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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (25)

When the show aired, Zhuo Yichen was in the limelight all throughout.

The barrages were all in awe of how smart he and Chu Xiang were and how well they understood each other.

Many people guessed from the very beginning that it was Chu Xiang on the other end of the phone, and only at the end did they understand why Zhuo Yichen could say the words ‘this person can definitely do it’ so confidently.

It was because Chu Xiang was his true love fan, and her IQ and reflexes were incomparable!

Zhuo Yichen’s Duweis started to attack Chu Xiang, jealous of the tacit understanding between the two of them.

They accused Chu Xiang as a scheming lady, and that she most likely did things online to attract Zhuo Yichen’s attention, and then got close to him when the opportunity arrived during the same department collaboration.

They said she wanted to take advantage of Zhuo Yichen’s popularity to go viral and receive good opportunities.

Chu Xiang’s fans didn’t bother to pay any attention to them, and just replied, [Your idol appreciates Xiangxiang so much.

Do you suspect that your idol is blind]

Anyone saw how much Zhuo Yichen valued

Chu Xiang at the award ceremony.

He personally said that Chu Xiang has helped him a lot and was even his idol.

He even walked the red carpet with her, held her hands, hugged her, and took the initiative to whisper things to her.

Now that Duweis came to scold Chu Xiang, wasn’t it because they were all mentally challenged

All the Duweis’ claims were unfounded, because what Chu Xiang did was what a fan site admin sister could do.

The biggest difference between her and others was that she was too excellent in all aspects, too strong in combat power and too strong in sense of existence.

On top of those, every interaction was indeed Zhuo Yichen’s initiative.

That call was also initiated by Zhuo Yichen.

Compared to Zhuo Yichen’s actions of not avoiding suspicions to the point of acting like strangers with the opposite gender, what confidence did they have to quarrel with Chu Xiang’s fans

The Duweis last resort to resist the CP was to use Xiao Qian, whom Zhuo Yichen last mentioned, saying that Zhuo Yichen and Xiao Qian were a fan and an idol; Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen were also nothing more than that.

Neither Chu Xiang’s fans nor the Recharge Couple CP fans were about to fight back; no one paid attention to the Duweis.

Just leave them blindly yelling by themselves.

Other fans, on the other hand, were wildly praising Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang’s cleverness and wit.

The two’s high IQ performance in this episode was too formidable.

They’ve got flexible minds; their thinking and the feeling they projected were three-dimensional; and they actually figured out the answers in minutes despite the twists and turns.

The rarest thing was that both of them were highly intelligent.

Before one could finish a sentence, the other already understood it.

The spectators, on the contrary, had to rely on the later stage to understand it.

Now, everyone realized why they were the firsts in their majors every time, and why they were so loved by their mentors.

They were exceptional.

As long as they worked hard, they could continuously improve.

This episode has attracted a lot of fans to Zhuo Yichen, and there were many who liked Chu Xiang.

Moreover, this segment was undoubtedly brilliant, and also a bit brain-burning.

Except for Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang’s highlight moments, the other MCs were also funny with their mistakes and omissions.

The program crew tasted the sweetness.

After careful analysis and comparison, they found that the various segments of Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang’s cooperation were the peaks of the show.

 At the same time, they had the highest number of viewers and highest number of bullet screens, indicating that their cooperation was the most popular.

They immediately held a meeting to adjust the shooting content of the latest issue and changed the theme to Fan Partners.

Of course, the program crew discussed with several MCs in advance.

The other five were not idols, and they had no special thoughts about this.

Anyway, it was all about playing games.

If they invited amateurs and artists, then inviting a fan could be regarded as fan service.

They had no problem with it at all.

When Zhuo Yichen was asked, he didn’t answer directly, saying he had to think about it.

Then he spent a day recalling all the interactions that outsiders could find since he and Chu Xiang met, recalling the changes in the composition of his fans since his debut, and looking at the remarks made by their respective fans, Duweis, CP fans and passersby.

He had his own ideas in doing things since he was young, and he has always walked in the direction he wanted to go.

Although he was not yet 20 years old, he has been in the entertainment industry for many years.

He has experienced the love of fans, being shunned by the whole network, the oppression of the company, and the storms at work.

For the fan base, traffic heat, strength, and public opinion towards these things, he has always kept them in his heart after falling down and climbing up again and again.

Just as he was strong enough to follow Chu Xiang from the very start, he did not deliberately do anything, but if by chance he found the right moment, he would naturally get closer to her; if the timing was wrong, he would pay special attention to avoid arousing suspicions.

He has found several good opportunities, and irrational fans have already unfollowed him.

So even today, even if his and Chu Xiang’s CP fans were to grow, there would be no major problems.

Everything would be stable.

He knew that Chu Xiang might not agree to his pursuit in the future, but at least he had to pave the way slowly before he was qualified to pursue her.

For example, the fan component; the fans who only fantasized that their male beauty or idol was their boyfriend.

He would find a way to gradually drift away from this, then the vast majority of those left in the future would be his career fans, character fans, and work fans.

By then, regardless of whether Chu Xiang agreed to his pursuit, he would not bring Chu Xiang any trouble.


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