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His chest felt tight as he watched them from afar, downing glass after glass of wine.

Additionally, since Chu Xiang was the heir of the East Corporation and Xiao Han had lots of authority and power in the Xiao Family, many people were exchanging greetings with them.

On the other hand, nobody was interested in Ye Chen even though everyone knew he was the heir of the Ye family.

The only people who occasionally stopped by to greet him were a few children of wealthy entrepreneurs who were playing together.

Ye Chen noticed Chu Xiang going to the bathroom alone and followed her after finishing his glass of wine.

Tipsy, he didn’t even hear Bai Xuewei calling after him.

Ye Chen leaned against the wall by the bathroom and when Chu Xiang came out, he reached out and stopped her.

“Chu Xiang, are you dating Xiao Han”

Chu Xiang narrowed her eyes.

“Why do you keep harassing me over and over again” she asked, frost coating her voice.

Ye Chen reached out to tug her hand.

“I noticed that you two are really intimate, and other people also saw you dining out with him many times.

Did you suddenly break off our engagement because you liked him How can you keep criticizing me for cheating on you when you’re the one who fell in love with someone else How can you call me trash at school”

Chu Xiang twisted Ye Chen’s arm and he dropped to the floor in pain and shock.

“Let go of me!”

And she did, flinging him off her so she could step on his chest and place the point of her stiletto over his heart.

“I gave you your last warning.

You want to die that much Fine.

I’ll help you achieve your goal.”

Murderous intent flashed in Chu Xiang’s eyes and Ye Chen felt cold sweat trickle down his forehead, voice frozen and hair standing on end.

She calmly withdrew her foot and fixed her skirt as Xiao Han approached.

Chu Xiang was expressionless as she looked down on him.

“I want the Ye Family’s company.

From now on, all of your projects will belong to the East Corporation.”


Xiao Han glanced at Ye Chen, then held out his arm so Chu Xiang could loop her own around it.

He told her while walking, “I came over to check on you because you didn’t come back for a long time.”

Chu Xiang laughed and glanced at him.


Xiao’s way of expressing his concern is really unnatural.

You could’ve just said that you saw that that piece of trash had followed me and you were worried.”

Xiao Han thought of the way she had looked like a vengeful goddess and couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“It seems like I didn’t need to worry, you handled it excellently on your own.

Hm, do you really want to take the Ye Family’s company”

“Of course.

I had originally decided to just ignore them, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, after all, and I don’t want to waste my time.

However, they show no understanding of the situation and keep annoying me, so I should just get rid of them.

I’d be doing this world a favor,” Chu Xiang replied nonchalantly, as casual as if she was talking about the weather.

From the confidence in her voice, Xiao Han didn’t doubt that she could wipe out the Ye Family.

Xiao Han leaned close to her.

“I’ve just received some inside information that once the official documents are publicized, the project the Ye Family is planning will become very profitable.”

Chu Xiang batted her eyelashes.

“Then let’s join hands and take them down, and we can split the profits equally between us.”


Ye Chen lay on the floor, watching them walk away.

His heart wouldn’t stop palpitating no matter how he tried to soothe it.

It was ridiculous, he knew, but for a split second then he really thought that… that Chu Xiang was going to puncture his heart with her high heel!

For the first time, it was now very clear to him that she didn’t love him anymore.

After the fear came a huge sense of loss, of emptiness that he needed to fill up.

Bai Xuewei hurried over.

She cried out in alarm and surprise when she saw his sorry figure and hurriedly helped him up, “Mr.

Ye, what happened”

Ye Chen gazed at her face for quite a while, then pulled himself up with her strength, gripping her soft hands.

“That’s right, girls should be sweet and kind like you.”


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