seriously, this picture was too poetic.

It was as if the sports competition atmosphere all day had turned into restfulness and tranquility.

The cameraman accidentally saw Zhuo Yichen’s calligraphy.

It was written so artistically, and at a glance you could tell that he practiced for many years.

He quickly got close and took a close-up.

Half an hour later, the staff came to check the calligraphy he copied, and then asked him and Chu Xiang to recite it.

Both of them have recited it several times.

When reciting, each of them was very fluent, and no one got stuck, just like reading an article.

And because the voices of the two were pleasant, and their recitation was emotion-packed, the whole piece was delivered as if it were a poem rendered on a formal occasion, so much that it made people want to hear it again after listening to it.

The staff was completely convinced and rewarded Zhuo Yichen with a lot of points.

There was no need to wait for the others at all.

Zhuo Yichen was definitely the champion in this episode!

At this juncture, the other five MCs finally came back tired and protested, “This kind of theme must never be done again in the future.

It’s not doing the tasks that’s exhausting, but the use of the mind!”

“Exactly, don’t blame us for stopping the recording next time we do a phone task! It’s too difficult, huh.

Let me ask you, who can understand those inexplicable things described over the phone What is more, we have to cooperate with each other How are we supposed to do that”

The director said, “But Yichen finished everything, and it’s an hour earlier than the scheduled time.”

Several people were stunned and looked at Zhuo Yichen.

“Not bad, Yichen.

Who exactly is your partner, huh Tell us about it and let us die knowing.”

Zhuo Yichen had already hung up the phone.

He smiled and hesitated for a while, and then the director quickly replied, “Have you not guessed such an obvious answer That’s someone too concerned about Yichen’s affairs.”

“Hey, come out with me, I promise I won’t kill you!” The eldest brother among the MCs pointed to the director and stood up.

After joking, he thought for a while and clapped his hands as it suddenly dawned on him.

“I get it! Yichen, the one who won the Best Editing Award, right”

Zhuo Yichen nodded, “If Brother Qian also called me, I would cooperate with him perfectly.” He deliberately flicked his hair and quipped, “Oh, you guys won’t understand this feeling.”

Several people ran over to catch him and “bully” him for a while, and jokingly surrounded him to get the final reward.


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