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Bai Xuewei had expected that Ye Chen would chase after Chu Xiang before the weekend, so she went to the school’s parking lot beforehand and waited for him.


Chu Xiang drove to the school and was stopped by Bai Xuewei as soon as she got out of the car.

She looked at her coldly as the girl pretended to break into tears the moment she saw her.

“Xiang Xiang, A Chen broke up with me,” Bai Xuewei sobbed.

“He gave me the apartment as a break-up fee.

Do you know why he’s doing this Xiang Xiang, I can’t get a hold of him, I don’t understand why he decided to break up.

He was fine last Friday, we had even agreed to go on a trip in the near future

Chu Xiang pushed her aside and walked away.

“I’m not interested in the disgusting affairs between a scumbag and a cheap woman.

Get out of my sight.”

Bai Xuewei staggered from being pushed, struggling to catch up with Chu Xiang.

“Did A Chen go to find you He’s always thinking about you.

I’m really sorry for everything, I want to help, but I―I have given everything to him.

I’m probably with his child now.

I beg you, please don’t get back with him.

Don’t take him from me, alright”

Chu Xiang stopped in her tracks, turning around and taking off her sunglasses to appraise Bai Xuewei.

“You’re saying you’re pregnant with Ye Chen’s child after he jilted you”


Xiang Xiang, I know that I’ve wronged you.

I regret it and blame myself, but I already belong to A Chen.

We never used contraceptives so I’m probably pregnant because I’ve been drowsy and nauseous these past few days.

I truly can’t bear losing him.

Xiang Xiang, you have everything, but I only have A Chen.

I beg you, please let me have him, alright I don’t have any other choice, I’m sorry…”

Chu Xiang grabbed her by the chin to look directly into her eyes.

“Do you know why Ye Chen is giving you a break-up fee That’s because your fawning over him was only worth a small apartment.

You stole that man away from me, but you’ll never be able to steal my dignity and status.

Even if you’re lucky enough to marry into the Ye Family, you’ll only ever be a dodder flower that climbed its way up by attaching itself to others.

You’ll have to agree with and be dependent on that scumbag for the rest of your life, and you’ll never experience real power and freedom.”

Ye Chen drove to the parking lot.

When he saw the two women, he promptly got out of the car and ran towards them.

“What’s going on”

Chu Xiang let go of Bai Xuewei’s face, then wiped her hand with a tissue, which she threw at Ye Chen’s face.

“Take care of your dog.

And remember what I’ve told you.

I don’t mind making the Ye Family go bankrupt earlier.”

Chu Xiang turned around and left.

Ye Chen was about to chase her frantically.

“Chu Xiang! Chu Xiang!”

Before Ye Chen had the chance to chase Chu Xiang, Bai Xuewei hugged him and wept.

“A Chen, did you see how she humiliated me What’s the matter with you Why did you break up with me You…”

“Bai Xuewei!” Ye Chen pushed her away, frowning.

“What did you come to see Chu Xiang for Don’t even try to trick me by saying she was the one looking for you.

This is a parking lot and you don’t have a car.”

She looked at him, hurt.

“I came to wait for you.

You won’t answer my calls and messages, so I had to approach you in person.

In the end, Chu Xiang mocked and humiliated me the moment she saw me.” Tears streamed down her face.

“A Chen, I know that I’ve wronged her, she has the right to humiliate me.

I betrayed her entire family for you.

You’re the only one I have, you can’t just leave me like this…”

Seeing her act so miserably, Ye Chen felt a bit sorry for her.

But for some reason, he recalled what his father had said.

“If the mother and daughter of the Bai Family have the heart to betray the Chu Family, that means there is a chance they will betray the Ye Family too in the future.”


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